banana cupcakes

Quite the Popular Guy

by Courtney on June 2, 2012


Cody wants to say good morning to you all. We’ve got a fairly relaxed, low-key Saturday happenin’ so far over here today. We were all up nice and early since hubs had to be up and out for work, so Codeman and I took a little time to play some Saturday morning fetch. I think […]


How About A Double Movie Date?

by Courtney on July 14, 2010

**Don’t forget to enter my Exercise TV GIVEAWAY! You have until next Tuesday to enter!** So a little earlier today, I got call from the hubby asking if I’d be willing to change our plans for tonight. Our friends, Joe & Kate were planning on going to the movies tonight and asked if we’d like […]


So did you figure out my mystery topping from this morning’s oatmeal?!? Well, if you guessed BANANA cupcakes, you were right on! These cupcakes were baked with nothing but sweat & love yesterday in my steamy kitchen. They are subtly sweet, incredibly moist, and have the perfect flavor of banana that makes you think “Mmmm, […]