I Survived My Race!

Well guys, it’s Thursday evening as I’m typing this up and it’s late. I still have lunches to make, bottles to fill, and a half dozen other things that I’d like to accomplish before my bedtime (which should have been, like, a half hour ago).

BUT…I had to pop in quick to let you all know that I survived my race.

photo (2)

Word on the street is that there was around 9,500 attendees and I’d certainly believe it. There were tons and tons of people everywhere you turned.

photo 1

photo 2

We had about 30 or so people from my company that participated, and I spent about 90% of the race with my friend, Morgan.

photo 2

We all got fancy matching shirts, too.

We had said we’d stick together for the duration, but I started losing steam towards the end (hello, nasty blister on the bottom of my big toe/ball of my foot) and I told her to just keep on going without me. I know, it sounds so dramatic, doesn’t it?

The race was 3.5 miles and I wound up talking three walking breaks throughout it. And despite the fact that it was raining pretty good before the race started, the actual race stayed fairly dry. Mile 1 felt pretty good. Mile 2 was alright. Mile 3 was not that awesome. And the last half mile had me silently cursing my decision to run.

Then I crossed the finish line…and although I legit thought I was gonna pass out, I was pumped.

photo 1

(Unofficial time there…pretty sure my actual one is closer to 34 mins)

*Update! My official time was actually pretty accurate to that…

race time

Running races really isn’t all that scary (okay, running short races isn’t all that scary…I still think you marathoners are nuts) and it actually felt pretty good to be moving out there.

Really, had it not been for Propel and their Add Flavor Challenge, I’m pretty positive I would have never signed up for this thing.

photo 3

They challenged me to face my fitness fear, and I went for it. So what about YOU guys? Have any of you gone ahead and faced any of your fitness fears yet this month??

face a fitness fear

Now, does this mean that I plan on signing up for more races anytime soon. Nope. No it does not. I’m perfectly content running sans bibs and crazy-large crowds. Buuuut maybe I’ll attempt a run or two off the treadmill now. We’ll see.

Disclaimer: This post is part of my partnership with Propel. All opinions, as always, are my own.


  1. says

    What a great recap . I love your perspective on the race and how it helped you learn more about yourself. Also, you look gorgeous in that picture!
    Brynn recently posted..Sometimes…

  2. says

    Congratulations on your race! It’s always a sense of accomplishment and a great one at that! I am facing my “fitness fear” next September as I just signed up for my first marathon! I’m slightly freaking out but can’t wait to challenge myself and say I I DID IT!

  3. says

    great job facing the fear and finishing your first race in a while! really happy for you. finishing just feels so darn good, doesn’t it? :)

  4. says

    Congrats on conquering that fitness fear & great job, btw!!! My new fitness fear is taking a pure barre class! I’ve been wanting to for quite a while, but am slightly intimidated since I’m about 4 months postpartum. Fortunately, they have classes that just opened up close to where I live, butttt I’m pretty terrified that I won’t be able to keep up since I’m just recently getting back into working out. Ugh… I think I’m gonna push past it and at least try it out! …and that’s my narrartive for the day. Lol!
    Koryn @ High Heels & Healthy Alternatives recently posted..3 Month Update, Favorites & More!

  5. Julie says

    Small world! My sister works at KAPL and lives in Latham and ran in the same race too! She came in 3437 place. :) You guys were probably running right near each other! Great job!

  6. says

    Congrats on the race! Looks like I started right near you because I can actually see myself in that photo :) I thought I saw you on the course too. Glad you conquered your fear, you should try and get out for more runs. They can be fun and there are a lot of great ones in the Capital Region!!
    Katelyn recently posted..L.A. excursion and Mother’s Day


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