10lb. Slimdown Xtreme

A Reliable Standby

by Courtney on March 31, 2012


So for the past two weekends, my exercise routine has been pretty much non-existent. First it was our St. Patrick’s Day party, and last week my only real excuse was that I was just feeling too lazy. With the Best Body Bootcamp program I’ve been following, my weekdays have certainly been filled with some pretty […]


You Need This Omelet

by Courtney on February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Are we all feeling super lovey-dovey this morning? source Honestly, Jay and I both totally forgot that it was even Valentine’s Day, and didn’t realize it until we flipped on the news this morning. Who knew? We actually decided a couple of weeks ago that we were going to pass on partaking […]


I Made An Exception

by Courtney on September 28, 2011


Yesterday afternoon while I was grocery shopping, I came across a very exciting little item. I first saw Monica mention these, and then Shayla teased me with them. So when I saw them sitting on the shelf yesterday at my grocery store, I had no choice but to bring ‘em home with me… Thomas’ Limited […]


A New Challenge

by Courtney on September 21, 2011


You know how I always tell you all how I really enjoy not having a set workout schedule? How I love being “free as a bird,” able to come and go when I please, choosing whichever exercises I’m in the mood for. Well this is me…reneging on everything I’ve told you up to this point. […]