My New Favorite Martini


I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this on here before, but if I had to choose a day of the week that is just the absolute worst, it’s Tuesday. Jay is totally on board with me on that one, too. I mean, with Monday, you’ve got the business of a new week happening. Wednesday, you’re half…

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Friday Date Night and Feeling Bittersweet


Not only was this past weekend awesome because it was Mother’s Day, but it was also pretty great thanks to a fun date night on Friday night and a casual Saturday spent at home. For Friday, Lucas actually went to have a sleepover with his other grandparents (after having a sleepover at my in-laws’ the…

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Only Two and a Half Months Late {Anniversary Celebration}


You want to know what’s really awkward? Walking in to an appliance store, having about 20 people staring at you, and finding out that they’re having some sort of “designers meeting.” But you want to know what makes it equally as fun? Having one of the reps at the store understand the awkwardness and take…

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Double Date Night and Lucas Gets His First Haircut

City Beer Hall

Happy Monday to you all! And happy last week of February at that – crazy! But hey, that just means we’re one day/week closer to spring, and I’m a-okay with that. So how was the weekend? Do anything awesome? We had some great highlights, one of them being a double date night out on Saturday…

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Anniversary Celebrations and Lucas Starts Soccer


Happy Monday to you all! I feel like today is officially the “back to normal” day for most of us; schools are back in session, most holiday gatherings are over, and reality is just…back. Ah well, we knew it was gonna happen soon enough! So our weekend was fantastic. Lots of fun happenings and celebrating…

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Weekend Highlights {11/24}


Ahhhh, guys, I’m so pumped. I have a nice, short, 2-day work week ahead of me this week, before I’m off for a lovely five days. Can you guys sense the excitement through this post? If you can’t, I promise…it’s there. Woop! So how was the weekend, friends? Do anything fun or exciting? Our was…

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Our First Post-Baby Date Night


Such a great, great weekend. Seriously…probably one of the best we’ve had in a long time! After spending Friday evening in (which is basically the norm, duh), we awoke Saturday morning feeling refreshed and excited for the day (it was date night day!). Lucas allowed me to sleep in an extra two hours after his…

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Date Night and Weekend Happenings


Hey hey! Happy Monday to all of my favorite readers. How was the weekend? Do anything fun and exciting? Our weekend was a good mix of everything – busy around the house, but still able to find some time to get out and have some fun too. On Saturday, Jay and I both got up…

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Work Surprise, Date Night, Freezer Meals, & Pool Problems

How’s that for a loaded post title? Mornin’ friends! How was the weekend? Awesome, I hope? Well since I last chatted with you all Friday morning, I have a few things to catch you all up to speed on, starting with Friday afternoon. I’ll tell ya…I have some amazing co-workers. I was completely thrown off…

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