Fun Facts Friday {7/3}

1. This kid. He has me cracking up these days over some of the things he does and says.


And recently, he’s been finding himself quite funny, too. This picture for example…


He was making funny faces into the phone and laughing after each one. Laughter certainly is the best medicine!

2. This salad will never, ever grow old. For any of the locals, the grilled chicken salad from LaBella’s in Wynantskill is just the best. Plus, that garlic shell…

Labella's salad


3. Speaking of fantastic, get this. I stopped at Starbucks on my way into work yesterday morning, and as I went to pay for my iced coffee with my phone app, I quickly realized that I had a free drink waiting for me. As if that wasn’t sweet enough, as I was checking out the cashier asked me if I’d like a free ham, egg, and Swiss sandwich because they had just accidentally made it for the order ahead of me. Yes, please!

starbucks ham egg and swiss sandwich

That sandwich is absolutely incredible. Very rarely do I ever order anything on croissants, just because they don’t typically stand out for me, but WOW. Buttery, flaky…the thing was incredible.

4. Soooo, we have moved…again! We’re getting the rest of our stuff later today and thank god, the next move will finally be into our own home. For now we’re living with my parents, but before anyone thinks anything major went down with our friends Kanika and Shaheen, I’ll clear that up right away. There were absolutely no issues with them whatsoever! They were absolutely great and so accommodating to us, and we’re forever grateful that they opened up their home to us. Ultimately, it all boiled down to them having unexpected guests coming throughout the month of July and our day to day driving becoming tough (we had about a 35-40 minute commute each way every day, as opposed to the 5-7 with my parents). So yeah, here we are!

5. After putting Lucas to bed last night, I poured myself a glass of my favorite wine, just because it was needed.

kendall jackson chardonnay

Mal, you’ve got me hooked.

6. I was SO excited to come home from vacation to a package from the awesome people on the PR team for ChapStick. They read my post last week about what’s in my purse, and saw that I was having a hard time finding my beloved mediated ChapStick…so they sent me some!


Thank you, ChapStick! You guys seriously rock.

7. I had quite a surprising moment yesterday afternoon. After we got home from work/daycare, Lucas and I were having all sorts of fun playing with old racecar tracks and all that jazz. Then, out of the blue, Lucas climbed up in my lap, laid down and just cuddled with me. For like, 5 minutes! And if you’ve gotten any sort of idea of what my Lucas is like, you should know that this is incredibly rare for him…


And I loved every. single. second.


He keeps me sane throughout all of this craziness we’ve got going in with moving and everything else.

8. Thanks so much to everyone who entered my giveaway for The Bouqs Company! Congrats to the following two lucky winners:

Mary Nero says (June 30, 2015 at 7:10 am), “I would send Glorious to my friend Alicia. She and her family have so many challenges the last couple of years. The sunflowers would at least brighten her day!”

Angelyn Dodson (July 2, 2015 at 6:08 pm) says, “I would love to send “Daydreamer” to my sister in law. Her 18 month old son (my nephew) is very sick and in the hospital right now. She is so strong and dealing with so much right now – I’d love to cheer her up a little!”

Congrats Mary and Angelyn! Please email me at sweettoothcourtney at gmail dot com so I can get you set up with your new bouquets. Smile

*And as a reminder, you can still get a 15% discount on all orders! Just use code SUMMER15 at checkout (code expires on July 7th).

9. I’m planning on taking the rest of the weekend off to enjoy the holiday weekend, so you likely won’t see any meal plan post this week (you didn’t miss anything, trust me). So I’ll likely catch up with you guys next week.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend! Whatever you’re doing, have fun and be safe!

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