A Reliable Standby

So for the past two weekends, my exercise routine has been pretty much non-existent. First it was our St. Patrick’s Day party, and last week my only real excuse was that I was just feeling too lazy. With the Best Body Bootcamp program I’ve been following, my weekdays have certainly been filled with some pretty amazing workouts, so I really wasn’t too worried about it. And actually, up until this morning, I was pretty sure I was just going to continue the trend.

But as soon as I got home from work, I found myself with a sudden urge to kick and punch my face off with my good pal, Chris Freytag and her 10lb. Slimdown Xtreme Cardio Kickboxing. It had been over a month since I last did the workout, and it’s always such a fun one to come back to. Definitely a reliable standby on the exercise-at-home front.

Once I finished up kickboxing, I did something that I’ve been needing to do for a LONG time now…


Oh yoga, how I have missed you. After only 20 minutes, I immediately felt my muscles relaxing, which is definitely what I needed. Again…WHY do I not practice yoga more often? It always feels so good, especially with the tight muscles happenin’ up in here right now. Whew!

By the time I finished up with yoga, Cody had just about had it with waiting for me to play with him. He had been circling around me the entire time so I made sure to play some afternoon fetch, x2. Yes, somehow, another milk jug tab happened to come out of hiding…who knows where that one may have been.


He is quite the character today. Must be from all that rest he had last night. Winking smile


Oh yeah, and that box right there that Cody is guarding? There’s some serious goods in there.  We’ll be talking a bit more about that during the week, don’t you worry.


Post-workout and play time, it was lunch time. Or shall I say, seriously delicious Mexican egg burrito time?


Here’s what we’ve got…just in case you want in on this glorious creation:

  • 1 LaTortilla Factory Low Carb Whole Wheat Wrap
  • 1/2 diced tomato
  • 1/3 cup black beans
  • 2 cups fresh spinach
  • 1/3 cup Egg Beaters
  • 2 tbsp feta cheese
  • Salsa

To make, I quickly sautéed the tomatoes, black beans, and spinach just until the spinach was wilted. Then I added in the Egg Beaters, scrambled until cooked through, and placed it in the wrap. Topped with cheese and salsa, rolled it up, and voila!


This was one seriously hefty burrito. Not only was it large in size but it was super filling. Four hours later and I’m still good to go.


Jay and I just decided that we’re going to head out on the town to one of our favorite local spots this evening, so it’s about time to go get ready. Woop!

You Need This Omelet

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Are we all feeling super lovey-dovey this morning?


Honestly, Jay and I both totally forgot that it was even Valentine’s Day, and didn’t realize it until we flipped on the news this morning. Who knew?

We actually decided a couple of weeks ago that we were going to pass on partaking in the festivities this year. For one, I’ll be working all evening and won’t see him until late tonight. Second, we technically already sort of celebrated early. And third, we’re going on vacation in three days…no need to spend money on flowers, and I really don’t need that big ‘ol box of chocolates right now, ya know? Winking smile

Usually we at least get a card for each other but get this…we also both forgot to give each other our respective anniversary cards, so we decided just to exchange them instead. Boy, we are romantic pretty lame, aren’t we?

Neither of us have ever been huge on Valentine’s Day. Last year, we enjoyed a delicious dinner in, and the years before that really haven’t been all that different. Actually, I think my favorite Valentine’s Day is actually when Jay and I were broken up.

My friend Eileen and I were both single at the time, in grad school, and just really dreading the holiday. So we both decided to go out dressed in all black, went and sat at the bar of Houlihan’s restaurant, got a little lot silly on flavored martini’s, and then went and saw a movie. I have no idea what the movie was, but I do remember that it was not a comedy, yet we both found it hysterically funny.

Oh, memories. Smile


Okay, enough walking down memory lane. Let’s keep it movin’.

Last Night’s Dinner

Because we’re going to be away, we’re trying our best to get through this week without doing any extra grocery shopping. I really hate wasting food, so we’re making the best of what we’ve got. Not too shabby, right?


We had some chicken breasts in the freezer, so we pan fried them with a little Italian dressing, and served them along side a box of frozen carrots and a can (eeek!) of green beans, which I combined with the rest of Jay’s super bowl salsa.


Nothing great, but it did the trick.


This morning, I woke up nice and early, despite not having to be to work until later this afternoon. I have a lot I want to get done today, so I decided to get my workout done and out of the way. It’s been tricky choosing exercises that don’t incorporate much upper body, so I decided to break out the ‘ol 10lb. Slimdown Xtreme.

  • Cardio Kickboxing
  • 10 min Bonus Abs

Those two videos combined are a great, 50-minute workout! Whew!


Once my workout was finished and I showered up, it was time for breakfast. I decided to switch things up a bit, by my goodness, I am SO glad I did.


I was craving savory, oddly enough, so I made myself a turkey, cheese, and greens omelet.


I simply tossed a couple slices of deli turkey + a handful of greens into the skillet for about a minute to heat it up and get slightly crispy. Next, I cooked the eggs, added in the turkey and greens, and then smeared in a full wedge of The Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese.


I topped it all off with some pineapple salsa, which made for one heck of an awesome omelet. I’d definitely recommend trying it.

On the side, I had another cara cara orange, which I have been eating lately like it’s my job. Two yesterday, another today, and possibly another one later on.


They’re so yummy.

Alright friends, time to get productive. I have quite a few posts I’m working on putting together for while we’re away this week and I really think you’re going to enjoy ‘em. A couple of recipes, a few workouts, and a few giveaways, too! WOOP!

Question for the Morning:

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?

I Made An Exception

Yesterday afternoon while I was grocery shopping, I came across a very exciting little item. I first saw Monica mention these, and then Shayla teased me with them. So when I saw them sitting on the shelf yesterday at my grocery store, I had no choice but to bring ‘em home with me…


Thomas’ Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice bagels! AND they were on sale. WOOP!

So I’m sure you’re not surprised when I tell you that I had one for breakfast this morning, right? Winking smile


I lightly toasted my bagel and topped it with a peanut butter-pumpkin mixture (about 1 tbsp of each) and some banana slices.


Honestly, I try not to buy bagels too often because I just can’t control myself with them (for this same reason, I should probably stop buying ice cream, but I still can’t seem to do that…); I would probably eat one at every meal if I could.

But since I prefer not to end up in a carb coma everyday, I usually end up buying some form of bagel or sandwich thins instead. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some bagel thins every now and then, but you can’t tell me that they’re anywhere close to being just as good as the real deal.

I mean, the fluff factor is the best part!


So since these pumpkin spice bagels are all limited edition and whatnot, I made an exception. And I will enjoy every single one of them…carbs, fluff and all. Smile

I’ll also tell you that they go perfectly with a delicious mug of homemade pumpkin spice coffee.


And are delicious fuel for a post workout session.



Today’s workout brought me to Day 10 (wow, already?!?) of the new challenge. The only workout on tap for today was yoga, so I ended up doing the same combo of yoga and HIIT on the treadmill that I did last week. It felt so good to stretch today; definitely perfect timing!

**Side Note: I’ve had a few of you get in touch with me to tell me that you’re also following along with the challenge. That is SO awesome, so props to you!

One of the questions I’ve been getting is regarding the recovery workouts: *If you are doing the challenge through an On Demand channel, the recovery workouts are actually the original, 20-minute 10lb. Slimdown workouts.

Alrighty folks, gotta jet! Have a GREAT Wednesday! Smile

Questions for the Morning:


Bagels –OR- bagel thins?

Lightly toasted bagels/bread –OR- heavily toasted bagels/bread?

Peanut butter as a topping –OR- butter and jam as a topping?

A New Challenge

You know how I always tell you all how I really enjoy not having a set workout schedule?

How I love being “free as a bird,” able to come and go when I please, choosing whichever exercises I’m in the mood for.

Well this is me…reneging on everything I’ve told you up to this point.


So why am I going back on my word?

Well, I’ve decided that I need a change and have officially begun the 10lb. Slimdown Xtreme Challenge.

DVD case

I was sent a copy of the program to review from Exercise TV, and debated on whether or not I really wanted to fully commit to the challenge or if I just wanted to try out some of the different videos. After weighing my options, here’s what I came up with:

  • I now have the DVD, so I have everything I need
  • I’ve been itching for something new (BodyPump was starting to get a little dull)
  • I have already enjoyed a couple of the videos
  • I love Chris Freytag – she pushes you to work, but she’s super cute(!)
  • I want to really push myself!

So, I’m DOING IT! Smile

The Program

The program is a 28-day advanced training system separated into four weeks of total body, upper body, core, and lower body workouts. Muscle memory is shaken up each week for faster results by target toning each muscle group with isolated styles of training.

  • Week 1 – total body circuit style workouts and kickboxing cardio
  • Week 2 – focus on targeted upper body sculpt moves and yoga
  • Week 3 – focus on core
  • Week 4 – focus on lower body

Why I’m Doing It

The first thing that I want to emphasize is this: I am not doing the challenge to lose 10 pounds. I will be honest with you, however, and tell you that I wouldn’t mind losing about five. Many people I admire in the blog world have mentioned things about their “happy weight” and I will tell you that I know that I am not at mine.

This summer was filled with lots of treats. Between parties, weekends with friends, and vacations, things like ice cream and beer seemed to become regulars in my diet.


Tasty, yes. But not so awesome for all the jeans I can’t fit into.


Also, since being home more often, even though my workouts have been more frequent, my daily life is fairly sedentary. And with that, my snacking habits have gone a little crazy.


My main goals for taking on the challenge are simply to switch up my routine, and hopefully gain some new muscle definition. If I end up dropping a couple pounds in the process, that’s great; but that’s not my main purpose.

In terms of my eating habits, you probably won’t see much of a change with that and it’s not a huge focus in my decision to take on this new workout challenge. While the full Xtreme Workout DVD set comes with a meal plan, I was only sent the workout DVD and honestly, I wouldn’t have followed it anyways.


My meals, for the most part, are usually pretty healthy; it’s the mid-day snacking and after dinner sweets that I really need to work on, which you guys don’t normally see anyways (I definitely don’t document everything I eat).

My Plan Of Attack

Last night, I reviewed the workout plan and had to alter things a bit to come up with my own plan. Since I’d “officially” be starting it today, on a Wednesday, I still wanted my recovery day to be on a Sunday.


So this morning, I decided to just start with Day 3; I’ve already taken a BodyCombat class this week and did cardio yesterday, so I figured it wasn’t too far off.

Today’s Workout was Lower Body + Abs – I had already done the abs so I knew what to expect with that, but that lower body routine was definitely tough. WOW. I guess it’s a good thing I want to push myself! Winking smile


I’m really looking forward to this new challenge and honestly don’t feel like the set workouts are going to be a problem for me (I say this now, it is only day 3…).

**If there’s anyone out there who thinks they might want to follow along with me on the challenge by doing the workouts On Demand (if it’s available to you) or if you already have the DVD, let me know! I’d love to start a group where we could all motivate each other, whether you follow the full challenge, or just try a few of the different workouts. It could be super fun AND motivating!


And now, since I’ve already talked your ear off on this way more than I anticipated (woops!), I’ll wait to fill you guys in on the awesome breakfast that was had a little later. It was amazing!

Questions for the Morning:

When was the last time you really pushed yourself with a workout?

Have you ever followed any sort of workout challenge (i.e., P90X, etc.)?