Weekly Meal Plan {10/4}

Happy Sunday! Everyone having a fabulous weekend so far?

Things are flying by fast over here, but all is going well. We’re headed over to my parents’ house this morning for a little brunch while watching the Jets game, and who knows what else is in store.

But for now, since it’s Sunday and all, here’s a look at what we ate last week!

Sunday: Chili with cornbread

chili and cornbread

Monday: Chicken Parmesan Meatballs baked with sauce and cheese with side salads

chicken parm meatballs

Tuesday: A cereal combo – Quaker Oatmeal Squares + Mini Frosted Shredded Wheat + bananas + almond milk

cereal for dinner

Cereal for dinner is just so. darn. good. sometimes.

Wednesday: Baked tilapia (we used Bumble Bee SuperFresh)with baked sweet potatoes and green beans

tilapia dinner

Thursday: Mini pizzas on Naan bread! A while back I bought a package of this Stonefire Naan on sale, not sure how I’d use it, and we decided to finally put it to use on a night where we weren’t sure what the heck we wanted to eat.

naan pizzas

The pizza on the left was a BBQ Chicken and the pizza on the right was a Chicken, Bacon, Ranch made with red sauce. Both of them were insanely delicious, but the chicken, bacon, ranch was my favorite.

naan pizza

Friday: Pizza, salad, and wings, courtesy of my brother who stopped by to visit and offered to bring us dinner.


We thoroughly appreciated the dinner, and Lucas thoroughly enjoyed some extra time with his Uncle D. <3

Saturday: Jay and I enjoyed some time out solo, which included some drinks and snacks (plus a shared chicken fajita wrap) at the bar of Applebee’s.

applebees appetizers

Those pretzels with beer cheese dip…ohhhh, man are they good. We’re so fancy. Winking smile

And that’s a wrap! How about you – anything good last week or on the menu for the week ahead? I need ideas…I’m starting to slack with the meal planning a bit!

Fun Facts Friday {10/2}


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Fall Trends to Wear Now


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Eating With Lucas Is An Adventure


When it comes to meal time with Lucas these days, let’s just say it’s…an adventure. And it’s not just limited to meal time; we’ll just categorize it as “eating in general.” And when I say “adventure,”  it’s basically code for “nightmare.” I like to joke about the fact that I completely and totally jinxed myself….

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Good For a Monday


Yesterday was a good day, for being a Monday and all. I mean, nobody really ever looks forward to a Monday, do they? It all started off with a great PiYo workout first thing in the morning, followed by a trip to Starbucks on my ride into work. They accidentally turned my grande blond roast…

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Fun Shopping Finds + Low Key Weekend


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Weekly Meal Plan {9/27}


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Fun Facts Friday {9/25}


1. We started getting our new backsplash installed in the kitchen this week and I am SO excited to see it finished! 2. Apparently there’s a new movie coming out this Christmas called The Big Short. Jay shared the trailer with me (<—link over there) the other day and it looks SO good. I cannot…

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This or That, 2nd Edition

vanilla ice cream cone

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