Lucas: 10 Months

We’ve officially made it to double digits. Unbelievable.

Lucas 10 Months

I’m pretty sure I say this every month, but man, he is fun. As his personality continues to develop, Mr. Independent has us laughing right along with him every day. It still boggles my mind that I’m going to have a one year old in less than two months…that just does not seem possible.

Lucas 10 months1

Weight & Height: According to our (very) unofficial measurements, Lucas weighs about 21.5lbs (+1.3 from last month) and about 29.5 inches.

Eating: This boy is a machine. Seriously. Watching him shovel food into his mouth with two hands makes us laugh every single time, and he can drain a yogurt/food pouch in 90 seconds. No, I’m not kidding.

We’re still following a pretty similar nursing/feeding/bottle schedule as last month, but we’ve been transitioning out the pureed foods, since Lucas’s desire to be spoon-fed is really limited to either oatmeal or yogurt. Anything else and he wants no part of it. So much for the 56 cubes of chicken/sweet potato/spinach and chicken/pasta/veggie purees I made…

IMG_7238Sorry, Mama!

We introduced some more new foods this month in addition to those he’s already been eating, and I’ve definitely found myself getting a lot more lax with what we give him. As long as it’s bite-sized, semi-soft, and doesn’t have any honey, nuts, or added salt/sugar, it’s fair game. Some newbies this month…

  • green smoothies (banana/strawberry/mango/spinach/water)
  • turkey meatloaf
  • waffles (as strips or bite sized)
  • cheddar cheese
  • hamburger

Sleeping (naps): Naps are still pretty consistent, and we’ve also noticed that he tends to nap really, really well on the weekends, which we attribute to him probably not getting as much sleep during the week. We’re still at two naps, usually between 9:30-10am and 2-3pm (depends on when he last woke up) and each one lasts about an hour and a half to 2 hours (although sometimes 2-1/2 hours on the weekends). He’ll crawl around in the crib for a bit or pound on the side of the railings before finally settling down with his teddy.


Sleeping (at night): Knock on wood, we’re still having full nights of sleep over here! Lucas sleeps through the night, going down between 8-8:30pm and usually wakes up around 7:00am (sometimes a little later on the weekends, which we certainly aren’t complaining about).

Clothing: He can still wear most of his 9 month clothes, but some 12 month outfits fit him well, too. Nine month pants are too short so those usually need to be 12 months now, but I love that shorts weather is almost here for a while! He also suddenly moved into size 4 diapers…gahh! How did this happen?! Pants are still an issue (too big in the waist for the right length) so I’ll be glad when we’re in shorts weather soon!


New this month:

  • Houston, we’ve got our first tooth! Granted, the little stinker still will not let us see it, but I noticed it (felt it with my finger) on the morning he turned 10 months old. He had been a little whiny, so we thought maybe something was up…sure enough!
  • Walking with his walker, with mom or dad, or on anything else he can get his hands on. He loves cruising around with his walker or holding onto our fingers since it gets him farther, but he’ll also reach for various pieces of furniture and makes his away across the room that way. He’s a speedy one!
  • Standing on his own. Every once in a while we’ll look over at him and realize he’s just standing there without holding on to anything. He’s getting good, too…I think our days are numbered before we have a walker on our hands.
  • Waving! Lucas is getting really good at waving to people when we say “bye bye” or “hello.” Most of the time, it’s the backwards wave where he waves to himself which I just adore.
  • Sharing! Most times, if we ask him to share (whether it be a ball or piece of food), he’ll reach out and share what he has. It’s adorable.
  • Sometimes he’ll play peek-a-boo, but it’s pretty rare.
  • He’s got a few new types of  “gagaga’s” and a couple others that I can’t quite figure out how to portray in text. Still no “mama’s.”
  • He’ll “roll” (i.e., whip his arms back and forth until they somehow hit the ball forward) a ball back and forth.

Nicknames: Bubs, Bubba, Mister, Mister Man, bulldozer, cool dude…obviously…


Lucas likes:

  • MOVING! Very rarely will you find him contently in one spot, unless he’s reading or sleeping. Taking these monthly photos is definitely a bit more of a challenge now…


  • Finger foods and eating in general
  • Reading books
  • His teddy (a lovey he sleeps with)
  • Theme songs to just about any cartoon
  • Watching cars out the window
  • My cell phone
  • Splashing in the tub and any sort of water
  • Mommy and Daddy sneaking up on him and yelling “BOO!”
  • Walking with his walker
  • Roughhousing with his stuffed animals…


Poor monkey takes a beating these days.

Lucas dislikes:

  • Getting his face and hands wiped after eating
  • Getting ready for bedtime, but only when he has to lay down on his changing table
  • When mommy leaves the room too suddenly
  • Confined spaces
  • Not being able to move 1,000 miles a minute


Lucas 1 MonthLucas 2 monthsIMG_5378IMG_4428IMG_4816IMG_6086

IMG_6387IMG_6543Lucas 9 Months3IMG_7227

Lucas, you are a barrel of fun and you keep mommy and daddy smiling all day long. Don’t ever change that spunky personality of yours!



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