The Perfect Choice for Celebrating

We had a great second birthday over here yesterday! And just like last year, I made sure to take one last picture of him last night before he officially became a two year old.


Jay was all concerned about me waking him up and I said, hey…pictures are a priority.

Right? Winking smile

As for the day, it was great. Even if we were running about 10 minutes late leaving the house for work/daycare…and even if I realized shortly before heading out the door that I dressed him in a stained shirt…and yes, even if I totally forgot to make any sort of treats to send with him to daycare and we wound up stopping at Dunkin Donuts for blueberry munchkins.

Hey, umm, I’m not complaining about an excuse to go get blueberry munchkins.

Despite the few bumps in our morning, it was perfect. And he even had a little party at daycare, too!

I picked him up as quickly as I could after work, and we came home and played cars for hours. Literally…the child LOVES cars, trucks, buses, you name it. He wound up getting some new Hot Wheels cars from his Uncle D (“Doo Dee” – I can’t even) and Carissa, and another from his papa, too.

Once daddy got home, we had a quick dinner of leftovers (BBQ Chicken sandwiches, mac salad, and side salads), and then we were off to the playground!


We wanted to have a special “just the three of us” outing for his birthday, and since we got a little bit of a late start, we decided to just hit up one of the local playgrounds. He absolutely LOVES the playground, and it turned out to be the perfect choice.


This kid was in. his. glory.


If we went down the slides once, we went down a hundred times!


It was easily the best hour of my day and, not to mention, it did a fabulous job of pooping him right out for bed.

And now that I did some running around myself this evening, I think I’ve worked up a bit of an appetite for some leftover birthday cake while indulging in the last episode of The Bachelorette. Oh yes, I think that sounds fabulous.

Spoiler – I already knew the ending, but I loved hearing my parents and Jay try to guess! Winking smile

Alright you guys, I’m cutting things short for today, but I’ll catch ya tomorrow!!

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