Father’s Day Highlights

After a fabulous weekend and a wonderful Father’s Day spent with family, I’ve saved little time for catching up on all of that other stuff that comes with Sunday night. Ya know, like packing lunches, getting clothes ready, all that jazz…

So since I’m typing this up on Sunday evening, I’m going to keep it short and sweet with just a few words to go along with our pics from Father’s Day.

Lucas gave mommy and daddy the gift of sleeping in until 8am. We already knew it was gonna be a great day from there.


Morning presents for daddy from Lucas.


Including this last minute gift idea I decided to do on Friday. Mmhmmm, it was…a task. We’ll leave it at that!


Cinnamon rolls and iced coffees for breakfast.


These cinnamon rolls are so. freakin’. good.


Afternoon family time and loungin’ on the back deck.


A whole pitcher of homemade sangria that I was the only one drinking…I’m not complaining, but I still have quite a bit leftover.


Burgers and dogs on the grill with mac and pasta salads.


And, my favorite, a request by Jay for a Heath Bar Brownie Trifle.


Wanna try it yourself? All I did was layer brownies, Cool Whip, chocolate pudding, cheesecake pudding, and Heath bits.


So easy. SO delicious.

More family time (it’s amazing how well one little babe can entertain a crowd, isn’t it?).


Lucas and papa.


Me and the best dad in the whole entire world.

photo (4)

Uncle Dan being goofy.

photo (3)

And, of course, the most amazing guy I could ever ask for as the father of our little Lucas.


I just love those two. Like, a whole lot. Smile

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I’ll catch ya later this week!


  1. says

    I made my husband one of those “DAD” photo collage this year also! I want to take new pictures of my daughter every year to keep the collage current.
    Looks like you had another lovely weekend!

  2. says

    Ha!!! Our little Ethan gave us a similar present for Father’s Day! He slept in for the first time Ever from 11pm to 6:15 AM! Even though that’s still on the early side, believe you me, hubby and I were ecstatic! Lol! :-) And awww the “DAD” pics with Lucas are too cute! A friend of mine did something similar – soo love that idea! Glad you all had a great Father’s Day!!
    Koryn @ High Heels & Healthy Alternatives recently posted..A Day in the Life…

  3. Tracey says

    Do u pack ur salads on Sunday nite for the whole week? What is the dressing u always recommend? Love ur blog. Tx.

    • Courtney says

      Thanks! Sometimes I’ll make a couple on Sundays, but not enough for a full week. I’ll just prep the bases with veggies then add meats, cheese, or anything else that will spoil quickly the night before. Some of my favorite dressings:
      Ken’s light balsamic
      Ken’s northern Italian
      Kraft roasted red pepper

  4. Nala says

    Aww! Happy Belated Fathers day to Jay! What a cutie Lucas is! Those cinnamon rolls look delicious and that Heath Bar Trifle looks to die for!

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