Two Nights In A Row, Baby!

After going almost the entire week last week without cooking dinner, I’d say I’m already ahead of the game this week…home cooked dinner two nights in a row, baby!

It makes such a difference when softball games don’t consume our evenings. Last week was a tough one schedule-wise – 5 games in 4 days between the two of us – so that made it pretty difficult to plan much more than a sandwich for dinner…even though they’re still pretty tasty too.

Tonight’s dinner definitely topped a sandwich though.

We cooked up some extra chicken last night, so we both finished up the rest of it this evening. Jay had requested some sort of cheesy, melty, grilled chicken wrap so I prepared a wrap for him while I put together a non-wrap version of my own (for no reason other than I just wasn’t feelin’ a wrap tonight).

My melted mound of chicken there was inspired by one of my favorite sandwiches at Lanie’s Café, the Chicken Florentine. I heated up the chicken (I promise, it’s under there!) and topped it with some fresh spinach, sautéed onions, homemade Russian dressing, and a slice of provolone cheese.


It was so decadently delicious and, honestly, not all that bad on the nutrition front either…despite the fact that that beautiful slice of provolone cheese is saying otherwise. Winking smile

Along with my Chicken Florentine, I also made another new attempt tonight at using up some more zucchini…


Check it out…Zucchini Latkes!


I had no idea what to expect with these but ohmygodtheyareawesome.


Hubby liked ‘em too, so they got a solid four thumbs up in this household. Recipe headed your way tomorrow…

But for now, I’m about to go squeeze in a little reading of the book before The Bachelorette starts.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday!

Question for the Evening:

Anyone else watching The Bachelorette tonight? What do ya think? Who is she gonna go for??

Garden Progress + Date Night on the Patio

Hey guys! How’s your Saturday treatin’ ya? Things have been going great over here…

Mid-morning, we got started on the new garden! First, we figured out our spot.

garden (2)

We measured out our space (it measures about 8’ x 12’).

garden (3)

Mom & dad came over to visit and dad helped with the tilling.

garden (4)

I took care of raking out the leftover grass.

garden (5)

We started digging our trenches and planting the seeds.

garden (6)

Cody watched from the kitchen window, as he usually does.


I continued planting more seeds.

garden (7)

And got nice and dirty in the process. Winking smile

garden (8)

We marked out our spots and did some watering.

garden (9)

And now, my friends, we are in the process of having our very own garden!


We still need to pick up some tomato and pepper plants tomorrow, so once those get planted, we’ll get up our nice little fence and keep our fingers crossed for a successful veggie garden.

Once everything is planted, we’ll have onions, carrots, peas, green beans, cucumbers, yellow and green squash, tomatoes, and peppers. I am SO excited to finally (err, hopefully) have my own veggies right from my backyard this year.


Once we were finished working in the yard, Jay and I decided to treat ourselves to a little Date Night at one of our favorite local spots, Lanie’s Café.

We both love Lanie’s for the food, but we love it even more for their amazing patio that opens once the weather gets nice. Since today was an absolutely gorgeous day, we figured we’d take advantage.


(sportin’ my new Oakley sunglasses, holla!)

We made sure to get there a little early and had no problems grabbing a table. I sipped on a Sam Seasonal beer while basking in the beautiful weather.



For dinner, I was *this close* to ordering their amazing veggie quesadillas, but made a last minute decision to get their Chicken Florentine sandwich.


Grilled chicken, fresh spinach, provolone cheese, and homemade Russian dressing.



In a little while, our friends Brian & Mal should be stopping over; we’ve got plans for a fun bonfire AND, word on the street is that there may be some s’mores involved. Winking smile

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!