That Time Jay Got Old {+ a New House Update–ALMOST Finished!}

Another fun weekend, in the books!

This weekend was extra special because Saturday was Jay’s birthday, so we celebrated him turning old – err, I mean, 32 – all weekend long. In addition to his birthday celebrations, we also got time to spend with all grandparents, AND, we got to visit the new house to see the latest updates. Eeeeek!

I’ve got lots to share, and apparently took quite a few pictures, so I’m going go ahead, sentence (or two) per picture style.

Lots of pool time on Saturday, and Lucas is still loving the diving board.


Pool snacks and some sort of coconut rum blender drinks made by mom, which were quite delicious.


Joe, Kate, and Samantha came over to celebrate Jay’s birthday with him (can’t believe I didn’t get any pics of any of us?!) and we had a yummy cookout of grilled chicken, corn on the cob, potato salad, and mac salad (aka, a pretty standard summer meal around here!).


Lucas sitting at the table like a big boy, who is no longer interested in his high chair (which is making me kick myself for packing away his booster seat…ahh well).


I made Jay a funfetti cake, but had to pair it with my homemade Almond Buttercream Frosting (it’s one of all-time favorites).


Lucas still thinks we’re singing happy birthday to him when we sing, and it’s the funniest thing ever.


He was all about helping daddy blow out the candles!


Trying to pick out paint samples can be put right towards the top of my list of things I absolutely can’t stand doing; for one, why the heck do they make the samples so freakin’ small?!


Thankfully, I think we mayyyy have narrowed it down to a few, so once we’re in, we’ll get a few sample sized cans and see how things look.


Speaking of the house…I’ve got some updates to share with ya today!!


All of our flooring and lighting has been mostly installed, although things are still super messy in there until the cleaners come on Wednesday. We also ordered a couple sets of pendant lights for over the kitchen island and brought them over to decide which ones we’ll keep; I’m SO excited about them!


I am SO READY to fill this closet!!


Trying to figure out how in the world I’m going to decorate this foyer makes my head spin…please, send help!


And send positive vibes for things continuing to go smoothly through the rest of this week!

We met up with my in-laws at the new Huck Finn’s Playland (aka, the old Hoffman’s Playland that we brought Lucas to last year).


It was a hot one, but was so nice to get out and about.


We attempted to get Lucas to go on some rides…


Unfortunately, he wanted to do with any of them. Seriously, none of them…not even the merry go round?! He’d freak out and then just want to stare and watch.


Since the playland was a bit of a bust, we headed next door to Huck Finn’s to check out some of their dining tables and couches.


We’re both reeeeeally considering going the route of unfinished furniture so we can stain/paint it to make it exactly what we want (we want legs and chairs to be a color similar to our kitchen island, and the table top and chair/bench tops to be a similar color to our hardwood).


We originally went to check out the table above, but then found this one and now really considering that, too.


Soooo. Many. Decisions.

After Huck Finn’s, we all went to my in-laws for dinner; cheeseburgers, corn on the cob, and potato salad.


And that meant we also got to visit Cody!


Jay and I joke that both our kid and our cat are going to want nothing to do with us once we move into the new house because they’ll be like, ummm, where is everyone?! Lucas has been loving living with Nan Nan and Papa, and Cody is apparently starting to warm up to living with my in-laws’ cat, too. Poor things.

After dinner, we had cake to celebrate the birthday boy!


The cake was chocolate with a peanut butter frosting, and WOW, was it good.


Cake x2 this weekend = deliciousness. And a sugar detox I know I should take but won’t. Ahh well. Winking smile

How was everyone else’s weekend? Do anything fun or exciting???

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