WIAW & T25 Week 4

So as I’m sitting down to type this post, I’m pretty sure I’m dripping sweat all over my keyboard. How’s that for a lovely visual for you on your Wednesday morning?

Well, it is what it is! I just finished up another T25 video and realized I never really recapped week 4 of the program. Granted, my “recaps” are pretty lame so I’m not sure I should really even call them that. But at any rate…week 4. I ended up having to re-do week 4 since it originally fell during the week before/during Lucas’s party and I just didn’t have the mental capacity to handle anything extra at that point.

Ok Ryan, if you say so.

I got it in all of the workouts except one cardio session, which I’ve noticed is the first video I find an excuse to miss. Not quite sure why…I don’t have anything against it.

I have found that some of the workouts and exercises are starting to feel a little less laborious, which is certainly a welcomed result. In terms of losing weight/inches? I’m not really tracking any inches lost, but I can tell you that the scale hasn’t moved. Pretty sure I have some birthday cake and beer to thank for that. But hey, at least it all works out so I break even, right? Winking smile

I’m looking forward to finishing up week 5 because that means I get to move on to the beta round, which begins to incorporate weights and resistance bands (hallelujah!). I have seriously missed my weights. But until then, I’ve got two more rounds of total body ahead of me…

That one is a doozy, by the way.

So now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s go ahead and get to the second half of today’s post…it’s WIAW, people!

Heeeeeere we go.


A sausage egg and cheese on an English muffin (totally not homemade – had a coupon for some Jimmy Dean Delights sandwiches and got those…they’re not bad!) + the usual iced coffee.

jimmy dean delights

I ran out of my usual 1% milk so I stole a little bit of Lucas’s whole milk…umm, SO good.

Mid-Morning Snack

A banana + peanut butter because, well, it’s the best.

pb and banana


A delicious salad with a few new toppings, including some sautéed black beans that I cooked up on Monday and some wheatberries (or were they spelt berries? I can’t remember).


I loved the new flavors and added chew…super thankful I made two of these bad boys while I was prepping some meals on Monday!

Mid-Afternoon Snack

A vanilla Greek yogurt + some trail mix. The trail mix is from TJ’s with cashews, almonds, pistachios, dried cranberries, dried cherries, and dark chocolate.

yogurt and trail mix

Basically the best combo ever.

I also had a couple handfuls of grapes shortly after I got home from work.

green grapes


My friends, it is very rare for us to have an actual sit-down meal in our home these days. I mean, yes, we sit down for meals, but there’s a lot of sandwiches and last minute things getting thrown together. So when we have the chance to actually have a protein + carb + veggie all together, I’m a happy camper.

Before sitting down to dinner, a cut up a fresh tomato from my dad’s garden and snacked on that sprinkled with a little salt.


There is really nothing like a summer tomato, if you ask me. SO good.

Said tomato was enjoyed while feeding Lucas meatballs. He was too impatient to wait for us to eat.

lucas meatballs

I get it, kid. When you’re hungry, you’re hungry.

For dinner, we had parmesan crusted tilapia (it was just okay), more wheat/spelt berries (I really should just go look at the bag), and green beans…and while it may be simple, sometimes healthy + simple is just the way to go.


And sometimes, it’s also all I have time for. Winking smile


After dinner, I ended up snacking on another handful of trail mix, a spoonful or two of leftover frosting, and then I sat down with a vanilla bean Yasso greek yogurt bar.

yasso greek yogurt bar

They were BOGO a couple of weeks ago at Price Chopper so I figured I’d give them a try. The vanilla bean ones are alright, but the salted caramel ones were freakin’ delicious. We finished those up rather quickly.

So that’s what’s going on with meeeeee…what’s up with all of YOU? Smile


  1. says

    I’m starting PiYo this week (hosting a challenge for a group of girls I’m SO excited about) and my bf just ordered T25 so I will be doing that when I’m done with PiYo. Trying to find ways to keep me strength training as I train for my Fall marathon.

  2. Stacey M. says

    Awesome Courtney … you’re doing an awesome job of sticking to the T25 program. I can imagine it’s not easy with a toddler running around now. I would love to try that program someday. I wonder … is it anything like Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred program? Or is it more difficult?

    In terms of what I’ve been up to lately … wedding planning!!! My fiance and I have settled on a date (October 17, 2015!) and I have been brainstorming ideas like crazy lately. We’ve already booked the reception venue, and I’m working on a location for the ceremony as well as the photographer. I was worried that wedding planning would be an absolute nightmare, but I’m actually having a lot of fun with it all so far. Also, I wanted to thank you for featuring Christina Norris’ work on your blog in the past. I’ve actually contacted Christina Norris about making me a fingerprint guest tree for our big day as well. I just love the idea of having guests sign and fingerprint something I can actually hang in my home after the wedding, instead of just signing a guest book that I’ll tuck away and probably never look at again. I can’t wait to work with her to design our print!

  3. says

    Every time I read your T25 updates it makes me want to start it! I can’t right now because I’m training for a race, but once I’m done, that’s my plan! Hang in there with the results. When I did Insanity, the scale actually went up but I was 2 sizes smaller! Really weird how that happens.

    I absolutely love those Yasso bars. The coconut is my fave!
    Melissa @ Freeing Imperfections recently posted..Summer Blues

  4. says

    Umm thank you for the Ryan picture. Now Wednesday can start! I love that you are fitting in the exercise that works for you! I think people get caught up in what they “should” be doing or “what’s best” and not necessarily what’s best for YOU!
    Kim @FITsique recently posted..Drop the Scale

  5. says

    I just recently got my husband those Yasso bars (they are on sale up here too!) and he is loving them for a controlled size dessert. Meanwhile, I have a bowl of ice cream with TJ’s cashew and sunflower seed butter and granola… but that is neither here nor there.
    Also, your son and my husband may or may not have similar eating habits, ahaha
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted..(Mostly) Gluten Free Recipes Round Up #WIAW

  6. says

    Week 4 of T25 was where I was getting a little antsy…I missed my weights too! And you’re not the only one who didn’t see the scale change, and I’m pretty sure it’s because my eating habits stayed the same (which is fine because I was not going to give up my chocolate!). I’m curious to know what you think of the Beta phase.

  7. Andrea says

    ahhh so much cuteness!!! he’s adorable.

    summer tomatoes sure are the best! and trail mix…. i love that stuff.

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