WIAW: Uninspired and My Favorite Part of the Day

September 10, 2014
photo 2

My favorite part of the day. After work, once we’re all home together. And, of course, it certainly helps when Lucas napped well during the day and is in a good mood! Yesterday, Jay showed Lucas how to juggle, and he thought it was just the best thing going. And once that got old, we […]

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Grandma’s Banana Bread

September 9, 2014

One can never have too many banana bread recipes, right? A couple of weeks ago, I told you guys I set out and did some weekend baking. While the baby slept and the hubby was working outside, it was so nice to just be in the kitchen alone with the music on, and not another […]

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Shopping, Beer Sampling, DIY, Chocolate Cake, and More

September 8, 2014

So when are weekends going to permanently include a third day? That’s what I wanna know…because, once again, this weekend just flew by. Anyone else? Our Saturday and Sunday were both jam packed from beginning to end, and for the first time in along time, I took a bunch of pictures of everything. So let’s […]

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Fun Facts Friday {9/5}

September 5, 2014

1. Have you guys hearrrrrrd? Dunkin Donuts now has almond milk! Pretty sure that calls for a latte today. Possibly of the pumpkin variety? Or something like that because, you know, it’s that time. 2. So I had been holding off on pumpkin drinks until #1 up there, so we’ll see about that. But that […]

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One of My Top 5 Favorite Dinners & Dessert

September 4, 2014

Happyyyyy Thursdayyyy! Yesterday was such a great day. It started out as usual with an early morning T25 workout. Right now I’m up to the middle of week 4 of the beta phase and surprisingly, I’m still loving it. Honestly, I’m shocked that I’m not bored out of my mind yet, but I think the […]

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Some of Lucas’s Favorites & WIAW

September 3, 2014

Can I just say how much I am loving on this little boy right now? It was almost bedtime…that’s when we get crazy with the no pants parties over here. Okay, obviously, I’ve loved him all along. But over the past couple of weeks, he has just been boggling my mind with the way he’s […]

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THE Best Soft & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

September 2, 2014
soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies

I’m not one to discriminate against a chocolate chip cookie but sometimes, a nice soft, chewy, and buttery cookie is just where it’s at. Over the weekend, I finally found the time to do the baking I’ve been itching to do. Like some real, use up two sticks of butter baking. It really helps when […]

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Weekend Highlights, My Favorite Snack, Baking, & Sales {9/1}

September 1, 2014

Hey guys, happy Labor Day! I hope everyone is having a great day, whatever it is you may be doing. We’ve had a pretty good weekend so far, minus the fact that our teething little guy has been somewhat under the weather. A few highlights from the weekend so far would have to include our […]

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Fun Facts Friday {8/29}

August 29, 2014
homemade ice cream

1. Homemade ice cream is just the jam. Especially when you get a combo of homemade chocolate chip cookie dough and “Coffee Krunch” (aka, coffee ice cream with all sorts of Oreos mixed in). On Wednesday night, Jay, Lucas and I met up with my in-laws for dinner and dessert to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday […]

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5 Fitness Tips to Start Today {+ a Big Giveaway from Amy Dixon & Propel!}

August 28, 2014

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! So before we get to the “meat and potatoes” of today’s post, if you will, I just want to address something real quick. You’ve probably noticed lately that there’s been a pretty good amount of sponsored posts and/or content around here the past few weeks, and I just want to say […]

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