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My 10lb. Slimdown Xtreme Review

by Courtney on October 17, 2011


Four weeks ago, I committed myself to a new workout challenge in the form of the 10lb. Slimdown Xtreme workout system. Although I covered most of the reasons as to why I decided to start it in my first post, I’ll briefly outline them a bit again here. My Main Goals for Starting the Program […]


Pushed To The Max

by Courtney on September 24, 2011


This morning’s workout may have near killed me…WOW. Today was Day 6 of the new workout challenge, which was the longest workout that I’ve had so far. This whole xtreme thing is apparently no joke. I really pushed myself to the max this morning, and while I may have been huffing and puffing and wanting […]


Eyeball Tricks

by Courtney on July 8, 2010

I have a fun little eyeball trick to start your morning off today, folks! I got this in an e-mail from my Dad this morning, and it’s one of the craziest things ever. When you look at this picture up close, you see Albert Einstein, right? Well, now if you get up, and stand 15 […]