Officially Moved Out + New House Updates


Well, it took us a LOT longer than we expected but it’s official…we are finally, completely moved out of our old house. We planned on being completely moved out by Thursday, but it turns out we have more crap than anyone on the planet we anticipated, so although Wednesday night was our last night to…

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Mornin’ Sunshine!


Gooooood Mornin’ Sunshine! <— My mom used to wake me up with this almost every morning (along with a “time to rise and shine”) in the perkiest, bubbliest way possible. It always amazed me just how chipper she was, despite the fact that I was just a grumpy teenager who could barely mumble “Mornin…” What…

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Grilled Pizza with Friends


It’s 8:00am on the dot right now. So far today, I have… Spent 25 minutes on the elliptical doing killer intervals Went to my favorite 5:45am BodyPump class Came home, made Jay his lunch Made Jay his breakfast (I’m pulling for the “Wife of the Week” award) Drank my iced coffee Ate breakfast Emptied the…

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