Four Days This Week!

Alright, you guys ready for this?

Not ONLY did I find the motivation to get my workout in last night, but I ALSO got myself up this morning for another one. Check me out!

Last night’s routine went a little something like this:

  • 20 minutes interval walking (alternating 1-2 minutes @ 5.0 / 2 minutes @4.5mph)
  • 20 minutes 10lb. Slimdown Total Body DVD

This morning, I did a slightly shortened version of the 45 minute treadmill walk, finishing in about 35 minutes, and I feel GREAT. I completed four days of workouts this week (rest day Wednesday), which was my original goal, so I’m obviously super stoked. It just feels soooo good to finally feel like I’m getting back into a routine. I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed it.

Also exciting, is the fact that my new workout DVD’s should be arriving today, so I’ll be able to switch up my routine a bit more. To be honest, I’ve kind of been cycling through the same three workouts the past couple of weeks and if I don’t switch it up son, things are going to get stale. I think it’s about time to print out some of the other walking treadmill workouts that I have posted, incorporate my new DVD’s, and go to town!

Last Night’s Dinner

Soooo, I know I told you guys I was probably going the “brinner” route for dinner last night, but once I was finished with my workout, I was suddenly craving something different.


A couple of weeks ago, I saw a pin on Pinterest for some sort of chicken parm with avocado. I actually repinned it but didn’t include it in my latest Pinterest post because I didn’t think I’d get to it anytime soon. But the greatest thing about this meal was that I literally threw it together in less than 10 minutes…no recipe required.

I simply heated up a piece of frozen chicken (we usually have a bag on hand), then I topped it with some Grandpa Pete’s garlic sauce (basically like a bruschetta topping), almost half of an avocado, and some mozzarella cheese, and popped it under the broiler. Before I knew it, I had this incredible thing waiting for me.


And all I can say is, WOW. Adding the avocado on there absolutely made the dish, no doubt about it. And while my little can of beets with sprinkled with sea salt were certainly yummy, they didn’t hold a candle to that chicken. YUM!

After dinner, I ran out to take care of a quick errand, came back home, painted my nails, and we caught up on our DVR. While we were watching the season finale of American Horror Story (craziest show out there, if you ask me!), I decided to whip up a quick dessert.


See…I told you I’d have it again. ;) This creation, however, was slightly different from Wednesday night. This time, I mixed a vanilla Greek yogurt with 2 tbsp chocolate PB2 (already mixed with water, not the powder alone), chocolate chips, and a few crumbled TJ’s cat cookies.

THIS, my friends, was a perfect dessert. Fairly healthy (when you compare it to the ice cream I could have dug in to), the perfect amount of sweetness, combined with chocolate, peanut butter, and a little crunch.


I want one of these every day for the rest of my life.

As I finished up my dessert, my buddy came up to chill with me, and wound up leaving me stuck on the couch for another good hour.


Granted, I could have gotten up sooner…but he just looked so darn comfy.


And before that, he was literally curled up right on top of my (growing) belly, so I think he was trying to get some special bonding time with Baby Tooth. ;)


This morning, it is Friday and I. Am. Pumped. So much so, that I’m treating myself to a Starbucks breakfast, which will look almost identical to what you see here

Except I’m thinking that a decaf, nonfat caramel macchiato sounds a lot better than a decaf coffee.

Tonight, Jay and I have his work’s holiday kick off party which, if you remember from last year, is sure to be a great time. Only difference is I won’t be buzzed off wine and eating late night pizza.

Well, no promises on the pizza. ;)

Happy Fridayyyyy!!