The ‘Oops We Made Too Much’ Cart

So glad you guys are diggin’ the Commercial Break Workout! Did anyone give it a try yet? I may have to give it another go later this evening while Jay and I catch up on our episode of Franklin and Bash (<—love this show, btw).

Rewind to last night…I had a shift at work so I kept dinner quick and simple.


I sautéed up some broccoli, red pepper, a leftover ear of corn on the cob from Saturday, and a sliced link of chicken sausage in Italian dressing and topped it all with some crumbled feta cheese.


I honestly didn’t have too many expectations with this, since I just sort of threw it all together as I went, but this dish was killer. So, so good!

But not quite as good as the dessert we had a little while later…


While I was checking out at the grocery store the other day, I happened to pick the line that has the “Oops, we made too much!” cart right next to it. The cart usually has a bunch of stuff from the bakery for 50% off, and while it’s always rather tempting, I usually try to avoid looking through it.

Well this time, I spotted a strawberry angel food cake for $1.00, so I had to grab it. Last night, I made Jay and I a couple dessert dishes with the angel food cake, fresh strawberries and blueberries, fat-free whipped topping, a drizzle of heated up raspberry preserves, and a couple white chocolate chips.


WOW. Why do I always let myself forget just how delicious angel food cake is??

I’m not gonna lie. The thought of repeating it again for breakfast this morning was sounding mighty good, but I refrained. Instead, I brought back an old favorite…


Coffee + an egg, provolone, and raspberry jam waffle sandwich. Always a winner in my book.

Once this all digests it’s time to get goin’ on my yoga challenge…I’ve got plans to try out a new online workout, so I’ll be sure to let ya know how it goes later today!

Question for the Morning:

What bakery items, if any, would you be tempted to buy only if they were 50% off?

The Commercial Break Workout

I have to say…after trying out Monday’s little workout while watching TV, I’ve become somewhat intrigued. The more you think about it, using commercial breaks to get some extra movement into your day is absolutely genius.

I mean, now don’t get me wrong. I totally get that there are some days where, once we sit down to catch our favorite TV show, the thought of moving from the couch for anything more than a break for the bathroom seems daunting. But for those days where you may have a little extra spunk while watching the ‘boob tube,’ why not give this little routine a try?


I designed it so each commercial break incorporates some dynamic movement, a strength move, and something to hit the core. So whether you do two breaks or five, you’ll still be moving!

The Commercial Break Workout

Commercial Break #1

  • 15 squats
  • 30 lateral hops (place the TV remote on the floor and hop side to side over it)
  • 15 crunches

Commercial Break #2

  • 20 alternating lunges (10 on each leg)
  • imaginary jump rope – 60 “hops”
  • 30 bicycles (15 each side)

Commercial Break #3

  • 50 jumping jacks
  • 15 push ups
  • 15 supermans (lie facedown on floor, lift legs and arms off floor at same time)

Commercial Break #4

  • 50 mountain climbers (25 on each side)
  • 15 tricep dips (use the coffee table if you have to!)
  • 20 plank with side-to-side toe taps (10 each side)

Commercial Break #5

  • 30 skaters OR high knees
  • wall sit – 60 seconds (use any of those walls! Keep the thighs parallel to ground)
  • 20 alternating side planks (10 each side, on elbows or hands)

And, of course, in case you’re a marathon TV watcher or a fan of the two hour Bachelorette episodes, feel free to repeat this routine more than once. Winking smile