Childhood Memories

Sangria on a Wednesday night while catching up with two friends I haven’t seen in, umm, forever?  Yes, please!


Also, please notice the broken chips on the table there…that would be my bad. Winking smile

But anyway…so yesterday evening, I headed out to meet up with my friends Gabby and Wendy for some Mexican and lots of catching up at La Fiesta. I realized (thanks to the blog, haha) that I hadn’t seen Gabby since last April and Wendy since July 2010. Cliché, yes, but sometimes it really does amaze me at just how fast time flies.

By the time I arrived, they had already had a table with some chips and salsa, so I helped myself to some of those while we got caught up. The chips were pretty decent, but I really like the salsa – super fresh.


And still more broken chips…

I went back and forth with about four different items on the menu for what seemed like hours, but eventually decided on their Quesadillas Texanas. Thank goodness Gabby ordered the same thing, because otherwise, I would have sounded like a real terd pronouncing them as they appear (they’re pronounced more as “tey-hanas” apparently).


So yeah, thanks again for that one Gab. Winking smile

The quesadillas were filled with shredded chicken, and spinach, and some sort cheese sauce that I wasn’t quite expecting. The cheese was good, but I think I would have preferred more stringy cheese?


Hey, no biggie. I was there to hang with friends anyways. The food was just an added bonus. Great to see you girls again!!



This morning, I took care of catching up on a few emails and making Jay’s lunch (it doesn’t happen everyday – I’m not that great of a wife) before making my own breakfast. Sorry, not much different today from yesterday, so I added in a couple of my favorite Halloween decorations so spice up the photo.


They’re so cute, aren’t they? I <3 Kirklands.

Breakfast may look like a repeat, but there were a few subtle changes – today’s included regular pumpkin + peanut butter, banana slices, and chia seeds, plus a protein apple chunk muffin


With just a tid bit more peanut butter. Winking smile

As I was in the front window photographing breakfast (gosh, that sounds so ridiculous when you say it out loud) I couldn’t help but notice our front yard. Remember last week when the leaves looked like this?

Welp, now it’s looking a bit more bare.


Ohhhhh, that is just so gross. And the sad part is that we Jay just raked the whole front yard on Saturday.


I can still remember coming up to this house with my parents when my grandparents still lived here. We’d bring all of our rakes and make a day out of it…my parents would spend all this time raking the leaves into big piles, and then my brother and I would jump in all of them and make a mess of everything. And then we’d proceed to play this game called “statues” where we’d stand on the front lawn and come up with different statues while cars drove by.

Just typing that up literally makes me chuckle. Ohh, memories. Smile

Question for the Morning:

What’s one of your favorite childhood memories?