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Quick Question About Baby Carrots

by Courtney on October 3, 2012


Boy, I’ll tell ya…it felt great to MOVE today. I wound up taking yesterday off from any workouts, just for the mere fact that I was feeling completely wiped and unmotivated. I was more sore than expected from Monday’s workout (I blame the yoga!) and since I hadn’t suited up in my workout gear right […]


A Lame Day of Eats…Aww Shucks

by Courtney on November 1, 2010


Happy Monday everyone! I hope ya’ll got your workweek off to a great start. I got my workweek off to a great start with a little exercise action this morning: Jackie Warner’s Total Body Power Circuit from Exercise on Demand. I was really pleased with how much my muscles felt worked from when I did […]


Insane Incline Run

by Courtney on October 19, 2010

Insane Incline Run

Happy Tuesday evening my friends! Keep reading for today’s Insane Incline Run! I just got home from a fabulous trip to the gym, AND I have a new workout to share with you. Aren’t you psyched? You may remember, a few weeks back, when I attempted a couple new cardio workouts out of an old […]


Yup, Another Pumpkin Post!

by Courtney on October 15, 2010


Ok ok, I know. We’ve all heard enough about pumpkin to last a lifetime. I’d apologize, but then again, I’m not sorry. It’s no secret to you all that I absolutely adore pumpkin. “Borderline obsessed” could probably even pass as appropriate. So you can imagine my excitement when Jay’s parents stopped by with THIS: Pumpkin […]


A Chocolaty Giveaway!

by Courtney on October 13, 2010


A Chocolate Lover’s Dream? If you read many healthy living blogs, then I’m sure you’ve probably seen these little guys floating around in the blog world. Although I had seen them on occasion through different blogs, I wasn’t “formally introduced” to them until my trip to the Healthy Living Summit this past August. I really […]