Old and New

This afternoon pretty much consisted of what I’d dub “old & new” stuff. But whether old or new, I’d have to say that everything was equally awesome. For example…



My “new” favorite Blueberry-Banana Smoothie, although I guess it’s not really “new” anymore. Thank goodness I finally got my act together and threw some bananas in the freezer.


God, I think I could drink this thing every day!

More Old…AND New


Around 3:00 today, I finally worked up enough motivation for a light workout. The “old” in this equation would be the 10lb. Slimdown Yoga video that I did. This is definitely one of my favorite workout DVD’s.

The “new” in this equation would be the Personal Training with Jackie Crunch-Free Xtreme Abs DVD. I actually received this DVD back when I was at Fitbloggin’ but just tried it out for the first time today. The DVD is divided into 2- 15 minute workouts; I opted for the standing abs workout today which was really good. My abs were definitely feelin’ it.

Now…for the NEW!

I am officially in love.


I gave my donut pan a whirl for the first time today and all I can say is…wow. (<—I do also realize I’m technically not spelling “donut” right, but it’s easier this way, so I’m stickin’ to it!)


I even got a little crazy by adding chopped blueberries to a few of the donuts.


Like I said…I’m in love. And that’s even without adding any glaze to them.


But that’s not to say I didn’t add any type of frosting to these bad boys.


I found out today that my Fudgy Frosting pairs very, VERY well with these plain cake donuts.


I think I’m in trouble.

Don’t worry…recipe to come!


Tonight, I’m actually headed out to meet up with some (but sadly, not all) of my beloved local blends for dinner. I’ll be sure to fill ya’ll in tomorrow!

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Questions for the Evening:

What would be your ideal donut?

Did you try anything NEW today?