All About Having Fun

Last week, temperatures around here went from about 80 to 40 in the matter of days and WHEW, I was not ready for that.

As much as I do love fall, and all that it has to offer, I guess you could say I’d much prefer to be eased into the temperature changes. I loathe the cold, and basically all I want to do once the chilly temps (not fall, but the REAL chilly temps of winter) arrive is hibernate inside. Our group of friends always jokes about this too, as we tend to see everyone so much more during the warmer summer months than we do in the winter.

Maybe it’s just the comfort of your own home, I don’t know? But the thought of being curled up under a blanket with a crackling fire and a warm mug of hot cocoa (or a glass of wine, I’m cool with that too) is basically just my ideal evening from about October – March. Does that make me super lame?

I’ll tell you, it can get hard to get motivated to do much once the colder weather starts to hit. The early mornings are no longer full of sunshine (but, rather, pitch black), and I find it so much harder to actually get up before 6am to get my workout done for the day. It takes a lot more willpower to pull me out from under those warm covers to trade my fleece socks for sports bras and sneakers. But that’s what makes it hard because that’s my workout time…it’s the only time I actually, usually have the desire to get it done.

I’ve been thinking a bit more lately about how I’m going to continue to try to stay active as these colder months hit, because I know those early mornings aren’t always easy. And I certainly don’t want to get to a point where I feel like I’m forcing myself to do anything, because that’s just not my thing. It takes the fun out of it, and honestly, I’m over that.


So that’s what I’m trying to remember as we enter into fall…keep it FUN. I mean, you guys know how I feel about exercise and staying healthy. I do it because I honestly enjoy doing it, not because I feel like I have to. That may mean that there are some weeks that I don’t get up at all for those 5:30am alarms, and maybe there are weeks where I manage to do it for a few days. And maybe there are weeks where my “workouts” are running around outside with Lucas.


I’ll tell ya…this kid certainly keeps me active.


Fall is a perfect time to enjoy the outdoors, run around, play in the leaves, and do all sorts of other activities that don’t involve sweating your face off in the heat and humidity that summer offers. And being able to do all of these things with my little man and Jay makes them all 10x better.


So for as long as the weather allows, I have every intention of spending as many afternoons outside with Lucas. Maybe I’ll run around a little more than I walk. Maybe I’ll jog with him in the stroller rather than walk. Maybe I’ll throw boulders instead of pebbles to work on my monster arm strength?


Okay, kidding on that last one.

So sure, I’ll continue to try to squeeze in those morning workouts on the days I feel up to it. But for the days I don’t, it’s all about just moving. Whether we’re outside running in the backyard, or inside dancing along to our CD’s, we’re moving, we’re staying active, and we’re having FUN.


And that’s exactly what CALIA by Carrie Underwood is all about; they want to know how you #staythepath on your own fitness journey. Speaking of CALIA, that’s where these leggings, top, and vest are all from.


I mean, I just love it all, especially the vest and  leggings!


If you’re interested, you can see details on all three items I’m wearing on their site HERE (and you can get $5 off any order of $50 or more, too!).


The line is available exclusively at Dick’s Sporting Goods and at, and I’ll tell you, I’ve seriously had my eye on this new dolman sweater (the oatmeal heather color is just screeeeeeaming my name).


So yeah, there’s my plan, I’m sticking with it. And with all this moving around with Lucas while he’s awake, that gives me every incentive to go ahead and stay curled up under that blanket on the couch with my wine once he goes to sleep.

It’s the perfect balance, right? 😉

Get Social with CALIA (and use the hashtag #StaythePath!)

How are you staying the path with your own fitness journey this fall/winter? What will fitness and staying active look like for you?

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of CALIA.

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