Arnold’s sandwich thins


by Courtney on October 14, 2011


Oh, hello fall. Where the heck did you come from? Even though we have technically been in the fall season for the past few weeks, it hasn’t always seemed like it, thanks to some milder-than-normal temperatures. I also know for a fact that there were not this many leaves in our yard yesterday, and this […]


Breaking The Sugar Cravings

by Courtney on December 28, 2010


Well, so far my day has been spent sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing…and I LOVE it. I’ve been waiting for the past 5 hours for the taper to come and work in the kitchen and he finally just arrived. As soon as he’s done, I’m outta here to run some errands. While […]


First Day = SUCCESS!

by Courtney on September 9, 2010


HOLY EXHAUSTION! Although I’d say the first day was a definitely a success, it certainly doesn’t make it any less tiring. Wow…I forgot just how difficult this transition can be! Workout Luckily, I still had some energy in me after school to head to the gym. While I was there, I completed a killer cardio […]


6:00am, What??

by Courtney on August 6, 2010

“Courrrrrtneyyyyy, where are youuuuuu?????” YIKES! Hello friends! I cannot believe it is already 2:15 and this is the first chance I’ve had to finally sit down to blog. Don’t worry, I promise I’ve still been thinking about you all. Either way, Happy Friday! Are you doing your Friday dance?? source Up & Movin’ Well, this […]


My Spin on the BLT

by Courtney on August 3, 2010

So back to The Bachelorette real quick, since it’s obviously on my mind A LOT today… Apparently, my man Roberto has local family in my neck of the woods! Believe it or not, last night after the “after show,” our local news came on with the top story of the night about none other than…Ali […]


A Nice Little Sunday

by Courtney on July 18, 2010


I’m feeling like a woman of few words this evening, so here’s a little recap of my Sunday. Breakfast    A plain Chobani mixed with some leftover fruit salsa. An amazing Coconut Chai Savvy Scone that I got in my “doggy bag” from yesterday’s brunch. Lunch Hommus + tomato sandwich on a whole wheat Arnold’s […]


Girl On A Mission

by Courtney on May 13, 2010

After work today, I was on a MISSION! But before I made my way there, I had to make a quick pit stop for another “mini, spur-of-the-moment” mission… 1/2 price Frappucino!  Today’s order was my normal Caramel Light, and it was much better than my last one.  I also snacked on a Clif Z Bar.  […]


As promised, here is the breakdown of my workout this morning.  The last 10 minutes are SUPER intense!! Dinner tonight was quick & easy, thanks to my handy-dandy slow cooker.  I’ll tell ya, I really need to use this thing more.  This morning before I left for work, I through the ingredients into the pot […]