fun numbers day

No Bucket Lists Required

by Courtney on October 2, 2012

I got to thinking about a couple things this morning. Now with a new month upon us, I feel like everywhere I turn, I’m seeing mentions of “monthly goals” and “bucket lists” (or “fall bucket lists,” to be exact). When I read them all, I think, “wow, okay cool. That all sounds like a lot […]


Another Fun Numbers Day

by Courtney on June 6, 2012


Today is another fun numbers day! 6/6/12 —— 6 + 6 = 12 Did anyone else catch that one yet? And, believe it or not, it’s currently 8:26am as I type this —— 8 = 2 + 6. No idea why I get such a kick out of playing with numbers, but it’s so much […]