cottage cheese

Friendship Dairies Giveaway {CLOSED}

by Courtney on June 8, 2013

Hey, friends! I know I haven’t really been popping in much on the weekends lately, but I have a fun little giveaway to share with you all that I thought you might enjoy. So if you’re anything like me, then you probably love yourself some cottage cheese now and then. Typically, my favorite way to […]


Just Like Cookie Dough

by Courtney on January 24, 2013


Okay, I know I live in the northeast. I know it’s the dead of winter. And I also know this is nothing new…BUT. When it’s negative two degrees outside? Ehhh, I’m sorry but that is just downright miserable. Only 26 more days until sunny Mexico, baby! So I never came back to visit you all […]


Something I Haven’t Done In Months

by Courtney on October 9, 2012

Guess what? This morning I did something I haven’t done in months…I ran. Alright, maybe calling it a run is a bit of a stretch…let’s call it a light jog. Hey, whatever the heck it was, it felt GREAT. Ever since my decision to cut back on exercise, most of my cardio has come in […]


Twenty Years From Now…

by Courtney on June 27, 2011


Alright, I have seriously reached my quota for weed pulling this season… I don’t know what has gotten into me. Maybe I’m subconsciously trying to earn some “Wifey Points,” seeing as how my contribution to the yard work up until yesterday has been pretty slim. Either way, I was so happy to see that Jay […]


No Nibbles

by Courtney on May 10, 2011


I am really loving today. Productivity, warm sunshine, and leftovers for lunch that could be thrown together in about 30 seconds. I just got back home from helping my dad do a little more painting over at the house this morning and was absolutely famished by the time I actually got here. I opened up […]



You know that saying “You are what you eat?” Well if it were changed to say “You are what you bake,” it’s very possible that I may turn into a cupcake pretty soon. Welcome to my morning! Raspberry Devil’s Food Cupcake with Raspberry Almond Buttercream I’m gonna let you all in on a little secret […]


Return to Morning Routines

by Courtney on April 26, 2011


This morning has probably been one of the most productive mornings I’ve had in weeks. Since the whole unemployed thing happened, my regular routine has been fairly nonexistent. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m sleeping the day away…I love mornings to much to do that. But whereas I used to be getting up […]


Two of My Favorites: Shopping and Baking

by Courtney on April 23, 2011


Hey Hey! How’s everyone’s Saturday been so far? Mine has pretty much been split between shopping and baking…two of my favorites! The shopping was more of a “time to stock up” trip to Sam’s Club, but we ended up with some goodies. It’s amazing how much the money adds up when we shop here. But […]


Pumpkin Addicts Anonymous?

by Courtney on September 22, 2010


In honor of it being the official first day of FALL, I saw no other choice but to continue to incorporate some pumpkin into today’s mid-day meal. I may be lacking in variety today, but certainly not in flavor! My pumpkin-licious bowl includes: 3/4 cup 1% cottage cheese 1/2 cup pumpkin 1/4 cup (?) unsweetened […]


Nap Time, Please?

by Courtney on September 17, 2010

Can I get a WOOT WOOT for Friday?!?! I don’t know about you, but I’m doin’ my Happy Dance. source Unfortunately, a lack of preparation last night, meant for a pretty hectic morning. I hate when I do that to myself. Luckily, the day turned out to be much smoother than its start. Here’s some […]