A Good Season

by Courtney on August 24, 2012


Welp…it’s about time to hang up the softball jersey for the season. Last night’s game didn’t go as well as we’d hoped, and we ended up losing in the semi-finals to end our season. As happy as I am to have some of my evenings back, I always get sort of sad when softball season […]


Cory and Topanga

by Courtney on July 16, 2012


And we’re back to the grind already…talk about a fast weekend! Then again, I suppose that’s what happens when you’re having fun partying your face off, right? Got the Rehearsal Down Headbands of Hope Rachel & Steve’s Wedding, Part 1 Rachel & Steve’s Wedding, Part 2…Party Time! Thankfully, I got a solid, eight hours of […]


Live in the Moment

by Courtney on July 5, 2012


So did all of my American friends have a fabulous 4th of July? I had an absolutely great day. Jay and I spent the whole day up on Saratoga Lake with some friends and family. The weather was gorgeous so we spent the majority of our time either out on the boat or swimming in […]


A Total Win-Win

by Courtney on June 3, 2012


After a nice, low-key evening and a great night’s sleep, I am feelin’ mighty good this morning! Jay and I wound up staying in last night, ordered dinner from one of our favorite local spots, and ended up watching Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on TV. It worked out great because that movie’s a total […]


Fun fact for today: Did you know it’s National Macaroon Day? source Seriously, where do they come up with these holidays?!? Believe it or not, I’ve actually never tried making macaroons. Are they easy? Should I give it a try? Or should I just close my eyes, cross my fingers, and hope that someone really […]


Just Informed

by Courtney on May 27, 2012


I love pretty flowers. Jay and I happened to notice these yesterday as we were out working by the pool and I just love them. I have no idea what they are, but I’m sort of confused because I could have sworn that this same exact plant was blooming orange flowers last year? Who knows. […]


X Marks The Spot

by Courtney on May 18, 2012


Morning, lovelies and a very happy FRIDAY to you all! I’m pretty psyched for the super-fun weekend I have ahead of me, including my friend Rachel’s bridal shower, a night out with some of my girlfriends, a coffee date with my good friend, Heather, and hopefully a little bit of sunshine in between all of […]


Taking A Step Back

by Courtney on April 13, 2012


Alright. I think I’m finally starting to make a little headway on the exercise front. I know I’ve mentioned it a few times this week, but my asthma has seriously been hindering my workouts this week. No matter how much I stay on top of taking my inhalers, the lovely spring air is really doing […]


Reader’s Choice Workout

by Courtney on April 10, 2012

bench hops

You know those days where you feel like a chicken running around with its head cut off? Yeah, that pretty much sums up everything I’ve got going on today. Wowweee. So much to do, so little time, and a dwindling motivation are all a recipe for chaos. I’ve managed to hold it together so far […]



by Courtney on March 30, 2012


My upper body feels slightly like jell-o right now. Whew! I’ll take that as a good sign that this morning’s upper body workout went well. On tap for today from the Best Body Bootcamp I’m following was an upper body superset workout with cardio intervals. In addition to the six moves upper body moves that […]