10lb. Slimdown Xtreme yoga

Major Bust

by Courtney on August 10, 2012


Hooooleeee moly! I have been kickin’ butt on my to-do list today…thank goodness, because I reeeally don’t want to have to do any work this weekend. I’ve only got about three more items to take care of today, which is going to happen as soon as I finish up putting together this post…sooo let’s get […]


Loving This New Workout Top

by Courtney on August 6, 2012


After finishing up some work this morning, I decided to take a little mid-morning break for some yoga. I ended up taking most of the weekend off from exercise – unless you count sprinting across the hot sand or dancing for hours in high heels (which I do). Today’s yoga of choice was my 40-minute […]


Quite Nostalgic

by Courtney on July 13, 2012

Good morning, friends! Oh my gosh, I have such a busy and exciting weekend ahead of me – it’s Rachel’s wedding weekend! I’m so, so excited for so many reasons. One of my best friends is getting married, so I’m obviously ecstatic. You guys know that I also love a good party and can’t help […]


Crazy Good

by Courtney on July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July, friends! source Isn’t that photo just beautiful? I’m looking forward to a fun-filled day up on Saratoga lake with friends later today, but first, I had to start the day off the best way I know how: a good workout and a great breakfast. Today’s workout was 40 minutes of yoga […]


Frozen Orange Creamsicle Snacks

by Courtney on June 22, 2012

nuts about granola (2)

Talk about a major bummer. That massage I was so pumped for this morning? Yeah…well I completely had my dates wrong. As it turns out, the appointment is set for next Friday, not this Friday. Can I tell you how much of an airhead I felt like walking out of there. Good grief. BUT, not […]