Weekly Meal Plan {3/29}

Happy Sunday to you all! If you’re checking in today, then you probably noticed things are looking just slightly different around here. We’ve made a few updates, but for the most part, your reading experience shouldn’t be too much different. I’ll dive in to things a little more tomorrow, but for now, I’d love to hear any feedback you might have. Something looking funky? Something you’re liking? Let me know! You guys are the ones who come and read (thank you!!!) so I want to make sure your viewing experience is a positive one.

That said…it is Sunday and all, so let’s get to checking out last week’s meals. We had some good ones, for sure, and I was SO happy to be back to feeling more organized.

Sunday: Dinner out with family after my 2 Nana’s wake

Monday: Turkey bacon paninis with french fries

turkey BLT

It had been a long time since we last had a panini and it was soooo. good.


Tuesday: Chili with cornbread

chili with cornbread

We have a couple of leftover containers of chili in our freezer, so I just thawed one overnight, reheated, and cooked up a quick batch of cornbread (to make it even simpler, I used a box mix from Krusteaz).

Wednesday: Fiesta Bowl with Mexican Rice


I got the idea for this recipe after seeing one just like it on the Trader Joe’s website. I made the Mexican Rice exactly as listed, and it is seriously some delicious stuff. It makes a HUGE batch, too, so you get lots of leftovers. I then just cooked some ground sirolin with taco seasoning, heated a bag of frozen corn (we were going simple here), mashed an avocado with some garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper, and tossed in some Mexican shredded cheese. I meant to do black beans too, but I forgot ‘em.

Thursday: Spaghetti & Meatballs

spaghetti and meatballs

When we first made this recipe a few weeks ago, it made enough to freeze two more meals worth (each meal about 2-3 servings) so I grabbed one out of the freezer and reheated. SUPER easy! My original plan was to serve mine over some zoodles, but apparently my zucchini was too big to fit in the spiralizer and it wasn’t working…? Then I tried cutting it in half and that just did me in. Ah well…there’s nothing wrong with regular pasta either. Winking smile

Friday: Pizza!

Saturday: TBD for now…BUT, if you’re in need of some ideas, here are a few favorites from the archives to try out!

So let’s hear it – what’s on the menu this week?

Fun Facts Friday {3/27}


1. So I’m pretty sure I either broke my toe, or it’s just really badly bruised. And I’m convinced the nail is going to fall off. Gahh, I hope the nail doesn’t fall off! Somehow, as I was going to sit down in one of our kitchen chairs on Wednesday with Lucas on my lap,…

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Double Chocolate Nutella Cupcakes


Yes, you read that right. I made you cupcakes. Chocolate Nutella Cupcakes, to be exact. Do you guys remember last Friday when I posted about that amazing looking cake? Well, Liv wound up suggesting that I try making them into cupcakes, and it really got me thinking. I mean, man, would that make a serious…

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Loving This Ice Cream


I loved hearing all of your feedback on yesterday’s fix choices! As one who hates to waste money, I ended up keeping the bicycle shirt and sent back all the rest (I was on the fence with that jacket still, but I just didn’t looooove it). I figure, hey, if anything it will wind up…

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March Stitch Fix Review

March 2015 Stitch Fix

Last week, I received my March Stitch Fix, so you know I have to share it with you all! In case you’re new to Stitch Fix and how it works, you can read all about it in my first post about the service, HERE. I actually still have my fix here at home and I…

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Lightening Up a Somber Weekend

eggs and bacon breakfast

This weekend had some positive points for sure, but it also had some tough ones, too. Saturday was a good day though, from beginning to end. It started out with a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon, and biscuits with jam, and even though we never made it out to breakfast, this was a fantastic substitute….

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Weekly Meal Plan {3/22}

grilled chicken salad takeout

You guys will quickly be able to see just how unprepared we were this week on the meal planning front. But hey, it happens to all of us…right? We ate out quite a bit more than we typically like to, but everything we had was delicious so I can’t really complain too much. Good news…

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Fun Facts Friday {3/20}

stitch fix box

1. With all of the last minute meals and lack of food we’ve had this week, I made sure to have all of my meal planning done for upcoming week (and had it done by Thursday!). I’m ready to get some more fresh veggies back in the house and have some good dinners on the…

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Only Two and a Half Months Late {Anniversary Celebration}


You want to know what’s really awkward? Walking in to an appliance store, having about 20 people staring at you, and finding out that they’re having some sort of “designers meeting.” But you want to know what makes it equally as fun? Having one of the reps at the store understand the awkwardness and take…

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