gender reveal with cupcakes

Dinner Beginning with Cupcakes

by Courtney on April 5, 2013


Goooood morning! Oh, I’m so so excited for Friday (and I know I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, but I can’t help it). This morning I allowed myself to sleep in a little extra longer in place of a workout, thanks to somewhat of a later night than usual. But it was totally […]


There Were Cupcakes

by Courtney on March 5, 2013


Last night was SO much fun! As soon as our prenatal appointment was over, we rushed home to get ready for our parents to arrive. A few fun decorations were hung to go along with the theme of the night, while I took care of finishing up the cupcakes that were ready and waiting to […]


10 Weeks in the Making

by Courtney on March 4, 2013

IMG_1486.JPG (2)

Monday already? Yikes…where does the time go? Yesterday wound up being a fairly busy day, and I never got a chance to check in and say hello to you all! Soooo, how about I fill you all in a bit on the highlights from our day? Saturday night wound up being a late, after 1am, […]