Full of Tangents, Take 13!

by Courtney on December 10, 2014


Well happy Wednesday to you all! How’s the work week going for you so far? Things are pretty steady over here, can’t complain! When I sat down to write this post together last night, I realized there was no way it was going to be any kind of organized. I have a bunch of random […]


Full of Tangents, Take 12

by Courtney on December 31, 2013


Well, you guys. It’s been quite the past few days I’ll tell ya. I’m sitting down now at 7:30 on Monday night, actually finding some free time on my hands, so I figured I’d check in with you all and say “hello!” and tell you how much I’ve missed you. I figured I’d go through […]


Fun Facts Friday

by Courtney on March 29, 2013

Iiiiiiit’s Fridayyyyy!! I honestly didn’t have any sort of a post planned for today because I haven’t taken all that many photos over the last 24 hours. Yesterday was a long day…I didn’t wind up getting home until about 6pm, and then still wound up working through my phone via emails for another good hour. […]


Full of Tangents, Take 12

by Courtney on February 13, 2013

Well, I know some of you were/are still having issues with seeing the ol’ blog today (I actually couldn’t access it at all from work, which was weird and equally frustrating). I’m feeling a bit all over the place this evening, so rather than try to make everything flow together, let’s just call this… Full […]


An Unplanned Tangent

by Courtney on November 14, 2012


Funny story. And since today’s lunch was a boring, not very pretty looking salad that went unphotographed, then let’s get to that story, shall we? So last night, as I was watching my shows, I also happened spend a little time scrolling through my Instagram feed. As I continued to scroll through, it seemed like […]


Full of Tangents, Take 11

by Courtney on August 21, 2012

Holy moly – it’s already 3:30? Where the heck did today go? I’ve been running around so much that I completely lost track of time and didn’t get a chance to check back in with you all this afternoon. Yikes. I’m feeling a bit all over the place today, with lots of random stuff to […]


Full of Tangents, Take 10

by Courtney on June 29, 2012


It’s been over two months, so I think it’s about that time… Full of Tangents, Take 9 (You can read Tangents Take 1, Take 2,Take 3, Take 4, Take 5, Take 6, Take 7, Take 8, and Take 9 if you’re bored and feel like it). Around 12:30 this afternoon, I finished up all of […]


Full Of Tangents, Take 8

by Courtney on March 6, 2012

50 minute sweaty treadmill workout

When it came time to put together a post this afternoon, my mind was running a mile a minute. I felt like I had a bunch of different little things to share with you all, so ya know what that means… Full of Tangents, Take 8! (You can read Tangents Take 1, Take 2,Take 3, […]


Full of Tangents, Take 7

by Courtney on February 9, 2012


You know what? I have so many different, random things to share with you guys about my day today, that there’s really no way that I’ll be able to make it all flow together and make any sort of sense. So you know what that means…it’s tangent time! It’s been a while, but we are […]


Full of Tangents, Take 6

by Courtney on November 22, 2011

Hey, guess what? After work tonight, I’m headed out with some of my best girls to take care of some bridesmaid duties, and I think it’s been way too long since I last gave you guys a tangents post. I actually forgot that the last one there was right before those major changes that were […]