Screenshot It

So I’ve had a new “thing” lately. And I have no doubt that this isn’t anything life changing, per se, but it’s one of those things where I thought it might be fun to share with you all.

So my thing is screenshotting. Everything. Ok, actually it’s not everything. Mostly things that I see on Instagram or Facebook or other social media that I want to remember but don’t necessarily need to open up a webpage for. Make sense?

Because I can’t tell you how often I see something while on my phone, for reason x, y, or z, and think “ok, I need to remember this.”

Most of the time, I’d do nothing and just try to remember when I was back at my computer, at home…whatever it may be. But then, of course, I’d completely forget all about it. I know you guys can relate.

The only downside to my desire to screenshot everything? My already large number of pictures is growing even larger.

So as I typed up this post to share with you all today, I also took action on any of the screenshots I needed to. Here’s a look at what I’ve been screenshotting (can we call this phone pinning or something?)…


I took that image above with the intention to actually share it with you guys a while ago. Did you know that you can create your own button from basically any website? I had NO CLUE (where have I been?), but all you need to do is open up the website, click on the square icon with the upwards facing arrow underneath, then choose the “Add to Home Screen” button. From there, you’ve got your own custom icon. So easy!


I loved the idea behind the sticky note in this Instagram post. WIN: What’s Important Now? I got to thinking a lot about where I’d put notes like this in my own home, and while the coffee pot/Keurig would definitely be one of them, I’d likely put one next to my alarm clock (reminder to get up/get moving), my dumbbells, and maybe even on my cell phone to make me think about whether or not it’s really that important to be turning on the phone…again.


These Parmesan Crisps immediately caught my attention, mostly because they look overwhelmingly similar to a delicious appetizer that my mother-in-law makes, but hers are on those mini rye bread pieces and have lots of mayo and parmesan cheese (hence the reason they’re awesome). But I loved the idea of the recipe above, using bagel chips and attempting to lighten things up a bit. I have yet to try them yet, but I totally want to for the next time I need an appetizer for something.


I can’t tell you how many times lately I’ve thought, “I need to make some homemade balls or bars.” I have no doubt that everyone would eat them, and it would just be something I could feel good about having in the house (hey, maybe it would even get Lucas to back away from his daily Nutrigrain bars…although I doubt it). These sounded easy and delicious though, and I’m definitely planning on giving them a try.

Hey, if any of you have a favorite ball or bar recipe, feel free to leave it in the comments section. I want some ideas!


As you can see, I also get emails from Bath and Body Works. But aside from the email notification, there was just something about this quote that I really, really liked. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone/something on social media and started to think that I wished I could do that/look like that/afford that. I mean, you guys know the drill. It’s the nature of the beast that is social media. But I will say that there was something incredibly soothing about this quote that made me think, wow, ok…my life is pretty great just as it is.

Something for you guys to think about today, too.


Freakin Amelia. If you aren’t already following her on Instagram, then you may want to. I swear, she’s got some of the most amazing looking (yet simple and doable) meals all the time, and this steak salad with onions was one of many. I seriously need to make that. Like, today.


I took a screenshot of this email in a wave of excitement when I saw that flared jeans are apparently coming back in style. I’ve always been a fan of the slightly flared/bootcut jeans, and I know they’re much more flattering on my body than most skinny jeans are. I’ve been wanting to invest in a new pair, so now I may just have to find some. Anyone else ready to jump on board the flare/bootcut jeans bandwagon with me?


No real explanation needed here. We’re all different. Do you thang.


A great kick-in-the-ass reminder. When you’re having a bad day, just remember…there’s likely a ton of other people who are having it worse.


Heck to the YES. Carbs, for the WIN. <3 <3


And finally, this was my most recent screenshot I found, which I remembered was my reminder to show to Jay…because one of the first DIY projects I think I want to attempt once we’re in the new house is to make a headboard for our bed. Anyone else out there ever tried this? Worth it? Thoughts??

Well, that’s all the screenshots I’ve got for now…but give it time. I’m sure they’ll be a ton more soon enough! Winking smile

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