Fun Facts Friday {7/11}

1. Have you guys entered into the Oster Versa 1100 Challenge yet?? It’s crazy easy to enter…make the Pear & Pineapple Green Smoothie, upload to Instagram, add the hashtag #versachallenge. That’s it!

MVS_Oster Bryan McCay IMG_0058

I’ve been drinking variations of it for the past couple of weeks and it’s so delish. You’ve gotta try it!

2. We have been having some crazy rain and storms around here this week. Of course, most of the good storms pass right by us, “just miss us,” or dissipate just before they get to us though.


I don’t know about you guys but I just love me a good thunderstorm!

3. I am BEYOND excited for the fact that our bathroom remodel is officially underway! I have been waiting for years to get this thing fixed up and get that sea foam green outta there…


It is a pure disaster zone in here right now, and our stuff is all over the place. That part is not so fun.



But I’m hoping that by the end of this weekend, we’ll at least have a semi-functional bathroom back. Wish us luck!

4. Due to #XX above, a certain somebody did not get a chance to shower before work today. My apologies to anyone who may cross paths with me.

5. On Wednesday night, I made my first ever attempt at using Jamberry nails…and I love ‘em!


Since it was my first go at it, I decided to just practice on my ring fingers with a few practice nails that I received. I’ll share more about them again soon once I get the full manicure done.

6. I’ve got a massage on the agenda this weekend that can’t come soon enough. My neck and shoulders are out of control sore. Maybe it’s T25? Maybe it’s my horrible posture at work? Maybe it’s carting around my little 23 pounder? Or, probably, all of the above. Either way…that massage is gonna be gold.

7. Jay and I have owned a Keurig for a few years now, but I was really starting to hate the cost of buying all of the K-cups every week. So for the past few months, Jay and I have been loving these Stainless Steel Refillable K-Cups for the Keurig.

They’re kind of a pain to empty out each time (just messy, not difficult), but we have two which makes it easier. Plus, we get to buy all of our favorite bagged coffee now, which turns out to be so much cheaper (and eco-friendly!).

8. Did you guys know that today is National Blueberry Muffin Day?


I love me a good blueberry muffin (like my “Wouldn’t Know They’re Healthy” Blueberry Muffins!), but I’m also a fan of quick, easy to prepare boxed mixes, too.


To celebrate, Krusteaz is offering a fun little giveaway of their Blueberry Muffin Mix and some coupons to a lucky STSL reader! To enter, just leave any comment on this post! I’ll announce the winner on Monday.

And that’s all for today! Hope you guys have a stellar weekend, and I’ll catch ya on Monday! Smile


  1. Melissa says

    Wow, I had no idea today was National Blueberry Muffin day, but blueberry muffins are my favorite! Yum!

  2. Sue says

    Have a great weekend. Blueberry muffins sound delicious!!! Good luck with the bathroom renovation!! I hope it goes smoothly.

  3. Emily says

    Blueberry Muffins Yum! if only I had known when I stopped for a bagel this morning…I could have switched it up :)

  4. Megan W says

    Blueberry muffins are my favorite! I always make a big brunch on Sunday’s for my boyfriend and I, muffins are always in attendance!

  5. Natalie P. says

    I would love to win the blueberry muffins prize! I also have been considering buying a refillable keurig cup….do you find it works just as well?

    • Courtney says

      Yes, definitely! We make sure to buy stronger coffee to make sure it maintains good flavor (either medium or dark roasts – I’ve found some of the light, flavored roasts don’t turn out as well). But yes, definitely works great!

  6. says

    My dad got a great deal on a Keurig around Christmas, so we’ve been using it consistently ever since. Love it! We got the plastic refillable cups from Walgreens, and they do the job, but I’m thinking we should probably wash them better than just rinsing them out. But otherwise, they’re great!
    Beks recently posted..Foodie Friday: Scallop Stir Fry

  7. melissa a says

    I actually have a blue berry muffin at my desk at work so I will 100% be eating that as a snack today! Have a great weekend!

  8. says

    That accent nail looks great. So easy, right!?
    Can’t wait to see your full “Jamicure!”
    Have a great weekend… Off to grab some blueberries now :)

  9. Lindsay says

    I didn’t know it was National Blueberry Muffin Day! Good thing I have some blueberries in my fridge waiting to be made into a baked good!

  10. Katrina says

    Ooohhhh….my husband LOVED blueberry muffins! He gets so excited when I make them and he always eats at least two right out of the oven!

  11. says

    Yay for bathroom remodels!! How exciting! Random fun fact – my now husband, when we first started building our house, was convinced that he wanted a green tub (much like the sea foam above)– it took WEEKS of debate, but THANKFULLY he agreed with me that we should go with a neutral color. I seriously feel like I dodged a bullet with that one!
    Jenny recently posted..Fitness Friday {Some of My Faves}

  12. julie says

    Yum! Well now i HAVE to comment, ha! ha!

    Have you ever tried one of those ceramic coffee drippers? They fit right over your coffee mug and i really like the way the coffee tastes when brewed this way (which is basically a pour-over method). You do use a paper filter, so there is something to throw away, but it makes clean-up a breeze.

  13. Meg says

    My mom’s blueberry muffins, fresh out of the oven, are my favorite food. I would love to try Krusteaz’s easier version!

  14. says

    Ooo..bathroom remodels make such a huge difference! Can’t wait to see the finished product! I love massages, and I’m definitely jealous of yours! However, I don’t carry around a 23 pound toddler… 😉
    I LOVE the refillable K-cups. So much more cost effective!
    Sarah @ Sarah Sincerely recently posted..I Am More

  15. ErikaMC says

    Mmm – now I want a blueberry muffin!

    I usually don’t like rainy weather but once in awhile it’s nice to have an excuse to stay inside and lounge around and not feel like you should be doing something else.

  16. Nicole says

    Summer thunderstorms are amazing! When you can sit outside under a covered patio, eat lunch or dinner, and enjoy the sound of the rain and thundering weather is just awesome.
    (But sadly, I live in southern California and we have nothing like that here! Haha! 😛 I’m just remembering summers past when I’d visit my relatives in Minnesota……SoCal neeeeeeds rain, desperately!)

  17. Kristin H says

    I was feeling the same way about the k-kups i found a 4 pk refill cups at TJ Max for $4 and have been loving it – so much cheaper –

    I love Krusteaz pancake mix I have never tried the muffins but I am sure they are great!

    Thunderstorms – LOVE – my daughter and I got stuck in one Tuesday night after her softball game – 60 mph winds trying to run to our car which was parked about 5 mins from the field – we couldn’t move the wind was so strong but we were laughing about it the entire ride home

  18. says

    Seriously every storm has landed here… I’d happily send them all to you! I hate them

    Let us know how the jamberry nails stay on I’m so interested in them
    Joy recently posted..Favorites

  19. Kelsey says

    I’m going through blueberry withdrawal after spending last week in Michigan. I could use this little treat!

  20. Alaina says

    Ugh, Krusteaz…no boxed mix gets better than that! And blueberries…well that combo is just fantastic!

  21. Romeo says

    I love blueberry muffins – definitely gonna grab one at my local pastry shop today! Have a great weekend Courtney! :-)

  22. says

    One thing I miss is definitely thunderstorms. I don’t know how often California gets it, but we’re in a drought (drout?) right now. It’s rained THREE times since we moved here in February.

    Love a good thunderstorm too.
    Nancy recently posted..Blog Party in San Francisco

  23. says

    I’ve been using a refillable k-cup since starting my job last year, which has a Keurig in the kitchen and nary a coffee shop in sight. I love it for the same reasons – great coffee and less waste. =) Happy Friday!

  24. Nicole G says

    Good luck on your renovation! As awesome as it is to have those projects finished, being in the middle of them is tough!!!

  25. says

    Looks like your bathroom remodel is going to look great when it’s all completed. Hang in there until it’s done.

    Yumm! I love blueberry muffins! Typically, I like to make my own from scratch…BUT when I’m short on time and just don’t want to take out all the ingredients, etc, it would be great to have a box of Krusteaz. It’s a very reputable brand for mixes. I hope I win the Giveaway for the coupons so that I can pick myself up a box or two. In the spirit of National Blueberry Muffin day, I’d get a mix for those (although I’ll be a tad late when baking them), along with a mix of Lemon Poppy-seed Muffins (my 2nd favorite).

    ~Amy :-)
    Amy recently posted..Fun Facts Friday #4 – Nostalgic Foods & Other Nostalgic Foods

    • says

      They are actually made of vinyl— not nail polish like the drugstore brands. They can last 1-2 weeks and don’t damage your nails :)
      Email me for a sample:
      Courtney and I have something in the works for her readers coming soon!!

      Lisa :)

  26. natasha says

    Boy do I miss a good blueberry muffin. Haven’t had one in years and am in the mood for a little bake fest (:

  27. Angela says

    ” Stainless Steel Refillable K-Cups”? Then what’s the point of keurig then, why put just get a good old coffee machine and use coffee grinds.

  28. Amanda L says

    I made a blueberry muffin cake for a brunch yesterday without even knowing it was blueberry muffin day! How perfect! It was deeeelish. I had to hide the pan from myself last night because I kept picking at it every single time I walked by

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