Weekend Highlights & Wedding Fun {8/25}

Man, I just love weddings!


While our weekend was definitely a good one, the biggest highlight (by far!) was our cousin’s Marc and Nikki’s wedding out in Pittsfield, MA on Saturday. We dropped Lucas off at Gramma and Papa’s house for a fun sleepover, and then we were off!


The ceremony took place outside by a nearby lake, which was really a beautiful location. I totally forgot to take any photos during the ceremony, but I did manage to find this one to share of the bride and groom.

wedding(photo credit)

Congrats, Nikki and Marc!

Seeing as it was a family wedding, that meant that we got to spend the day/night with some of our favorite people in the world, including Sarah, Denise, and Mal (fun fact, Marc is Sarah’s brother!).


And I’m not gonna lie…I was pretty excited to have another reason to be able to wear my favorite Jessica Simpson dress again (I wore it once in January to my company party).


I didn’t take too many other photos during the night, but the food was delish, the drinks were tasting great, and the company was even better.


(photo credit)

Fun at the photo booth!


Once dinner was over, Jay and I spent basically the entire night out on the dance floor. It was SUCH a blast, and I love that I have a partner in crime who will bust a move with me!

Other highlights from the weekend?

Taking a quick nap and stealing all sorts of snuggles after work on Friday.


Somebody decided to skip his second nap at daycare, but mama took care of that one. Winking smile

Saturday morning veggie omelet, bacon, and iced coffee thanks to the husband.

eggs and bacon

I’ll tell ya…he makes a mean breakfast.

A little cleaning and re-organizing (aka, picking up everything once Lucas is done with it).

lucas shoes

Hanging out by the pool, but not in the pool (some chillier weather has the water temps wayyyy too cold for us!).


And a delicious Sunday night dinner, including Smoky Tilapia Tacos, sautéed black beans, and corn on the cob.

smoky tilapia tacos

Now, I’m about to curl up and enjoy a little down time on the couch while watching Van Wilder (it’s on TV right now and I am SO freakin excited) before it’s time for bed.

So how was everyone else’s weekend? What were some of your favorite highlights??


  1. says

    What a small world, that’s where I got married!

    My weekend highlights included a Patriots game on Friday and watching out 2 nieces and nephew the rest of the weekend.

  2. Stacey M. says

    I also attended a wedding this weekend, for one of the guys my fiance races with. It was a smaller, more intimate ceremony and reception but we still had a great time. I’m with you … I just LOVE weddings too! All these weddings lately have made me really excited for my own next October!

    I must say I love your dress and the way you did your hair for the wedding. I may have to recreate that for the next wedding we attend this October. I hardly ever pull my hair back or even into a half-updo but it would be perfect for showing off some nice earrings.

  3. Kelsey says

    I love your red shoes with the black dress! Where did you find them? I recently bought some red pumps that are so uncomfortable – need a new pair!

  4. says

    Sounds like a great weekend, I also love weddings and don’t have any more on the schedule this year. Too bad.

    My weekend was awesome! I brought my husband to my BODYPUMP class I teach, which is a rare occasion, we went out to a sushi dinner with friends and then saw Dave Matthews Band at an outdoor venue in Berkeley on Saturday.

    We also ended the weekend on Sunday night with tacos for dinner, which is our weekly routine. Happy Monday!
    Ashley @ A Lady Goes West recently posted..My weekly workouts and joy riding

  5. says

    How adorable do you guys look napping together?! And if you don’t mind me asking, how does Lucas deal with being away from you and with his grandparents? If that’s an issue for you guys, is there a particular way you work through it? We’re currently going through a separation anxiety phase and even dropping her off at the church nursery for an hour is drama, hah! She cried the whole time apparently, yikes.

    • Courtney says

      Lucas is actually fine with leaving and being away with grandma and grandpa. I’m sure it probably helps that he gets dropped off at daycare everyday, but I’m not sure? That said, he’s also going through a bit of a clingy stage while we’re at home, and it’s nearly impossible for me to get anything done…and it’s only me…he usually wants nothing to do with his daddy! :(

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