Triple Whammy

Last night was a double whammy; I got to eat delicious food AND I got to hang out with Heather and Jen. Sweet!


Actually, I guess you could even call it a triple whammy because I also got to see cutie-pie Benson. I couldn’t believe how much bigger he had gotten since the last time that I saw him.

Kids kittens these days, they just grow up too fast!


Heather invited Jen and I over, along with a couple other friends of hers, for a delicious spread of appetizers, dinner, and dessert.


Soon after arriving, we spent some time chatting and catching up on life while nibbling on some cheese and crackers. Heather had recently attended a holiday entertaining class and I must say that she did quite a nice job at putting together these cheese platters. Who knew you were supposed to keep soft cheeses together and then progress to the harder cheeses?


That orange cheese up there on the left was some sort of apple-cinnamon cheddar and it knocked my socks off. The gooey-looking cheese on the right, however, made me think more of smelly socks. Wheeeewy!

The main dish for dinner was a sweet and hot slow cooker pork dish, made with Lucky Leaf apple pie filling. Lucky Leaf had actually provided Heather with the ingredients for last night’s dinner, so they made an appearance not only in dinner but in dessert, too.


Heather also prepared some tilapia with a blueberry-ginger marinade, so I decided to try a little of both, along with some salad. Everything was super delicious and I’m actually thinking that I might have to make this pork recipe at home now. I’m all about the slow cooker!


For dessert, we had parfaits…and ohhhh, were they delicious.


Layers of fresh pound cake, chocolate pudding, Lucky Leaf cherry pie filling, and whipped cream in glass is like a tiny piece of heaven for me. It was incredibly delicious.


All of us also helped in the preparations for a caramel apple cheesecake, but unfortunately, it wasn’t going to be ready on time by the time I left, so I’m counting on Heather to let me know how it is (you hear that, Heather!). Winking smile

It was great to be able to hang out with those ladies last night, and I’m hoping that I’ll get to see them again soon. Thanks again, Heather, for entertaining!



This morning, I woke up and decided it was going to be a running day. I laced up my sneaks, hopped on the treadmill, and completed 4 miles in about 36 minutes. Not too shabby for this old lady, mwahaha.

After some solid stretching and a shower, it was time for breakfast. I still can’t even believe it but I could.not.wait to get back to this sandwich again today.


It’s currently my #1, and at the rate I’m going, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before I overdo it and get sick of it. But for now…I will continue loving it.


Time to get ready for that work thang, but be on the lookout for a new recipe this afternoon. It’s a good one!

Questions for the Morning:


  • Eat strong, stinky cheeses –OR- mild, subtle cheeses?
  • Cook dinner in a slow cooker –OR- in the oven?
  • Eat apple pie –OR- cherry pie?

To Brighten Up Your Morning…

Here’s a face to brighten up your Friday morning:


How CUTE is he?!? Everyone, meet Heather’s new kitty, Benson.


Last night, I met up with Heather at her apartment so we could head out to her favorite coffee shop and do some work on our upcoming webinar. Before leaving, however, I just had to get my hands on this little guy.


Not only was he stinkin’ adorable, but he was so LITTLE! He reminded me of a) how difficult it is to photograph an on-the-move kitten, and b) how little Cody was when we first found him…


Now, Cody’s just a beast.


Be prepared, Heather…Benson will be there soon enough. Winking smile

So once I got my cuddle time in with Benson, Heather and I headed down the road to J Watt’s. There was a band playing in the actual coffee shop, which brought quite a crowd with it, so the two of us actually set up shop right upstairs in a vacant office.

After a few minutes, we were hand-delivered some complimentary treats from J himself. How awesome, right? J said that he would “surprise me” with something good, which turned out to be an iced, non-fat latte with a little bit of toffee nut and Irish cream flavorings. It was insanely delicious. (And no, the caffeine did not effect my ability to fall asleep within five minutes of hitting my pillow.) Winking smile


J also brought up a freshly baked corn muffin for Heather and I to share, which was made with NuNaturals and something else that I can’t remember? Woops. Either way, it was quite tasty.


Heather and I got a lot accomplished last night, not only with our webinar run through, but also with some other blog-related things we’ve been discussing. We had some really good conversations and discussions, some of which I really, really needed to hear.


I’m so thankful to have found her (well, actually she found me) just over a year ago! Smile



This morning, was Day 5 of the new challenge, which was another 40-minute round of kickboxing. All I can say is thank goodness it did not involve any weights today; my lower body is still beyond sore from Wednesday, and now my upper body and shoulders are burning from yesterday’s yoga.

This is one of the reasons I am loving this challenge; the fact that I’m so sore from all of these new workouts means that I’m moving my ways that my body hasn’t seen in a while, which is a good thing. Bring on the burnnnnn!


An old favorite today…

The yogurt mess: Chobani + Pumpkin + banana slices + Quaker Oatmeal Squares + Love Grown Foods Cocoa Goodness granola (I found a sample bag in my cabinet, WOO!).

I’m heading out this morning to run some errands that I’ve been putting off, which will also include a Coffee Friday pit stop. Lucky for me, my coffee punch card is filled up for Flavour Café, which means today’s are…


Free! Gotta love that. Winking smile

Catch ya’ll later!

Random Question for the Morning:

What’s something you know you do differently than most people?