Homemade Hawaiian Pizza


Hey hey! So I realized today that I still have yet to show you the new red hair-do from Saturday, so here’s a little peek! Please forgive the dumb half smile and squinty eyes. I may in fact have a set of the most sensitive eyeballs on the planet, and that sun was not being…

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Dress Hits and Misses


So you guys may remember earlier this week that I had briefly mentioned meeting up with my girls to take care of some bridesmaids duties? Well, we actually headed out to pick out some bridesmaids dresses! The four of us tried on lots and lots of bridesmaids dresses that night. Rachel decided that we’re all…

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My DIY Wedding Invitations


Let’s Talk Weddings! I recently received an email from a reader asking about my wedding invitations. I realized that this is something that I’ve never had the chance to discuss here on the blog, since this was well before I even started blogging. So I jumped on the chance (or excuse) to talk about another…

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Fashion Friday: Party Dresses

Happy Fashion Friday!! Today’s Topic: Party Dresses So earlier this week, I was talking with some of my friends about weddings. Oh, how I love weddings! I love everything about them, from crying my eyes out at the ceremony, to boogying out on the dance floor. But one of my favorite, and first things that…

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