Dining Amongst Spirits at Power’s Inn & Pub


On Friday night, I mentioned that Jay and I had a fun double dinner date to attend, but I have yet to tell you all about it! A few weeks ago, I was invited by the owner of Power’s Inn & Pub to come in for dinner and try out a few of their menu…

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Surprise Visitors


Man, surprises are happening all over the place – I love it! First we had Kathryn’s big surprise last night; now today, Jay and I were lucky enough to get some surprise visitors… Mi familia! Turns out, they actually came at pretty much the perfect time, on the perfect day, because I was just taking…

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Top 4 Apple Recipes

Happy weekend, friends! I think today has been one of the laziest days I’ve had in weeks…months, even. I am loving every.single.minute of it. That being said, I took a little break from the photo snapping and spent pretty much my whole morning lounging in my PJ’s, catching up on the DVR, and just relaxing….

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Another Year Older

Winking smile

Another year older? Yes. Another year wiser? One would beg to differ. I spent the majority of the day lounging around at home, keeping things pretty low key. Of course there was some cake eating involved, and at one point, I actually decided to go on to Jay’s PS3 and download Tetris. I used to…

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Big + Mini Purchases = Combat the Sunday Blues


Another Sunday… Another day of football and delicious snacks! Sometimes I wonder what it is that I do with myself on Sunday’s when it’s not football season? 😉 Today’s football festivities brought Jay and I over to my parents’ house for some good laughs and good eats. Of course, they had the Jets gear out…

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