Fun Facts Friday {1/23}

1. I love the fact that today’s date is 1/23. Then again, I am weird about numbers sometimes.

2. I did some shopping recently! Thanks to some gift cards from Christmas and a birthday coupon, I picked up a few tops from Express…

express topsFrom left to right: Ribbed Sleeve Cover Up Sweater / Keyhole Pintucked Front Blouse / Striped London Sweater

I was actually going in hopes of buying some dress pants or jeans but, unfortunately, I am smack dab in the middle of sizes right now and it blows. I’m not buying smaller because I don’t anticipate getting much smaller, but I don’t want to buy bigger and have them stretch. SO…leggings, for the win!

3. Speaking of leggings…my local newspaper has a blog that recently posted an article the other day, which was piggybacking off of another post about women wearing leggings. Some people got all up in arms about the question even being posed, and there has been quite a discussion on the topic of leggings and yoga pants. I thought some of the answers were quite interesting to read, but I (personally) have no problems with leggings as long as they a) cover your rear end and crotch, and b) are thick enough so we don’t see anything. Other than that, I stand by my last statement…leggings, for the win!

And in case you’re curious, my #1 favorite pair lately is from LoveSurf (they even surpass my HUE leggings, which I still do love quite a bit!)

4. And speaking of not getting any smaller…let’s just say it’s definitely not gonna happen when we’ve been buying half gallon after half gallon of Stewart’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. This is, hands down, my absolute favorite ice cream on the planet.

Stewart’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

And we just. can’t. stop.

5. I had plans on Wednesday evening to meet up with some of my college girlfriends for happy hour and dinner and it was such a great time! We hardly ever get the chance to get together anymore (the last time we got together was for Eileen’s wedding), so we spent almost 3 hours catching up. Unfortunately, that also meant I didn’t get the chance to see Lucas that day, so I was greeted with some texts from him and his dad.


Love those two boys.

6. Earlier in the week, I treated myself to a little Starbucks skinny iced caramel macchiato. It had been forever since I’d last had one and it really hit the spot.

skinny iced caramel macchiato

7. You guys want to know one thing I really hate spending money on? Socks.


I was in need of a few pairs of warmer ones to wear with my boots and when it came down to buying them, I almost talked myself out of it, like, three different times. I don’t know what it is…just one of those things, I suppose!

8. I guess we could say that these are similar to socks, but I really didn’t mind buying them…I finally caved and bought a pair of boot socks/leg warmers

boot socks

I found them for a steal on Zulily a couple of weeks ago, and I’d say I’m definitely a fan. Now I just need to find a pair of cute grey ones and I’ll be good to go. Anyone else into the leg warmers look??

9. Lately, I’ve been taking the extra time to buy blocks of cheese and shred them myself as opposed to buying the bags of shredded cheese, and I’ve gotta say…you can really notice a difference.


I’m sure it’s not a habit I’ll be able to stick to all the time (the bagged shredded stuff is just so convenient!), but I’m totally loving it.

10. We have breakfast club at work today, and word on the street is that one my co-workers is going to be making a caramelized banana french toast casserole with a boozy bourbon sauce to go on top. Ummm, let’s just say that productivity later this morning may be a bit on the low side… Winking smile

That’s all I’ve got for ya today, my friends! Happy FRIDAY to you all, have a fabulous day, and a wonderful weekend ahead, whatever you may be doing.

Fashion Friday: Rompers

Usually when I wake up in the morning, Cody is right there to greet me. Sometimes it’s to play fetch, but normally, it’s just to cuddle. I love me some Cody cuddles!

So when I didn’t immediately see him waiting for me this morning, I started to wonder where he could be? After a few minutes of searching, I finally spotted him.


Those birdies reeeeally had his attention this morning! Winking smile


I woke up rather hungry today, so I went right to the kitchen and started breakfast. Another bowl of Pumpkin Buckwheat was callin’ my name!


With some extra drizzly PB2. Smile


It’s sooooooo good.


So you know what today is, right? RIGHT???

Happy Fashion Friday!!

For today’s topic, I’m really interested to hear all of your opinions on this one…


Seeing as though I’ve been to the mall twice this week, I noticed that many of the stores are now carrying rompers. I remember trying one on last year while shopping in Forever 21 and deemed myself a hideous mess. It was just not for me.

However, I’m starting to wonder if maybe I just tried a bad one? They are coming out with tons of styles for these things!


And some of them are really cute! For example, my fellow fashionista, Gina, recently picked up a couple from Express that I really like.


Here’s a few other places that also have quite a few to check out:

I don’t know, I guess I’m just still on the fence with this one. Cute, but maybe not for me?

So I’d LOVE to hear what you guys think! 

Question for the Day:

Rompers: Yay or Nay?

Shopping Fun with Mom

Lucky me got to spend the afternoon shopping with mi madre!


But before leaving the house, my tummy was grumblin’, so I snacked on half of a PB&J sandwich, along with this strawberry-filled yogurt bowl.


I enjoyed a strawberry Chobani, and topped it off with some fresh strawberries, the rest of my banana from this morning, chia seeds, and some of my cranberry-almond granola. It had been a while since I had the strawberry CHO…I forgot how good it is!


Mom and I had a great time shopping around today and made our way into some of our favorite stores. I actually ended up finding a pair of super cute shoes while my mom was scoping out the scene in one of her favorite spots…


So nice and springy, right? I didn’t end up buying them, partly because I really don’t need them, and partly because they were a wide width and my feet are anything but wide. More like narrow and gross. Winking smile

Mid-afternoon, I started craving some caffeine (I never had my morning coffee today!) so we made a quick stop into Starbucks so I could pick up an iced Skinny Caramel Macchiato. I also snacked on a Clif Z Bar that I brought with me from home.


I did a little damage in Express today, but thanks to a coupon and a “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” sale on tees & tanks they have going on, I made out pretty well. I picked out four different tops…


These two clearly show that I’m ready for spring/summer, no? They’ll look super cute with some crisp white shorts, fa sho. Winking smile


But my favorite purchases of the day came from another favorite store of mine…Le Gourmet Chef! Are ya surprised???

I picked up a new decorating tip for my cupcake creations, along with a new scooper, which I’m *hoping* will work in my favor when it comes to cupcake baking.


You see, I’ve been using my regular cookie scoop (on the left) but since one scoop is too small, I often end up eyeballing them and they often end up uneven. Hopefully this size will do the trick!


I guess I’ll just have to bake up a batch this week to test it out…what do ya think? Winking smile

By the time I got home, I was starving, so I went the easy route and put together a couple big ‘ol salads for me and the hubby.


My salad was filled with any veggie I could find in the veggie drawer: romaine lettuce, cukes, grape tomatoes, red onion, red & yellow pepper, broccoli, carrots, dried cranberries, Chavrie goat cheese, and a few slices of oven-roasted deli turkey. I drizzled a little balsamic vinaigrette over the top and it became pure deliciousness.


Now I’m ready to settle in and FINALLY watch my beloved One Tree Hill which is back on tonight. WOO!!

I know, I’m still a teenager at heart I guess. Winking smile

Question for the Evening:

What’s the last fun item you purchased?

So Many Goodies Today!

What a GREAT Sunday!

Jay and I started off by heading to the mall, since I had a few things to return. Once the returns were taken care of, we both managed to do a little shopping damage…

I picked up this new scarf and a thin off-white belt from American Eagle.


Which, as a side note…I have not been in this store in a while, and Jay and I both felt EXTREMELY old! Disappointed smile

Then I hit up Express and successfully used my fast cash and a birthday gift card (thanks, Brian & Mal!) on a few new shirts.


The orange shirt was on sale, so that means you get two. Winking smile


Then, Jay and I happened to be walking by Gertrude Hawk


and the magnetic force was enough to immediately draw us IN…which resulted in us walking OUT definitely not empty handed.


A milk chocolate caramel apple with LOTS of sprinkles!


And a dark chocolate covered Rice Krispy treat, topped with more milk chocolate, white chocolate, and mini peanut butter cups. Yes, mini peanut butter cups.


Our stipulation for buying the goodies was that we can’t open them until tomorrow for Valentine’s Day. So far we’ve been successful…but it’s not easy.

Next up, we finally headed to the movies!!


We saw Just Go With It, and Jay and I both agreed that it was a great movie. We’d highly recommend!

I managed to sneak in some movie snacks, which we both nibbled on between laughs. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone. Winking smile


By the time the movie was over, we were both starving, so we headed down the road to Panera and used one of our Christmas gift cards. Nothin’ like a free meal, right??

Jay and I shared a Bacon Turkey Bravo (sans bacon for me) and a Frontega Chicken Panini.


They were both equally delish, and I think we probably both inhaled them in about 10 minutes flat.



Luckily, we both saved enough room for our last (and my favorite) pit stop of the day…


Fro-Yo from Plum Dandy!!!! Open-mouthed smileRolling on the floor laughing

It’s been quite a while since I last had some fro-yo in my life, so I went all out:

Vanilla + Reese’s Peanut Butter cup fro-yo, topped with caramel, cookie dough, peanut butter cups, some mini white chocolate chips, and a few brownie pieces,. There may have been more, but I can’t remember…


…hey, don’t judge me. I lack willpower when it comes to this stuff! Embarrassed smile

I can’t believe the weekend is over already…did it go by super fast for anyone else???

Well, fast or slow, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Open-mouthed smile

Question for the Evening:

What was the highlight of YOUR weekend??

Fashion Friday: Fall Wardrobe Essentials

:) Happy Fashion Friday!! :)

This weekend marks the official time when I will pack up the ‘ol summer clothes and put ‘em into storage. It’s time to really embrace the season…

It’s FALL baby! :-D

I love fall for so many reasons: oodles of delicious pumpkin recipes, pumpkin coffee & lattes, candy corn, and pretty decorations. But I also really love fall for the fun wardrobe that comes with it!

Since I’ve already done a few Fashion Friday posts on my favorite summer wardrobe essentials, I figured why not share some of my favorite Fall Wardrobe Essentials! They may not all be the most “fashion forward” but I still love them just the same. ;)

1. UGG Boots

If you read my post a couple weeks ago on my UGG boots, you already know just how deep my love runs for these plush, cozy pillows of sheepskin on my tootsies. I’ll wear them with anything. They are amazing…I don’t care if they’re UGGly. ;)

2. North Face Fleece

Yes, I’m well aware that everyone + their grandma seems to own one of these by now. And yes, I feel a little awkward when swarms of teeny boppers walk past me in the mall all wearing theirs (with their UGG boots on too no less!). But this jacket is so comfy and warm! It’s perfect for weekends, quick errands, or even the days where I’m running late for work and it’s hanging there, just waiting to be thrown on. It’s definitely a keeper in my book.

3. Scarves

Even though I’m a huge fan of scarves all year-round, fall is the perfect time to wear this versatile accessory. Thinner fabric, fashion scarves are great for dressing up a simple top, while bulky outdoor scarves are just plain fun and pretty to wear with your favorite fall jacket.

4. White long-sleeve T’s

I LOVE to layer in the fall, whether it be with cardigan sweaters, scarves, fun necklaces, or even hoodies, so I always make sure to stock up on some extra long-sleeve white t-shirts every season. They’re just so incredibly easy to work into an outfit!

5. Black Blazer

This is a NEW addition to my fall wardrobe this year, but I couldn’t be more excited about it. Dressed down with a nice pair of jeans, some ankle boots, and a couple simple accessories, this is going to make for a great weekend outfit!

Now it’s YOUR turn!…

Tell me: What are YOUR fall wardrobe essentials??? :)