Weekly Meal Plan {1/25}

Happy, happy Sunday, everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend so far.

As promised, here’s a look at our meal plan from last week – maybe you’ll find some ideas for yourself this week!

Sunday: Veg-Filled Sloppy Joes with French fries

Veg-Filled Sloppy Joes

(we were going to add green beans but figured we already had veggies in the sloppy joes) Winking smile

Monday: Creamy Crockpot White Chicken Chili with my favorite cornbread

Crockpot White Chicken Chili

Tuesday: BLT’s with side salads

BLTold photo

Wednesday: I was out to dinner with my girlfriends so Jay and Lucas had leftovers. But if you’re in need of a recommendation, why not make Wednesday a pasta night?? Both my Skinny Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo and Tomato & Butternut Squash Mac ‘n’ Cheese are favorites over here!

Skinny Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo tomato and butternut squash mac and cheese

Thursday: Honey BBQ Chicken Enchiladas with green beans

Honey BBQ Chicken Enchiladas

Jay and I actually weren’t huge fans of these. I like the homemade bbq sauce that the recipe calls for, but it was pretty sweet for enchiladas and there was way too much (I didn’t even use all of it either).

Honey BBQ Chicken Enchiladas

We both agreed we liked the idea of them (super quick and easy with ground chicken!) but maybe try with a less sweet bbq sauce, and less of it.

Friday: Pizza party with Lucas’s babysitter, her son, and husband (so much fun!)

Saturday: Wing it (i.e., we wound up getting Chipotle) Winking smile

So how about you guys? What’s on the menu this week??

Fun Facts Friday {2/14}

1. I will not complain about the foot and a half of snow outside. I will not complain about the foot and a half of snow outside. I will not complain about the foot and a half of snow outside…



2. I have fallen in love with the deliciousness that is a simple green smoothie.


  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 cup almond milk (vanilla unsweetened for me)
  • 1 tbsp ground flax seeds
  • 3 drops vanilla stevia
  • 4 huge handfuls spinach

Sooooo, so good. Try it.

3. While I was at work the other day, I suddenly realized that we have Monday off for President’s Day. I had completely forgotten about it! Talk about a sweet surprise, right?

4. Last week at work we had a chili cook-off, and my friend Amanda won with her Hawaiian Chicken Chili. I became obsessed with it right off the bat and had to have the recipe. I tried it out yesterday, and while the flavor was good, it just was not the same as hers. Don’t ya hate when that happens?


I will try again though…because that means more sides of cornbread. And I’ll always take an excuse for a side of cornbread (we used this recipe last night…OMG so good).

5. Workouts have been pretty great once again this week! A couple T25 workouts and a couple of treadmill workouts. I’ve been suuuuper thankful that Lucas’s schedule has allowed me to be able to squeeze those in this week…I’ll take advantage while it lasts, since we know it’ll probably change again aaaany day now.

6. Tubby time is SO much fun these days. Little man just cannot get enough of splashing around in the water. And, funny enough, Cody is always right there to get in on the action.


Oh yes…and here’s proof that we’re in need of that bathroom remodel. How much are you lovin’ that green tub, eh? We have a toiled to match, too. It’s ok to be jealous. Winking smile


7. Baby mohawk = amazing.

8. Sometimes, nothing beats a simple dinner of a meat + starch + veggie (for you fellow carnivores, of course). Am I right?


9. My boys. Swooon. <3


I’m pretty sure Lucas is already plotting against Cody…what do you guys think?

10. Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends! I hope your day is filled with all sorts of love and chocolate. Yes, lots of chocolate.

WIAW: Family Dinner Time

*In case you missed it, the Baby Tooth page was updated yesterday with Lucas’s 5 month post!

Hey guys, happy Wednesday! What’s shakin’ so far this week? Things have been going pretty well over here. Yesterday after work, Lucas took a nap so I was able to squeeze in a quick T25 workout. Whewwwweee! Those videos are NO joke…and I love ‘em!

Last night after Lucas was in bed, I also went out and got a spray tan after calling and realizing I still have two more left from a package I bought last year; they expire on the 19th, so I guess it was a good thing I called. Reason for the spray tan? I have my work party tonight, which involves wearing a dress, which meant exposed, pasty legs. I actually really don’t mind spray tans at all (I’ve had good luck with no “orangey-ness” but my goodness, do they smell horrible. Seriously. It’s all I can smell today.

So due to said work party, tonight, I won’t be seeing my little guy again until tomorrow since he’ll be in bed by the time I get home and I’m feeling super sad about it. Drop off this morning was no fun, but I’m hoping the day will go by quickly. And I’m sure he’ll be having plenty of fun with his daddy later this evening.

But anywho… let’s keep this party rollin’ with today’s WIAW, which is actually all of Monday’s eats.


Overnights oats in a jar + coffee


This meal kept me full all the way up until lunch (which is rare these days). And you can be I scraped every. last. bit. of peanut butter out of that thing.


A big ol’ salad made with mixed greens, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, carrots, feta cheese, dried cranberries, and grilled chicken with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing on the side.


I also had to have a piece of cornbread to go along with it. That batch lasted a whole 2-1/2 days in our house before we polished it off.


And now I want to make more. ;)

Mid-Afternoon Snack

My meals actually did a really good job of keeping me full all day, and I probably could have done without the snack, but I still decided to have a KIND bar from my desk stash.

IMG_0735(It’s a recycled photo – don’t worry, mine wasn’t expired Winking smile )


I was SO excited to try out this recipe for Slow Cooker Garlic and Brown Sugar Chicken that I’ve had pinned for a while. Thankfully, Jay was able to put it together that afternoon (I was running late in the morning, of course!) and he said it was super quick and easy. I served it over some whole wheat couscous with honey glazed carrots on the side.


The chicken and sauce is so, so good!! Both Jay and I totally loved it (and finished up the rest of the leftovers for dinner last night, too).

Dinner was extra special that night since we had the whole family together! Cody was hanging out at our feet the whole time, and if he wasn’t trying to get us to play fetch, he was just straight chillin’.


Lucas had a yummy dinner that night of oatmeal and a few bites of prunes. This picture, of course, was taken before he got covered in food.


(I am also currently obsessed with this photo!)

I love getting to have this time with all of my boys.


It’s seriously becoming one of my favorite parts of the day.


No photo for this one, but I did have a couple of my messy cookies with a small dish of ice cream after a somewhat unruly bedtime routine with the little mister up there, who decided he just did not want to go to bed.

Alright friends, that’s all I’ve got for ya today. I’ll catch you guys on the slip side. ;)

Cody’s Prediction on Baby Tooth

Jay and I had some fun last night with the Codester.


Don’t get me wrong…we always have fun with our favorite, wacky fur ball. I mean, just look at that face. ;)


But as we were playing with some of his fetch toys, I realized that he had (among many others) a blue one and a red one out…so I thought, “Heyyyyy, how about we see if Cody can predict if Baby Tooth is a boy or a girl?!”

So I took a quick little video to see how things would go and as it turns out, it appears that Cody is quite confident in his decision.

Forgive me for the terrible, shaky video. I’m definitely not a videographer. ;)

Obviously, Cody’s prediction is about as reliable as the groundhog is at predicting spring, but I must say that if I HAD to choose, I’m going to have to agree with him. I don’t know why, but I guess that’s just the way I’m leaning. Not much longer until we find out though!


Last Night’s Dinner

Totally random, totally delicious, and totally large. What can I say? I wanted a little bit of everything.


Included in this large meal was a tiny piece of chicken (literally, about three bites), 1/4 of an avocado, a baked sweet potato with plain CHO, a piece of cornbread,


and a small bowl of pasta fagioli.


Everything really hit the spot, despite the fact that I was all over the place.

A couple of hours later I still needed something sweet so I snacked on a jello pudding cup.


Impulse buy from the other day, and so worth it.

I also managed to get all caught up on my episodes of The Bachelor that were DVR’d last night, and all I’ll say is WOAH! Although I did see it coming towards the end of the episode, I’m still surprised?! I thought for sure she’d be down to the final two (I’m not saying who since I know two of my besties haven’t watched it yet).

Question for the Morning:

Do you ever pay attention to and/or have fun with prediction quizzes or things like that?

I certainly think they’re fun (I think I’ve taken about 5 different gender prediction quizzes) but I don’t rely on them for credible answers. :)

Made Like a Pig

Eeeeeep! I’m so psyched to see that so many of you have already decided to join in on the 2012 Closeout Workout Challenge! It’s going to be so darn fun to see how everyone’s doing and have the support to keep us going.

If you missed the challenge post yesterday, check out this post for all the details.

It’s gonna be fun!!


Last Night’s Dinner

Dinner with friends on a weeknight…always a good time! We were invited over to our friends’ Joe & Kate’s house last night for some homemade chili and cornbread and mannn, was it good.


Kate actually made two chili recipes: Zesty Wheat Berry Black Bean Chili (top), and Three Bean and Beef Chili (covered with cheese). Kate, aren’t you impressed I remembered both of the recipes??


I, obviously, couldn’t decide which one I wanted so I made like a pig and had a little of each. Both of them were ridiculously good, but I was really diggin’ the wheat berry one. I may have to make that here at home and have it for lunches. Yum!

With dinner we also had cornbread, of course, because who can eat chili without cornbread? I actually made that and brought it over as my contribution to the meal, and I am happy to report that it turned out quite good. I use this recipe quite often, and it has never failed me – only substitution I make is applesauce for the oil.


Side note: I now want a whole new set of white places just because they photograph so awesome.

For dessert, there was a decadent treat for us all to share…


They had a piece of leftover cake from her sister’s wedding over the weekend, so we all grabbed a fork and dug in. Actually, I probably dug in more than anybody, but whatever. Stuff was gooooooood.

Since we were out for most of the evening, we still have all of our bajillion Wednesday night shows to catch up on…but it’s looking like we may have to wait a bit longer because we’re off to another friend’s house for dinner tonight! I just love friends…and friends who cook…and reasons for me not having to cook. Winking smile





Are ya surprised?


I. Cannot. Get. Enough. Of. These. Waffles. This. Week.


Odds & Ends This Morning…

Catch you guys a little later!! Smile

In The Zone

Productivity was the name of the game today!

After mailing out my cookies this morning and making a few other quick pit stops, I came home and got right to work…on studying, that is.


I finished the entire book a couple of weeks ago and have since been spending my time going back and re-examining the material that had been covered a while ago. I was so in the zone that I didn’t end up breaking for lunch until about 1:30.

Oddly enough, I wasn’t really that hungry (which, indeed, is very odd) so I put together a quick yogurt bowl.


Plain Chobani, pumpkin, a sliced banana, a scoop of apple butter, Quaker Oatmeal Squares, Love Grown Foods granola, cinnamon, and some crumbled leftover cornbread.


I slowly ate through today’s lunch while watching a bunch of my NASM videos and I was totally thrilled with the fact that I got in a solid 4 hours of studying today with no minimal Cody interruptions, and total peace and quiet.


I also managed to sneak in a couple handfuls of Christmas themed Pretzel M&M’s.


I’m such a sucker for the themed ones. I just can’t resist ‘em!


When Jay got home from work a little after 5:00, I deemed my study time over for the day and got to work on putting something together for dinner. We were both pretty hungry, we wanted something quick, but we really didn’t feel like more Thanksgiving leftovers. Then, it hit me…


Chili-topped sweet potatoes. Oh god, yes. I can’t believe I haven’t done this sooner. I mean, seriously…this dinner is legit. Not only is it delicious, but it’s super filling, too.

I topped my baked sweet potato (which I prepared our favorite way) with about half of a can of Trader Joe’s Turkey Chili with Beans.

On the side we had some (more) leftover cornbread and shared a bag of steamed mixed veggies.


Considering the fact that tonight’s combo received two thumbs up from Jay too, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll be seeing this again. I just have to get myself over to TJ’s for some more of that chili.


I think I’m sensing a Trader Joe’s road trip…who wants in? Winking smile

Questions for the Evening:

What are your favorite baked potato toppings? Ever tried chili?

Do you ever fall victim to the holiday-themed foods like me? (i.e., Christmas Oreos, m&m’s, etc…)

All Bets Are Off

Good Morning! Happy Friday! Happy Black Friday! (Did anyone go out shopping? We did not…yet.)

Happy “It’s Officially Okay for Courtney to Start Blaring Christmas Music At All Times” Day!

I was actually really proud of myself this year; with the seemingly early start to celebrating the Christmas season, I have refrained from listening to any music or putting up any decorations. But today? All bets are off!

Unfortunately, the festivities will have to wait for a few hours, since I have to go into work today. Luckily it’s my early day, so I’ll still have plenty of time to get going on my favorite day-after-Thanksgiving traditions.


After the long, busy day of cooking and entertaining I had yesterday (<—did you see how I managed my very first Thanksgiving?), I decided to forego a morning workout in favor of some extra sleep. It was the best decision I had made so far today…that was, until, I made breakfast.


Now, when I say all bets are off for the day after Thanksgiving, that means all bets are off on everything. Like, it’s totally okay to stand and nibble on the leftover cornbread while your breakfast is cooking.


And it’s certainly more than acceptable to stand and stare at the leftover Skinny Pumpkin Pie…and then decide to incorporate it into your breakfast.


See? I told ya…all bets are off today.


I made a quick batch of Pumpkin Buckwheat (minus the chia seeds, which I forgot about) and topped it with a small sliver of pumpkin pie. Talk about great way to use up some leftovers AND be super festive at the same time, right? Winking smile


It was so delicious that it makes me think that I need to have a pumpkin pie in my house at all times just for this reason.


I’m hoping my work day goes by nice and quickly because I’m already getting antsy about getting home to decorate and chow on leftovers…and mayyyybe do a little bit of shopping right after work, too. We’ll see!

Questions for the Morning:

What’s your favorite way to use/eat Thanksgiving leftovers?

Did you/are you doing any Black Friday shopping today?

For my fellow Christmas celebrators: When do you officially start celebrating and embracing the season?

No Nibbles

I am really loving today. Productivity, warm sunshine, and leftovers for lunch that could be thrown together in about 30 seconds.

I just got back home from helping my dad do a little more painting over at the house this morning and was absolutely famished by the time I actually got here. I opened up the fridge and threw together the quickest thing I could muster up.


I finished off the rest of last night’s salad, topping it off with some cottage cheese and a splash of balsamic vinegar. No pizza…that is LONG gone.


So I also cut myself a legit piece of cornbread…no nibbling today.


Yet. Winking smile

Cody’s also been having a grand ‘ol time relaxing in the sunlight today.


It always makes me laugh when he’s able to find the one space where the sunlight is shining through. My other cats growing up used to do the same thing.


To give you guys a quick update on the new sneakers…YES, I did make it to Fleet Feet yesterday, but I did not buy shoes. I actually have a couple gift cards to a different store, so I’m headed there this afternoon to pick up the same shoes that they recommended for me. I’ll fill ya’ll in on my new kicks later on. Smile

Question for the Afternoon:

What are YOU loving about today??

It Makes Me Smile

How is it already 9:15pm? Seriously, where does the time go!

Jay and I actually just got home from an evening out, and we still have to prep our Mother’s Day brunch that we’re having tomorrow, so I’m gonna make this one snappy, mmmkay?

This afternoon, after indulging in my fabulous pedicure, I came home and enjoyed a refreshing, al fresco lunch on the back deck.


A simple, mixed-veggie salad, topped with cottage cheese & balsamic vinegar. Always a winner in my book!


Also a winner? This cornbread. And don’t let that size fool you…I had a few nibbles out of the pan before actually cutting my “real” piece.


For dinner, Jay and I headed to one of our favorite chain restaurants tonight, Ruby Tuesday, with a Buy 1 – Get 1 Free coupon in hand. We actually got the coupon just by signing up for their So Connected program. If you’re not signed up and like free food, go for it. Winking smile

We started off with their amazing new cheddar biscuits. Thank god they only gave us two, because I would have easily been tempted to wolf down more.


For my entrée, I decided to try their Tuscan Crab Tilapia, along with grilled green beans and zucchini as my sides.


The veggies were outstanding; grilled to perfection with really great flavor.


The tilapia was very good, but nothing that totally rocked my socks.


I’ll tell you what DID rock my socks though…


Red raspberry frozen yogurt with rainbow sprinkles from Guptill’s Coney Express. It’s too bad it’s so expensive, because this is probably my favorite fro-yo around. It just makes me smile. Smile


Now I’ve got the energy I need to go get crackin’ on tomorrow’s brunch menu…then I’m sure I’ll be out like a light in no time. Talk about a roarin’ Saturday night, right?

Hope everyone had a great day!

Please Don’t Be Grossed Out

Hey Hey! How’s everyone’s Cinco de Mayo going so far? Anyone dig into a margarita yet?? (It’s ok, I won’t tell.)

This morning, I had a few things to take care of…first up, blood work.

(Notice the creeper and his favorite toy about a foot away…he must have been trying to work off those beers from this morning.)


You know, I’ve always been pretty cool with needles. They’ve never bothered me, which is probably a good thing, seeing as though I get poked with four of them every week. But there’s something about getting blood drawn that really grosses me out. Maybe it’s the placement of the needle right in the crease of my elbow, I don’t know.

Either way, it required a little pick-me-up. In the form of iced coffee. Because I’m sort of addicted. Especially when two of my favorites are on the menu: Jamaican Me Crazy & Sugar Cookie. Yumm-o.


After feeding my addiction, it was time for stop number two: kitchen table shopping. I found a couple that could work, but I’m still not totally sure.

Table #1 – Love it (and the price) but not sure if it’s too big for our space. Might be kinda cramped in.


Table #2 – Not square (bummer) but I do like how the leaves will make it more accommodating for our smaller space.


Plus, it has a pretty cool base that will be helpful with more storage.


What do you guys think? Table #1 or Table #2???


Once I got home, I put together a quick lunch.


I had the other half of my leftover spaghetti squash, and if you’re doing any calculating in your head right now, yes, I made this exactly two weeks ago. That probably grosses out some of you (it sort of does me, too, after realizing it’s actually been that long) but it passed the “eyeball & sniff test” and since I hate wasting food, I ate it.


It still tasted awesome, so I’m just going to ignore that whole 2 week thing…and I’m also going to ignore the fact that I’ve OD’d on cornbread today. You know how it goes…

Cut yourself a little bite size piece…

Five minutes later, go back for seconds, then thirds, then…

Well, you get the idea.


Please tell me I’m not alone on this awful habit?


Now, it’s time to go finish getting things ready for tonight’s fiesta. At least I’ve got the important stuff ready to go. Winking smile