Welcome to Courtney’s Total Body Wellness

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you certainly need no introductions, but if you’re new to the site, then welcome! My name is Courtney, and I write and maintain the blog that is attached to Courtney’s Total Body Wellness. I have a huge passion for health and fitness and love sharing that with others. Feel free to read a little bit more about my story, as well as my journey to becoming a certified personal trainer.


Personal training is a great option for those who may be looking for some help in reaching their fitness goals. And now, you can push aside that mentality of personal training being viewed as a “luxury ” thanks to my online personal training services.

What Do I Get Out Of Online Personal Training?

Courtney’s Total Body Wellness online training program is just like regular personal training, except you don’t have to worry about meeting up with me one-on-one at a gym. Personal training is a great option for those who may be looking for some help in reaching their fitness goals, but it’s often pushed aside as a “luxury ” that can’t be justified.

Not any more!

Thanks to my online personal training services, you can still get the same type of customized workout plan you’d get at the gym, without the hefty cost. Sign up for an online workout plan and you’ll receive:

  • Individually customized workouts based on your fitness goals, schedule and available equipment
  • Printable workout logs and goal trackers
  • Virtual support via email and/or conference calls
  • Weekly check-ins, with options for additional check-ins
  • Continued motivation, guidance and accountability from me
  • Basic guidance on nutrition and diet

And you can have it all for a much more affordable price than a typical in-person training session!

Why Should I Choose Online Personal Training?

  • Flexibility.  No need worry about making it to a scheduled appointment – you have the freedom to workout at anytime.
  • Accessibility. Since all of your workouts are sent to you online, that means you’ll have access to them wherever you are.
  • Price.  Online training costs are much less than what you’d pay for in-person training sessions at a gym.
  • Comfort.  If the thought of working out in a gym with a trainer sounds too intimidating, but you still want some guidance an support, virtual training is a great option.

Courtney’s Total Body Wellness Personal Training Programs

When you sign up for a workout program, you’ll receive a personalized plan that will be created with your fitness goals, available fitness equipment, workout style, current exercise regimen, and medical history in mind.

My plans can help lead you on the right path towards your fitness goals, and also ensure that you’re enjoying yourself in the process…because we all know that when we like what we’re doing, we’re much more likely to stick with it and be successful!

Available Programs:

  • 4 Week Program w/ cardio & strength training
  • 8 Week Program w/ cardio & strength training
  • 4 Week Program – Cardio OR Strength ONLY
  • 8 Week Program – Cardio OR Strength ONLY

**Refer a friend and get $5.00 off your program + an extra conference call!**