Fun Facts Friday {8/28}

1. The last weekend of August. Holy crap, where did the last month go?! I’m hoping we’ll be able to get a little pool action in, since once September happens, I feel like pool time is basically over (sad face).


2. The last couple of days here have been quite a bit cooler than the extreme humidity we’ve been experiencing and it’s been SO nice. Yesterday – dare I say it – almost felt just a little bit fall-ish.


3. I made THE most amazing cookie bars this week. Seriously. I cannot wait to share them with you guys (be on the lookout next week!).


4. Okay, I need to tell you guys how much I am loving these curtains that I got from Ikea (thanks for the tip, Angela!). The price is outrageously awesome ($24.99 per PAIR, not panel…AND that’s for 98″ length!).


I loved them so much that I ordered 5 pairs…one for kitchen, one for living room, one for office, and two for our bedroom. They’re so neutral that I can still play with pops of color elsewhere in the room. Love love love!


5. I’ve dragged myself out of bed two mornings in a row now for early morning workouts…dare I say, I think I’m finally starting to get back into the swing of things! (But man, I really need to start getting myself to bed earlier…).

6. I’ve had my eye on these end tables (in grey/brown) for our living room for a good week or two now. I’ve had them in my cart to checkout about 3 times so far, but for whatever reason, I haven’t bit the bullet yet. I don’t know why I’m waiting though…I just think they’d look SO good in our living room. Should I go for it?!

7. The other day, I took a quick trip to Boscovs on my lunch hour to see if I could find anything fun for the house with a couple gift cards I have. No luck on the home front BUT I did score some cute stuff for Lucas…and thanks to gift cards, only had to pay $3.35.


8. When it comes to your kiddos (fellow moms and dads out there), you know how some days you have good/fine days…other days are awful/need to drink days…and some days are just SO awesome? Well Wednesday was one of those days for me. I had such a great day with Lucas – we played at home, we took a trip to Target, we rode his bike, he helped me make dinner, we played in the dirt, we played with cars…we were both just totally loving it all. And by the time it was bedtime, I was so sad to have to leave him…and then he teared up when I put him down, stood up with his arms extended out, and asked for more snuggles. Cue mom gushing. Umm, yes my babe, you can have snuggles for as long as you’d like. <3

9. I was hoping I’d make it to 10 fun facts, but I have some cookie bars and ice cream calling my name, so I’m cutting things short this week.

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend ahead, whatever you may be doing!

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