Lucas Encounters Santa, Weekend Ramblings, & Weekly Meal Planning

Hello hello! Happy Monday to you all! Did everyone have a great weekend? Ours was a total blast.


We had a family Christmas party to attend on Saturday which was a great time. Oh, and if it looks like we all have bags under our eyes in the above picture, it’s because we do. Lucas decided to get up and party from about 2:30-5am Friday night into Saturday, so needless to say, we were all feeling just a bit tired. Oh, children.

But despite the lack of sleep, Lucas was a fantastic party-goer…just as long as Santa didn’t get too close.


At first, he was super curious and just kept staring, but as he got closer, Lucas kept getting farther and farther away.


We tried our best to get a picture with him on Santa’s lap…


But I guess…maybe next year.


Hey, at least he’ll still take pictures with us. Winking smile


We hung out at the party for a few hours, and no joke, Lucas spent a good majority of that time on the dance floor…right up until we left, rockin’ out in is PJ’s with his teddy.

Gosh, he made us laugh that night.

On Saturday morning, I also met up with Lucas’s sitter and her kiddos at Tumbling Tykes to give them a chance to run around and play. With the weather now getting cold and crappy, I’ve been looking for things to do with him to keep him busy and not cooped up in the house all day.


I am absolutely sure we will be back. Lucas had a blast!


Other happenings from the weekend? Well, let’s see…

I gave myself a much needed manicure.


Jay and I had fun with our Elf on the Shelf (aka, Franklin).


I baked some cookies.


And then I baked some MORE cookies…


I made a batch of Turkey Apple Meatballs for Lucas (and us) to have during the week.


I had a killer T25 workout on Saturday (Speed 3.0…gets me every time) and took a rest day on Sunday.

Cody chilled out by the Christmas tree on Sunday morning, basking in the sunlight.


While we all watched my dad and brother on TV!


Last weekend, my dad and brother both qualified for the taping for our local capital region bowling show, which was a family mixed doubles event, and it aired yesterday morning. Lucas loved watching “papaaaa,” and we were all proud, even if they didn’t win the whole thing!

Every once in a while, I get the itch to get back to bowling . For those of you who may be newer to the blog, I used to bowl quite a bit…I also qualified and bowled on that same TV show with my dad (we won, ahem…) and I was actually a NYS champion in high school when we won my junior year. There is also some good money to be made in bowling tournaments, too! I don’t know if/when I’ll ever get back into a weekly league, but I’m thinking I may need to break out my stuff this winter and give it a shot…it’s probably been 3+ years now since I’ve bowled!

Tangent there, sorry.

So finally, I also actually did a little meal planning on Sunday, and my wonderful husband went out and took care of the grocery shopping for me. He’s such a trooper! Here’s what we’ve got on tap this week…


  • Sunday: Shrimp tacos with brown rice (they were goooood)
  • Monday: Quinoa Enchilada Casserole
  • Tuesday: Baked chicken with roasted fingerling potatoes and green beans
  • Wednesday: Apple ‘n’ Bacon Mac & Cheese with side salads
  • Thursday: Brinner or leftovers – whatever we’re feelin’ that night!
  • Friday: Pizza and salad
  • Saturday: Ha…I don’t meal plan this far out Winking smile


So how about you guys? What’s on tap for your meals this week? Anything good? I need some new ideas…things that are quick and easy for weeknights.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Fun Facts Friday {12/20}

1. One more day of work ahead of me today and then I am OFF on vacation for a whole entire week. Ohhh baby, am I excited. Not only does it mean no work, but it also means I get lots of extra time with this smiley face.


2. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not I wanted to send out Christmas cards this year. Typically, we don’t, but seeing as it’s Lucas’s first Christmas and all, I kinda figured that we should. So last night, we took some photos in front of the tree, uploaded them to Target, and will hopefully have them in the mail by Saturday. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, right?

3. Last night, I made one batch of Chocolate Raspberry Bars and two batches of Dark Chocolate Turtle Graham Bars. Like I don’t already have enough to keep me busy. Baha.

4. Have you guys seen the latest Coca Cola commercial about parenthood? Oh my god, I am in love with it. Seriously…they totally nailed this one.


5. After getting dumped on with all this snow earlier this week, we’re apparently going to be getting a crapload of rain this week, with temps in the 50s. If we lose all of this snow right before Christmas, I’m gonna be super disappointed!

6. The amount of sweets I’ve eaten in the past 48 hours of sort of ridiculous. No regrets.

7. I know I’ve mentioned it the past two weeks, but THIS weekend, I’m hoping we’re going to be able to bring Lucas to see Santa. I think we may also attempt a meal out at a restaurant with the little guy. Wish us luck!

8. Do you guys want to know the most hilarious show in the entire world? Impractical Jokers on Tru TV. Oh my freakin’ god. Jay and I laugh so hard sometimes we cry. We had it on a couple of nights ago, and I was worried we were going to wake up Lucas in the other room with our laughing. Best. show. ever.

9. I have totally been diggin’ all of the Elf on the Shelf photos I’ve been seeing people post. Seriously…some of the poses and/or “situations” you all are getting your elves into are just fantastic. Keep ‘em comin’!

10. When I started thinking about this post about two hours ago, I swear I had about 20 different things I was ready to include. Now? I’m struggling here at 10…so I think it’s about time to call it quits and head to bed!

Happy Friday, everyone! Have a great day, and a fantabulous weekend!