WIAW: But Monday

Happy WIAW! To be honest with you, I’m shocked we’ve already made it to Wednesday…for whatever reason, I felt like this week was going to take for-ev-er, but it’s actually going by surprisingly fast. Win!

Today’s WIAW is more like what I ate, Monday. Not all of my food has been exciting and/or interesting these days, but Monday wound up having some good eats…so let’s get to it!

Breakfast – 8:30am

You guys…eating heated up scrambled eggs is SO much better than I could have thought.


I also got a new work coffee mug – you liiiiike? Tar-jay, baby!

On Monday morning before work, I made a failed attempt at an omelet 2 scrambled eggs with spinach and provolone cheese, and topped them with some mango salsa. I just reheated them in the microwave at work and, voila! Like they were just cooked. So, so good.


Mid-Morning Snack – 10:30am

As delicious as my eggs were, I was hungry again a couple hours later (no surprise), so I snacked on a banana with peanut butter.


Can’t beat that combo. Ever.

Lunch – 1:15pm

I actually made this lunch on Sunday afternoon, before heading out for the Super Bowl, since I knew I’d be too pooped to do it either at midnight or the next morning.


I used some romaine as a base for this amazingly delicious taco salad, which included grape tomatoes, baby carrots, corn, black beans, TJ’s roast turkey, salsa, and homemade guacamole. I also wound up breaking up some TJ’s tortilla chips and added them on top for some extra crunch.


Why do I not make taco salads more often? Seriously.

Mid-Afternoon Snack – 3:45pm

Hunger struck again, so I grabbed the apple cinnamon Chobani that was waiting for me in the fridge. Always a good choice.


Dinner – 7:00pm

Once I got home from work on Monday, I got my workout done and then ended up snacking on some leftover taco dip from Sunday while I cooked dinner.

This dinner, to be exact.

And actually, it couldn’t have gotten much easier. In a skillet, I simply cooked up the rest of a bag of TJ’s frozen veggies (which come in a light garlic butter sauce…omg) with the couple remaining slices of roast turkey I had.


My ranch dressing craving struck again, so that bowl wound up getting a little drizzle after the photo. Winking smile

To go with my veggie and turkey bowl, I also added a little mozzarella cheese to a mini whole wheat LaTortilla Factory wrap and threw it under the broiler for a few minutes to get everything melted.


So simple. So awesome.

Dessert – 8:45pm

Shortly before heading to bed, my sweet tooth struck (no surprise there!) so I dug in to one of my leftover Chex Scotcharoos.


Alright you guys…these things are GOOD. And oddly enough, have any of you ever tried the Caramel Macchiato coffee from The Fresh Market (which has LONG been a favorite of mine, btw)? For whatever reason, these things smell JUST like that coffee…no joke. And Jay even agrees with me, so I swear my sniffer isn’t just going crazy. Winking smile

A scrumptious day of eats AND I actually got a good amount of veggies thrown in there, which is always a plus…especially since I’m not craving them so much these days!

Question for the Morning:

On an ideal WIAW, what would be one meal/snack that would most definitely make an appearance for you?

Kickin’ It Old School

So this morning was a very, shall we say, humbling experience.

Why is that you ask? Well, that’s because I decided to take my boo-tay back to BodyPump! Would you believe that it’s been almost four months since I last took a class?

You might remember back around December, I wasn’t totally loving the music which, in my opinion, totally makes a workout. Honestly, the music still wasn’t that great today (the instructor was using an older release which sounded familiar to me) but the workout itself felt great. My arms are literally still shaking as I’m typing right now and lifting my mug of coffee is a bit difficult.

BodyPump is a class that definitely challenges your endurance; rather than just performing a few sets of an exercise (like I’ve been doing for the past four months) you exhaust the muscles with light – moderate weights and perform high repetitions. Returning to class today quickly reminded me that I need to get back into that endurance training because, uhh, it wasn’t easy.

I followed up class with an easy 15 minutes people watching on the elliptical before calling it a day. On my way back home, I had one of our local radio stations on (105.7 Crush FM) and I had to laugh when one of my former, “back in the day” favorites came on… “1, 2, 3, 4” by Coolio.


Talk about kickin’ it old school?! This song was super popular about when I was in fifth grade (1995) and it totally made me think of awkward middle school dances, rockin’ out with my snap bracelets, scrunchies, and acid wash jeans, and reading through the lyrics on the CD case cover, trying desperately to remember them all. I’m also pretty sure that my family ended up seeing him in an airport Sbarro a few years back (Dan, is that right??). The funny part though? I still remembered about half the lyrics this morning and busted ‘em out while cruisin’ on home. Awwww yeeeeah. Winking smile


I decided to go for something new today, folks…


I’ve had this bag of Bob’s Red Mill Muesli in my pantry for probably about forever now, and since I couldn’t make up my mind this morning, I figured I’d give it a shot.

To prepare it cold, the directions on the package said to combine 1/4 cup of the muesli with 1/2 cup of water, milk, or yogurt; I wanted something with a bit more staying power, so I opted to combine mine with a cup of Chobani Apple Cinnamon.


I let it sit in the fridge for about 20 minutes (it said only 5-10 OR overnight, which is what I’d probably do next time) then topped it with some banana slices and a dollop of peanut butter.


I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I liked it a lot. Now I’m curious to see what it’d taste like with some almond milk, or even prepared hot.


That being said, don’t be surprised if you see it again soon. Winking smile


I’ve got a shower callin’ my name and then it’s time to get going with the rest of the day. Stay tuned for a new recipe headed your way this afternoon!

I’ll give ya a hint…I was successfully able to get Jay to eat ground chicken again.

Question for the Morning:

What are some songs that bring you back to your middle school/high school years when you hear them?