cincinnati chili

Fun Facts Friday {10/24}

by Courtney on October 24, 2014

1. This week has been…blahh. Not so much at home (love being with my guys), but work has been totally insane (another girl is out this week so I’ve been doing double duty) and yesterday was just quite. the. day. I think the only times I actually left my desk were to pee. Like, twice. […]


Light ‘n Easy Cincinnati Chili

by Courtney on March 28, 2012


Holy crap. Amazing dinner recipe to share with you all tonight! But I’ll get to that in a second… Sorry to leave ya’ll hangin’ with no post this afternoon (Yes, I like to pretend that you all just impatiently wait at your computer screen for a “New Post” update everyday. I know I’m obnoxious, and […]