Hydrating Properly + a Propel Giveaway!

As you guys know, I’ve been working with Propel on their Add Flavor Challenge. For this month’s challenge, Propel has asked me to take a look at my personal hydration strategy, to make sure that I’m getting the most out of each of my workouts, by staying properly hydrated.


Last week, I had a phone conference with a few people at Propel, as well as Laura Daray, the scientist and “resident hydration expert” at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. During the hour-long call, we discussed the importance of staying hydrated, and also had the chance to further analyze my own hydration and fueling habits.

Prior to our call, I had provided Laura with some stats/measurements so she could calculate my “sweat rate,” and get a better idea of my personal ­fitness level, hydration and fueling habits. The whole conversation was pretty interesting, and I had actually never heard of a sweat rate before. Have you guys?

But I learned that it’s used to provide an estimate of how much fluid you lose through sweat in a particular environment. And since every person has a different sweat rate, the results of the test help to develop a personal plan for fluid intake. Who knew?!


So in order for Laura to calculate the sweat rate (since I knew nothing about it before our call), I gave her the following:

  • Weight pre-exercise
  • Weight of workout beverage pre-exercise
  • Workout type and duration (in minutes)
  • Weight post-exercise
  • Weight of workout beverage post-exercise

It was super easy to come up with the calculations, so if you want to try giving it a shot, just follow the details below:

How to Conduct the Sweat Rate Test

  • Immediately prior to exercise, record body weight (lbs) in minimal clothing.
  • Record weight of workout beverage(s) in grams or mL just prior to exercise
  • Perform workout and record time to completion (in minutes)
  • Immediately post-exercise, towel off excess sweat and record body weight (lbs) in same clothing as pre-exercise measurements
  • Record weight of workout beverage(s) in grams or mL immediately after exercise.

Once Laura had a chance to calculate my sweat rate and analyze my info, she was able to create a personal hydration plan just for me to follow during my challenge week. Here’s a breakdown of my results:


A couple of notes about my sweat rate:

  • Based on the notes above, Laura said I did a great job at staying hydrated (woot!), which is evidenced by the 0% dehydration and zero change in bodyweight.
  • I did my calculations with doing a T25 workout video.
  • I performed my workout at 5:45am and had not had anything to drink prior to it.
  • I actually did not sweat as much as I usually do for this particular workout, so I’m not sure I’d always be considered a “light” sweater.
  • I don’t own a food scale, so I had to estimate the amount of Propel I drank during my workout.

So now that I’ve learned what my sweat rate is and how much fluid I should be taking in, I’ve been challenged to keep properly hydrated for an entire week, both with workouts and just with my day-to-day life.

Typically, this isn’t really an issue for me for my day-to-day; I always have my water bottle with me at work and feel like I’m basically drinking water all day long.

But I think keeping properly hydrated with my workouts is something that I’m going to need to keep track of more consistently. I’m officially starting my challenge today, so we’ll see how it goes. I’ll recap the challenge next week, but I’d love it if you guys wanted to participate with me! What do ya think, who’s in?


Would a little giveaway work as an incentive to join me? Winking smile


Well, either way, I’ve got a fun giveaway comin’ atcha anyways! I’m giving away a Propel prize pack to a lucky STSL reader, including all sorts of awesome Propel product, a Propel towel and water bottle.

To Enter:

1. (mandatory) Leave a comment on this post sharing how you stay hydrated and/or some of your favorite tips for staying hydrated.

2. (optional) Share the giveaway on Twitter, and leave a separate comment letting me know that you did (I entered to win a @Propel_Water prize pack from @SweetToothCourt! Check it out: http://wp.me/p1g6nA-d9o”)

Open to U.S. and Canada residents only

I’ll be announcing the winner in my recap post next week, so stay tuned. Good Luck! Smile

Disclaimer: This promotion is solely sponsored by Sweet Tooth Sweet Life and has not been endorsed or approved by PepsiCo, Inc. or its subsidiaries or affiliates. By entering, you agree to look solely to Sweet Tooth Sweet Life for any claims in connection therewith, and not to PepsiCo, Inc. or its subsidiaries or affiliates.


  1. Sylvia says

    I always drink a glass of water right after waking up in the morning. I then drink a glass with my vitamins after breakfast. And I always drink at least two glasses after a workout, plus I drink a glass with every meal and that usually hits my 8 glasses a day!

  2. says

    As a pregnant, active girl, I have to be extra sure I am hydrated. My day starts with 32oz, first thing! That way I know I have a good jump on the day. Then I add in lemon, berries or even mint to my water to keep it interesting and ensure I am getting in all of my ounces through the day!
    Brynn recently posted..Confessions of a Healthy Living Blogger, IV

  3. Erin says

    I drink water throughout the day and love to add Eboost of other powder to it. I’d love to try Propel!

  4. Makenna says

    I usually carry my own water bottle..but now that it’s summer, and I’m at home (I’m a teacher), I’ve really been slacking. I need to do this challenge!

  5. Julie says

    I actually always have a Propel after my long runs. After much trial and error, I found that it helps me recover much faster! Besides that, I always start my day with a big glass of water with lemon!

  6. Sara says

    I like to have a bottle of water in my car for the hour long home commute after work. I know I’ll eat or drink whatever is in my car out of boredom!

  7. Kathleen says

    I keep a water bottle with me all the time and since I’m not a huge fan of plain water i always keep grape propel flavor packs in my purse and in my desk

  8. Carrie says

    I love to make a fresh pitcher of water with lemon and limes and use it to re fill my water bottle a couple times a day throughout the week. I am also a flavored water gal, usually always drink grape flavored water, even during my workouts.

  9. Danielle says

    Simply keeping lemons and limes in the house encourages me to drink more water! I love “spa” water so adding fruit makes me feel fancy! :)

  10. Holly says

    Unfortunately, I HATE plain water. So I buy a huge unsweetened iced tea each morning. After it’s finished, i keep refilling with water and add drink packets like Crystal Light. But I’d LOVE to try the Propel ones!

  11. says

    When I’m at work I have my water bottle with me at all times. I actually left a meeting twice yesterday to go fill it up… At home I usually have a pitcher of Crystal Light in the fridge.
    Kari @ Kari On recently posted..Hook

  12. says

    I’m the worst when it comes to hydration! I seriously barely drink :S even when I workout for 1h or go for long runs I’ll be ok with a sip or 2 of water afterwards. This is bad haha I’ve always been like that though! My family used to call me ”the camel” since I could go on and on without drinking. As I was getting older, I started to understand the importance of hydration but it’s probably the hardest ”fitness” thing for me! Going to the gym 5-6 times a week? EASY! Eating 90%-10%? NO PROBLEM! Drinking water? ARGHHH I can’t haha Maybe this propel kit would help me :)
    Gabrielle recently posted..Thinking out loud!

  13. hayley says

    I always have a water bottle within hands reach, that way I can mindlessly drink even before I feel thirsty

  14. says

    This is always the hardest part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for me. I am just not a big drinker so I really have to think about it in order to be some what on top of it. I usually add crystal lite or something similar to keep me chugging!
    Kim @FITsique recently posted..Name Your Favorite…

  15. Rachel S. says

    I am constantly thirsty, so I have a 32 oz bubba cup that I keep at my desk, and then I have three water bottles that I keep in my fridge so that I can grab one when I am heading out the door.

  16. Talya says

    I stay hydrated by carrying around my favorite lululemon bottle! It’s motivating to drink from such a pretty bottle!

  17. Hannah says

    I keep a huge water bottle at my desk at work. When it’s right in front of me, it’s easy to remember to drink from.

  18. Julissa says

    I carry a water bottle EVERYWHERE! My friends tease me for it because I always have it. It feels weird if I ever forget it…ha!

  19. Alexandra says

    I don’t have any good tips for hydration because I’m terrible at it!! I SO need to be better about this! I’m officially challenging myself to 70 oz per day starting today!

  20. Jessica says

    I drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. I also carry a water bottle with me EVERYWHERE. I might also always have a case of water in my trunk…for emergencies.

  21. Megan says

    Every morning I fill up a gallon with water. I then use the gallon to fill up my water bottle every time it gets empty. It’s a great way to get in enough water for the day (although I visit the restroom frequently)!

  22. Carissa C says

    My latest kick has been adding a splash of lemon juice to my water for a touch of flavor. I’ve also discovered that if I use a straw for some reason I tend to drink more water!

  23. Susan says

    No ground-breaking tip here: I keep a 33 oz water bottle filled and try to drink 2-3 filled bottles throughout the day. Especially now that I am breast-feeding again and I get so thirsty!

  24. Kaitlin G says

    My tip to stay hydrated is keeping a water bottle with me at all times! Even if I’m just leaving for a quick errand, I never leave home without one

  25. says

    i have an almost-phobia of being stuck anywhere without water for, like, .2 seconds, so i cannot leave the apartment without a full water bottle in my hand/purse and i always have water glasses scattered alllll over the place. on my long runs, i either carry a hand-held water bottle with me or else map a route that i know has water fountains dotting it. :)

  26. Sara R. says

    I work full time and can often forget to drink water throughout the day. If I keep a water bottle next to my computer monitor it will serve as a reminder to hydrate! Also love propel after long runs!

  27. Alaina says

    Call me the human camel. I drink water all throughout the day and have a BPA-free water bottle with me at all times. I make sure this 32oz bottle gets refilled three times throughout the day, and four if I exercise. :)

  28. Patty says

    I found a few years ago that even though I carry a water bottle with me, while I was at work I wasn’t drinking enough water. I now have a large plastic glass with a straw right next to me. Because of the straw I have a habit of sipping all day, which it turn gets me to take breaks. I stick in some stretching while I get water or stop at the bathroom..

  29. kelly says

    If I add a little flavor to it, I am much better about drinking it, so i always have something on hand.

  30. Kim says

    I run a corporate wellness center. Being constantly on the move means that I carry a Camelbak filled with H2O with me at all times! To break up the monotony of drinking plain ole’ water, I use Propel packets. Grape is currently my flavor of choice! I’d love to have the opportunity to win a gift oak from Propel!

  31. Charlotte says

    I am always drinking water because I constantly have my water bottle at my desk and with me. Sometimes I add a bit of lemon or cucumber to mix it up!

  32. anastacia mosher says

    I always fill up my 3 water bottles in the morning and bring them with me to work or wherever I go. I know that they are my recommended amount of water for the day so I try to always finish them.

  33. Tierney S says

    I keep lemon in my water during the day to encourage myself to drink up all day long! I sweat a lot during workouts and am always thirsty! I try to drink extra water during the day if I know I am going to do a hard workout at night.

  34. says

    I drink a lot. And I’m trying really hard to get away from diet sodas and crystal light… This week it FINALLY occurred to me that I could make herbal iced teas and sweeten them with nu naturals stevia (the only I like) and have a great treat! Last night I created lemonade with a half a lemon and 5 drops of lemon stevia and the had 3 more (so yeah 64 ounces of water in half an hour but it was soooo good)
    Joy recently posted..Favorites

  35. says

    I have a 32oz water bottle at work that I drink 2 of during the work day, then more when I get home (usually 1 or 2 12oz glasses of water). I stopped drinking sugary drinks about a year ago so water is my go-to, although I love knowing the benefits of something like Propel from a hard days workout – especially to get the electrolytes back!
    Katie@LifesNextBigStep recently posted..4th of July Vacation – All the F’s!

  36. Megan says

    I keep a 1.5L water bottle with me at work to remind me to drink water throughout the day. I try and drink 2 of those before bed!

  37. says

    Charlotte, NC is hot even at 6AM during my runs. I carry a handheld water bottle filled with ice water to keep hydrated on my long sweaty runs!

  38. says

    I stay hydrated by making sure I double fist my coffee with water. I drink A LOT of coffee, so I know it’s important to help flush it out with pure H2O!

  39. Emma says

    I stay hydrated by carrying my water bottle with me throughout the day. Also limes and lemons cut up in water makes it a little more tasty!

  40. Marissa says

    I keep a water bottle at my desk at work too and sip at it all day long. I also always fill up a thermos with green tea and have that throughout the day.

  41. Moira says

    I take my 32oz nalgene everywhere and try to drink 2-3 a day! It also helps to add flavor packets or fresh fruit to my water!

  42. Summer Marie says

    I’m not a huge fan of plain water, so I’ll pour half a glass of diet green tea and fill the rest with regular H2O. This way, I’m staying hydrated without staining my teeth as badly or taking in too much caffeine!

  43. nat says

    Water bottle with me at all times and sadly, my diet coke fix. Love to use flavor drops and have some at home (:

    Can always use more…they go quickly!

  44. Emily says

    The most important thing I did regarding my hydration was finding the water bottle that works for me…I tried many kinds and never was able to drink my goal amounts of water until I found my nalgene…it works for me and sometimes, well usually, I go over my goal of water for the day when I keep it with me all day long :)

  45. Karoline says

    I usually get super thirsty on my runs. Instead of learning from my mistakes and bringing water or a drink with me next run, I typically guzzle A LOT of water and/or some sort of sports drink. I also find it helpful if I drink lots of water throughout the day.

    • Darrecia says

      I used to do a better job of staying hydrated. While in graduate school, I would do my best to finish my 24 oz water bottle during spin class. Sometimes I did and other times I didn’t. I usually just drink water, I tend to stay away from Powerade and Gatorade

  46. Erin says

    When I first started drinking more water, I would make a huge (2 gallon jug) of water each evening for the next day…water with oranges, limes, and mint leaves. SO GOOD. Now, I always have some kind of fun water cup at my desk. The rule is that every time I get up to walk or stretch my legs, I have to fill up my water glass again. It makes it SO much easier to get the required amount to stay hydrated :)

  47. says

    Hello Courtney,
    Great information about hydrating properly! Neat that you are partnering up with Propel for this Giveaway! I hope I win!

    To answer your question, I work out first thing in the morning. Before I go, I drink about 12 ounces of flavored water. Then, I have a Nathan Hydration belt with 2 10 oz bottles filled with water. I drink both while I’m working out (hiking/jogging). Then, when I get home, I shower and make breakfast. With breakfast, I do drink a mug of coffee (not so hydrating), but alongside it, I have 8 oz of flavored water. Then, through the day, I sip on flavored water.

    The giveaway for Propel would be great to win because I’d add it to all the water I drink. I used to buy the stuff, but it just got too costly after awhile with all the H2O I drink. Ha!

    ~Amy :-)

  48. latanya says

    I drink the majority of my water at work during the day to help me stay hydrated and in case I slack off when I get home.

  49. kate says

    I always have a water bottle with me and just suggested a water cooler at work actually. The Propel Black Cherry is a favorite!!! I also make fruit infused water and LOVE it. A mason jar of ice and cucumber and green apples is the way t go. Just order a diffuser ( seen shark tank no less!!!!) and am excited to see if that motivates me.

  50. says

    For me, the biggest thing is to have water WITH me! Whether I’m running or at CrossFit, if I have it with me then I’ll be sure to drink it when I need it. If it’s on the other side of the box, I won’t drink it. If it’s in my car while I’m running, I can’t drink it. But if it’s WITH me, I will! Simple as that! :)
    Katie @ Talk Less, Say More recently posted..Motivating My Inner Dreamer

  51. Jennifer says

    This might sound weird, but one way I make sure I drink enough water is to make sure I have half filled water bottles in the freezer. I love ice water so I fill my bottles about 1/3-1/2 and set them in the freezer on a tilt. This way I can fill them with water from the faucet (or brita) and there’s already a huge ice cube in there to keep them cold! I’m drinking water this way right now. :)

  52. Kari F says

    At work I always have a glass of water on my desk. Otherwise I have a water bottle with me. If it’s there I will drink and refill it!

  53. Sri says

    I can be bad about drinking enough water some days but keeping a bottle or glass on the table always helps to remind me.

  54. Noelle says

    I always have my 24 oz. Weight Watchers water bottle with me….I refill when I need to during the day. While exercising I always drink my water…and after!

  55. sarah h says

    I use a bobble water bottle which has a filter in it. That makes me more inclined to drink water in public places where I otherwise might have been hesitant to drink the water!

  56. Molly DeMond says

    I make water “fun” by drinking coffee, tea, stevia flavor drops with my water. Or fruit slices!

  57. Natalie says

    I never used to drink a lot of water but when I started adding Mio water enhancers, suddenly I am drinking all the time!

  58. Vicky says

    I keep myself hydrated by drinking a cup of water every hour during my work day because I’m always running around and drink my Nutribullet shakes once in home to pack in nutrients

  59. Emily says

    I love the Peach Propel! So good! To stay hydrated,I carry my water bottle with me wherever I go! I never leave home without it.

  60. Katie G says

    I try to drink a lot of water at my desk at work. If I’m bored and feel like nibbling, I drink water instead. It satisfies the need to snack and means I wasn’t really hungry in the first place.

  61. Ashley N. says

    For some reason, if I have a HUGE water bottle with me, I drink way more in a day. Also water has to be my first beverage of the day, or I want everything to drink BUT water for the remainder of the day.

  62. beckie says

    I always have my trusty Camelbak by my side-I got so addicted to ice water when pregnant that I had to buy an insulated cover for my bottles! Everyone knows that is my bottle, no matter where I am at.

  63. says

    Interesting, I’ve never heard of sweat rate before either… but I have a feeling that mine would be high because I sweat a lot during workouts! This is probably one of the reasons why I feel the need to drink water nonstop. I drink a ton of water and always make sure to have a water bottle/glass of water nearby. I don’t even go out to run a little errand without bringing water with me!
    Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness recently posted..Review: ProCakes High Protein Pancake Mix

  64. Krista says

    I didn’t know there was such thing as a sweat rate…..I don’t sweat much …..I stayed fueled all day by just making sure I always have water in my bag no matter where I’m going

  65. Caylin says

    I’m so active during the day and always have a bottle with me. I recently tried the propel drinks as a different change to water….I love them!!!!

  66. April V says

    I try to keep my tumbler filled with ice water at all times of the day making me more prone to keep sippin’ :)

  67. Laura G. says

    I am currently breastfeeding, so staying hydrated is mandatory for me! I put the liquid water enhancers in my water, helps to me to drink a lot more water! I get bored with just plain water!

  68. Natalie P. says

    I always carry a BPA-free nalgene with me everywhere I go and in between patients, swig a gulp! I especially need it during the hot summer months :)

  69. meredith says

    My best way is to freeze water in a half full bottle then add the rest in the morning so it stays cold. Cause nothing tastes worse than warm water at the end of a workout!

  70. Denisse Porras says

    Honestly, I don’t drink that much water which is so so so bad but I also figure that i eat TONS of fresh fruit, like a lot, so maybe i’m getting my hydration from that? Either way, I have been trying to incorporate a little bit more water in my diet so hopefully that’ll make me feel better..

  71. Ellyn says

    Before I go for a run, I always fill up a water bottle with water and ice and stick it in the fridge so I have a chilled drink ready to go when I get back!


    I carry my water bottle around with me all day. I make sure to drink up a whole bottle first thing when I get up and then all day long! I drink a lot of water during my daily workouts, and I’d love to try out Propel while I’m working out!

  73. Jennifer L. says

    I am such a thirsty person. I carry my camelbak with me almost everywhere. Gotta have my water bottle with me!

  74. shaunie says

    Usually stay hydrated by drinking water and water based drinks, and wearing a hat to shield from the sun

  75. Lindsey says

    I stay hydrated by carrying my Contigo everywhere with me so that I am constantly reminded to drink up! I also love Propel and always make a point of stocking up on it at Costco when it goes on sale.

  76. Katie M says

    I bring a water bottle with me whenever I leave home, and when I run, I often wear a fuel belt or camelbak so that I can stay hydrated.

  77. Caroline says

    My Camelbak Eddy water bottle has made a huge difference in my ability to stay hydrated! The straw and bite valve combination make it so easy to drink from. I just sip from it all day long!!

  78. Jessica G says

    I always have my 1-liter camelback with me! It has measurements on the outside so I am able to easily tell if I am meeting my hydration goals!!

  79. Nina says

    I drink about 4-5 water bottles a day at work. I stay hydrated plus I get up and walk around every time I go to the restroom since I sit all day #officelifeprobz

  80. Danielle says

    Carrying around a reusable water bottle has helped me get into the habit of drinking water all day! I also like adding cucumber or lemon for some extra flavor!

  81. Annette says

    I stay hydrated by keeping water near me at all times. I’m so used to drinking all day long that I don’t even think about it. When I’ve tried to keep track, I’ve found that I’ve always had more than enough.

  82. Becky says

    I always have an insulated cup with me filled with ice water. It keeps me and my kiddos hydrated throughout the day!

  83. Alissa A says

    I stay hydrated by waking up with a glass of water and keeping a bottle near me all day. I need lots of flavors to keep me drinking!

  84. Kristen says

    I stay hydrated by always sipping on water. I carry one of my 100 water bottles with me. I also sometimes add propel flavor packets. love the lemon!


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