Three Meals + A Dessert I Would Go Nuts For Today

valentin imperial maya breakfast

I’m not gonna lie. I was trying all day yesterday to come up with a fun post to put up today for April Fools’ Day. But I swear, the more I tried to think of one, the worse my ideas got. Ahh well…anyone have any good pranks they’re playing today? Or have you already fallen…

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Made Like a Pig


Eeeeeep! I’m so psyched to see that so many of you have already decided to join in on the 2012 Closeout Workout Challenge! It’s going to be so darn fun to see how everyone’s doing and have the support to keep us going. If you missed the challenge post yesterday, check out this post for…

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Four-Course Valentine’s Day Dinner at Creo’

I know I mentioned before that I still have a few things to catch you all up on from the weekend, and I’m pretty sure that this is the last of it, but you are definitely going to want to keep reading (*especially all of my local readers*) …trust me! So on Saturday evening, I…

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