Revenge of the Green Monster

Boy, it sure is Monday today, huh?  My goodness it was NOT easy to get up this morning.  I hit my snooze button three times before finally getting up for my morning workout.  And even then, it was more of a roll out of bed & into my clothes, then flinging myself down the stairs onto the treadmill. ;)

Even when I first got on the treadmill, I was thinking, “Ahh, it’s still not too late to go back to bed for an extra 40 minutes…” but I told myself to just stick it out and see how it goes.  After 30 minutes, I had completed my Cardio Blast workout, which although was done a little easier today, still had me a sweaty mess. :-D  I’m so glad I stuck with it!  Especially after feeling the sluggish side effects of this weekend’s eats.

While I totally love to indulge in the occasional treat, (as you know!) this weekend’s wine, french fries, cookies, and ice cream, was all a little much, and left me feeling pretty BLAH. :oops:  I’m definitely ready to balance it all out with some fresh fruit and veggies today!

With that being said, there was no question on what was going to be attempted for breakfast this morning…can you guess?  I think I even dreamed about it last night ;)


I was a little nervous when it came time to get the blender movin’…

I pushed the button and crossed my fingers….

And IT WORKED GREAT!!! Even better than the last blender! :-D :-D

Look at that lovely green tinted pitcher…I know you’re all green with envy ;) mwahahaha

Today’s monster included:

- 1 frozen banana, sliced

- 6 frozen strawberries

- 1/2 cup Almond Breeze vanilla almond milk (<– SO GOOD, by the way) ;)

- 1 scoop Chocolate protein powder

- 2 BIG handfuls fresh spinach

This monster was so sweet & creamy…I was in heaven!  It felt so good to have some fruit & veggies, too…I swear, I already feel healthier! :)

***Make sure to check back later this afternoon…I have a fantastic giveaway for you all!!!*** :-D

I’ll leave you this morning with 3 fun questions:

1. Favorite online site to shop

2. Favorite mixed cocktail

3. Night Owl or Early Bird?

1. or

2. Miami vice or anything with Malibu rum ;)

3. Early bird, but not naturally…I love mornings, but just wish I could adjust to them a little easier!  I definitely need an alarm to get me up!