Fun Facts…Thursday?


I’m a little ahead of the game this week, aren’t I? Well, I figured since I have another fun post headed your way tomorrow, I still wanted to stick with my fun facts for the week because they’re one of my favorite kind of posts to write. I can have tangents one after another and…

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WIAW: Saturday at the Blend Retreat

So I figured that since I’ve been filling you in with all of my Blend Retreat recaps for the past couple days, today would be the perfect day to give you all another one…foodie style. How fitting, right? Now I’m sure many of you have seen other recaps including the food at Blend this past…

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Paparazzi Blogging + Beach Walk Dreamin’


Soooo, we still don’t have internet in our house down here… So this is what “blogging time” looks like while we’re down here in OBX. I’ll tell ya…it’s a good thing the Dunkin’ Donuts right down the road has free Wi-Fi and doesn’t charge me every time I walk in. I know I look super…

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