creamy buckwheat

Get Out Of My Head!

by Courtney on October 5, 2011


As I was out in the kitchen making this delicious breakfast this morning, I had the TV on Good Morning America, as I always do (I’m a fan of Josh Elliott).   One of the first segments that came on after I turned it on happened to be an interview with the cast of Growing […]


Totally Sucked In

by Courtney on June 20, 2011

Good morning! How’s life treatin’ ya on this beautiful Monday morning?? Just catching up from the weekend like me? Here’s a little bit of what you may have missed on the ‘ol blog: I’ll Always Be Proud To Call Him Dad Quick Transitions from Vacation Mode My Outer Banks Recap: By The Numbers **** So […]


Extremely Grateful Today

by Courtney on June 11, 2011


This morning, I am feeling extremely grateful. Grateful for the fact that Jay decided not to ask me to join him in a golf tournament today. Because when I tell you that it’s like a monsoon out there, I’m really not kidding. And as much as I love to golf with my pink clubs (remember, […]


You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar

by Courtney on May 4, 2011


Talk about a winning combo…a double date night with two of our best pals, leftover Easter candy (I picked through to get all of the skittles and M&M’s, along with a few Starbursts…I decided to pass on the alcohol chocolates), and a little more of my own eye candy. Just look at those baby blues…hubba […]


Just Give Me The May Flowers

by Courtney on April 20, 2011


Talk about a dreary April morning… Can’t we just skip the “April Showers” and go straight to the “May Flowers?” At least Cody doesn’t mind. As long as there’s birds chirping or leaves blowing, he’s easily occupied. “I seeeee you little birdy…now if I could juuuust figure out how to break through this window…” The […]


One Lonely Can

by Courtney on April 3, 2011


Apparently one savory breakfast per weekend is all I need, because this morning I woke up craving nothing but sweet! Yesterday while at the grocery store, I happened to spot one lonely can of pumpkin hiding towards the back of the shelf. I haven’t been able to find any for a while now, so I’m […]


Carrot Cake Buckwheat Bowl

by Courtney on March 26, 2011


Hello, Saturday. So nice to see you! After waking up and taking care of a little clean-up around the house, I was more than ready for a nice, delicious breakfast. Today, buckwheat was the name of the game! Oh yes, and of course, some coffee. I used the same base for today’s buckwheat as I […]


Cooking with Cozies and Cody

by Courtney on March 23, 2011

Winking smile

Happy, Happy Wednesday! How are we all doin’ today?? I’ve been a little on the tired side all day, which has me confused because I actually got a decent amount of sleep last night. Who knows…? Despite a little extra grogginess, I powered through my Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones workout this morning with […]


Someone Won A Shopping Spree!

by Courtney on March 18, 2011

Happy Friday everyone!! How are we all doing on this lovely day?? I’m doing great, and that probably has something to do with the fact that I’m about to make someone very happy with a shopping spree, AND I’ve just tried a fun, NEW breakfast! This morning, I decided I wanted to test out another […]