Busy Start to a Saturday


Holy cow, talk about a busy start to a Saturday! How’s everyone’s weekend starting off? Mine started off nice and early this morning thanks to a Starbucks date with my bestie, Heather. Heather and I spent a good two hours catching up over a lovely al fresco breakfast I went with my usual egg white,…

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Tailgating at the Jets Game


Going to see a live football game is always such a great time! And it’s even better when they WIN, too. That’s 2-0 for my Jets, baby!! I’ve been lucky enough to be able to go to quite a few Jets games in my lifetime, thanks to my dad now being a season ticket holder,…

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Homemade Soup & Bread

Well, tonight’s plans ended up changing.  Originally, Jay and I were supposed to be meeting up with my friend Heather & her husband, Mike, for dinner.  But, unfortunately, the hubby came home feeling pretty sick, so we decided to reschedule.  With my newly open evening, I decided it would be a good opportunity to do…

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