Turning 31: A Birthday Weekend Recap

by Courtney on February 2, 2015


Oh, hello there, my friends. How’s it going for ya on this fine Monday? Over here, we’re getting slammed with some more snow (woo…hoo…) but other than that, things are a-okay and I’m going into this work week with a smile on my face after a fun, birthday-filled weekend! Rewinding a bit back to the […]


The Annual Christmas Party

by Courtney on December 4, 2011


Nothin’ like a good Christmas party with family to get you into the holiday season! Last night, Jay and I attended an annual Christmas party held by very close family friends of ours. These friends, Tim & Joan, have been great friends with my parents since before I was even around, and they usually have […]


Full Of Tangents, Take Two

by Courtney on August 1, 2011


Ohhhh boy, I’m full of tangents again tonight! Only this time, I’m not even going to attempt to make them all mesh together. Sorry, you’ll just have to deal with me. Orrr, I suppose you could stop reading at this point, but what would be the fun in that? You might miss a seriously fun […]


Rockin’ Some Killer Tan Lines

by Courtney on May 29, 2011


‘Twas another beautiful day…absolutely perfect for a party by the lake. This afternoon, Jay and I headed up to Saratoga for a Memorial Day party with family, who just so happen to be some of our closest friends, too. I love these girls. I still can’t believe that in just three short months, these two […]


Coffee Friday!

by Courtney on April 16, 2010

We’ve made it everyone!  Happy Friday!  So yesterday’s eats had a couple undocumented items that I forgot to mention.  I did end up having some snacks last night at bowling, because dinner left me pretty hungry a couple hours later!  One other snack was a DE-LISH piece of cake that one of my co-workers had […]