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Good To Be Home (+ Some Reebok Videos)

by Courtney on May 12, 2012

It feels so good to be back home! By the way, I’m getting more and more addicted to Instagram, in case you haven’t noticed. Feel free to follow me (SweetToothCourt) – I’m still learning the ropes! Once I got home last night, I spent a good couple hours catching up with Jay and cuddling with […]


Sneak Peek at Reebok

by Courtney on May 11, 2012


Oh my gosh. I have SO much to share with you guys about my day at Reebok today! Unfortunately though, I am wiped with a capital W, and I’m about to board my flight back home (yippee!), so I’m gonna go ahead and give ya a quick little teaser… The Reebok World Headquarters is absolutely […]