Call Me a Proud (Cat) Mama

by Courtney on October 29, 2012


Okay, so over the weekend, Cody and I had a pretty great game of fetch going on. We must have gone back and forth with his little fetch toy at least 15 times. Of course, he wound up batting it under the fridge more than half of those rounds. I had my camera right nearby […]


Put To Good Use

by Courtney on August 7, 2012


Gosh, I really do love fresh tomatoes from the garden. Yesterday afternoon, I went out to check on our tomato plants and noticed that I had quite a few cherry tomatoes that were ready to be picked. These things really are just like candy (okay, in a vegetable sort of way). and are probably one […]


Ways To Eat More Healthy Fats

by Courtney on August 2, 2012


Last week, I filled all of you in on my recent diagnosis of HA. Since then, I have had an overwhelming response from many of you, either sharing your own stories or asking questions. Out of all of the questions that I’ve received, the one I get the most is: “How did you go about […]


Plenty Of Healthy Fats

by Courtney on June 25, 2012


Thank you all for your incredibly supportive comments, tweets, and messages from this morning. Also, a big thank you to those of you who have been heading on over to Pinterest and “liking” my contest entry. I appreciate you all so, so much! Lunch Let’s talk for a moment about this salad. I swear, if […]