Full of Tangents, Take 5

by Courtney on August 31, 2011

IMG_5052 (640x466)

Ohhhhh man am I excited. Partially because you guys get to have your fifth installment of ‘Full of Tangents’ tonight. But there’s so many other reasons than that! So now, let’s see why… -I’m heading to mom and dad’s house for dinner tonight. I mean, I’m always excited to see mom and dad anyways… …but […]


Full Of Tangents, Take 4

by Courtney on August 24, 2011

softball (514x386)

Guess what? I’ve got a softball game that I’m headed out to tonight, so you know what that means… It’s Tangent Time! And we, my friends, are up to Take 4. (In case you missed ‘em, here’s Take 1, Take 2, and Take 3) So now, let’s DO this! -Tonight’s softball game could potentially be […]