Made Like a Pig

Eeeeeep! I’m so psyched to see that so many of you have already decided to join in on the 2012 Closeout Workout Challenge! It’s going to be so darn fun to see how everyone’s doing and have the support to keep us going.

If you missed the challenge post yesterday, check out this post for all the details.

It’s gonna be fun!!


Last Night’s Dinner

Dinner with friends on a weeknight…always a good time! We were invited over to our friends’ Joe & Kate’s house last night for some homemade chili and cornbread and mannn, was it good.


Kate actually made two chili recipes: Zesty Wheat Berry Black Bean Chili (top), and Three Bean and Beef Chili (covered with cheese). Kate, aren’t you impressed I remembered both of the recipes??


I, obviously, couldn’t decide which one I wanted so I made like a pig and had a little of each. Both of them were ridiculously good, but I was really diggin’ the wheat berry one. I may have to make that here at home and have it for lunches. Yum!

With dinner we also had cornbread, of course, because who can eat chili without cornbread? I actually made that and brought it over as my contribution to the meal, and I am happy to report that it turned out quite good. I use this recipe quite often, and it has never failed me – only substitution I make is applesauce for the oil.


Side note: I now want a whole new set of white places just because they photograph so awesome.

For dessert, there was a decadent treat for us all to share…


They had a piece of leftover cake from her sister’s wedding over the weekend, so we all grabbed a fork and dug in. Actually, I probably dug in more than anybody, but whatever. Stuff was gooooooood.

Since we were out for most of the evening, we still have all of our bajillion Wednesday night shows to catch up on…but it’s looking like we may have to wait a bit longer because we’re off to another friend’s house for dinner tonight! I just love friends…and friends who cook…and reasons for me not having to cook. Winking smile





Are ya surprised?


I. Cannot. Get. Enough. Of. These. Waffles. This. Week.


Odds & Ends This Morning…

Catch you guys a little later!! Smile