Three Meals + A Dessert I Would Go Nuts For Today

I’m not gonna lie. I was trying all day yesterday to come up with a fun post to put up today for April Fools’ Day. But I swear, the more I tried to think of one, the worse my ideas got. Ahh well…anyone have any good pranks they’re playing today? Or have you already fallen for any?

So somehow, the other day, a co-worker of mine and I got on the topic of some of the best meals we’ve ever had. Needless to say, the topic left me drooling, and also had me craving said meals in a seriously bad way. I’ve been thinking even more about some of the best meals I’ve ever had, and when it comes right down to it, if I could have any three meals today (plus dessert, duh), I’d absolutely pick these…


Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be back in Mexico right now, floating up to the swim-up bar for my first drink of the day. After, of course, having filled up on an amazing breakfast like this one.

valentin imperial maya breakfast

I really loved ALL of the food at the Valentin Imperial Maya, but the crepes they served up for breakfast were just unreal. That would just totally hit the spot right now.

Runner Up? The oatmeal red raspberry pancakes from Café Madison. Heck. Yes.


You guys are gonna quickly notice that my meals of choice today aren’t exactly of the light variety, so there’s that. But I really wouldn’t mind diving face first into this dish of crab dip from Tautog’s in Virginia Beach.

crab dip tautog's

Long time readers, do you guys remember when we vacationed in Virginia Beach for a few days a couple years ago? It was a great time, and I really do think about this restaurant often (I’m forever grateful to the one and only Alyssa for recommending it to us while we were there!). I don’t know what it was about it…maybe just the fact that we were on vacation, maybe because it was a “secret” type of spot and it gave me the thrill of finding it…but whatever it was, it left a lasting impression. And I want ALL of that crab dip right. now.


Dinner was a tougher one for me to think of. I’ve had a lot of great dinners in my day, but one that’s really standing out for me is the filet mignon from The Century House.

filet mignon

Maybe it’s because we were  just there, but really, I’ve ordered it the last three times we’ve been there, and every single time it’s phenomenal.

Runner Up?  Pasta Fagioli from Testo’s. Mmmm, mmm.


Whenever someone asks me what one of my favorite desserts is, there is one that ALWAYS stands out in my mind…

chocolate cake prime bar and grill

This massive chocolate cake that we got from Prime Bar and Grill. Oh. My. God. It was what dreams are made of. And I wouldn’t be lying if I said I often toy with the idea of driving the 25 minutes north to get a piece of it to go. I’m not saying I’ve done it yet…but it’s not out of the question either. Winking smile

Runner Up? Vanilla and raspberry twist with a crapton of rainbow sprinkles from Martha’s Dandee Crème.

So what about you guys? If you could have any meal at ALL today, what would it be? (And don’t tell me it’s a salad…unless it’s some seriously kick-butt salad and, in that case, I also need to get my hands on it).

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