buffalo chicken dip

I Miss the FedEx Guy

by Courtney on December 10, 2012


Seriously. I was home alllll morning and early afternoon. I leave the house for all of, ohh, an hour… And of course, I miss the FedEx guy. Now I’m all curious as to what sort of package is headed my way that requires a signature? I’m pretty sure any packages I am waiting for certainly […]


A Salad To Make Me Smile

by Courtney on September 20, 2010


Tonight’s dinner definitely left me smiling. Thanks to some heavy errands/projects to do this week, Jay and I don’t really have too much planned in the way of dinners. I’ll take care of tackling the rest of the week as it comes, but tonight was absolutely perfect. While Jay took care of polishing off some […]


Roasted Eggplant & Feta Dip

by Courtney on September 19, 2010


Roasted Eggplant & Feta Dip! (see recipe below) Another Sunday, another day of food, football & friends. Although we have a smaller crew today we’re still having a great time…and we definitely didn’t skimp on the food! Jay & I always have such a fun time with Joe & Kate! Oh and of course, we […]


It’s Football Season!

by Courtney on September 12, 2010


Today had all the components of a great gathering: food, friends, football…and cookie bars. Our crew gathered at Joe & Kate’s apartment this week to kick off our Football Sunday Rotation. We have such a great group! The Host & Hostess Brian & Mal Dan & Meg (my brother is such a ham…) Me & […]