Hey friends! How’s everyone’s Monday going? Well thankfully, me, Jay, and the rest of our Mexico crew all made it back home safely after our amazing week away. Since we got back home super early this morning, today has been a bit of a crazy day with getting things back in order, getting food back in the house, and all that sort of stuff.

Needless to say, there hasn’t been a whole lot to blog about as of yet, BUT I’m planning on things being back to normal again tomorrow since it’ll be back to work and back to the grind.

In the meantime, I’m sure many of you are anxiously awaiting word on the winners of the four giveaways from this past week, so here they are…

Pure Protein Giveaway – Caroline

pure protein

Snazzy Sunglasses Giveaway – Kelsey


$100 Reebok Gift Card Giveaway – Stefanie Walter


Love Grown Foods Hot Oats Giveaway – Emily Jo

hot oats

Congratulations to ALL of the winners! Please email me at sweettoothcourtney[@]gmail[.]com so I can get you squared up with your new goodies.

I hope you’re all having a GREAT day so far! I feel like I have so much to catch up on…have I missed anything fun and exciting while I’ve been away?!? Smile

My New Book

Gosh, I just love me some Chipotle.


Last night was one of those nights where I was trying desperately to avoid my cravings for this good stuff and save money by just eating in. Jay ended up having to work later than normal, so I was joking around with him, saying that he should pick some up for dinner on his way home. Well, the time kept ticking on by and I was getting huuuuungry. Then I find out he’s going to be at least another hour and a half. No bueno.

I tried searching around the kitchen for something that could satisfy my cravings, but I had nothing. Nothing but Chipotle on the brain, that is.

So, I did the only feasible thing…I went out and picked it up myself.


Had I not been feeling so incredibly lazy, I could have just gone out and gotten it from the get-go, but hey, there’s laziness for ya. I ordered myself an amazing chicken burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, mild salsa, corn, cheese, and lettuce. Of course, I also had my side of chips and guac, which you can’t totally see, and I actually managed to save some for Jay to have with his burrito bowl that I got him for when he got home. Such a great decision.

Since I scarfed down my burrito bowl in no time flat, I spent the next hour or so curled up on the couch with my buddy, reading my new book.

I’ve loved ALL of Emily Giffin’s books so far, and have been waiting since the summer to get my hands on this one. I finally bought it for myself off of Amazon on Cyber Monday and am so excited to get into it more. I’m only into about the fifth chapter, but it already seems pretty good, and I’m hearing great reviews from others who have read it.


I have a lot to do today, and I’m pretty sure my body must have realized it because I woke up around 6:15 with no alarm and was wide awake. This never happens to me, my friends! So I took advantage of the early start time and was able to bust out about three things on my list, all before 8am. Woop woop!

Next, breakfast.


Quite uncolorful, huh?

Today’s bowl included Quaker Oatmeal Squares (in honey nut flavor – YUM!) and plain Cheerios. Well, actually, they’re Target brand “toasted oats” and are not the kind I meant to get. I was a total dope, didn’t real the box, and accidentally picked up the plain over the honey nut. Booooo.


And, of course, I bought the big box of them too, so I have quite a bit to work through…maybe I’ll have to get creative and use them for something else. Any ideas? Smile


Giveaway Winners!!

Two giveaways in two days?? Crazy, I know! First things first, thanks to everyone who entered.

The (2) winners of the Cookbook Giveaway are Tessa and Kaitlin:

cookbook win1cookbook win2

And the winner of the Santa Barbara Chocolate Giveaway is Kerry Cartledge:

chocolate winner

Congratulations to all of the winners! Please email me at sweettoothcourtney at gmail dot com so we can get you set up with your prizes!!


It’s about time for me to get back to business…who’s psyched that it’s Fridayyyyy??? Smile

A Little Hint

Man oh man, two giveaways in a row? Things are gettin’ caraaaazy around here!

Speaking of crazy, that would pretty much sum up my day so far…especially the afternoon. It wasn’t crazy in a bad way by any means; just crazy in a “wow, I can’t believe I just did that and survived” sort of way. I’d been nervous about it for the past week and all morning my stomach was totally filled with butterflies.

I SO wish I had enough time to share all the details right now, but I’m about to hightail it outta here in about five minutes to get myself back to a busy evening shift at work (<—which was technically at about 2:30 this afternoon, not right now as you’re reading this).

I know, total cliffhanger, right?

I will, however, share a little hint with you…


Holy.moly. Winking smile


Before heading out, I’ve also got some WINNERS to announce!

Congratulations to the three winners of the Love Grown Foods Granola Giveaway:


#22- Lindsay A., #156- Brooke, & #202- Maggie

Congrats, ladies! Shoot me an email at sweettoothcourtney[@]gmail[.]com with your shipping info and I’ll get that granola out to you asap.


Thankfully, life is going to slow down just a bit for me again by tomorrow afternoon, after my shift at work and then finally going to get these eyeballs of mine checked out. Then maybe I’ll be able to breathe…or take a nap. Winking smile

Whew – gotta jet!

Catching the Sunrise

Yesterday morning, three quarters of our crew was up bright and early at 5:30am. Yes, three quarters of us are crazy.

We all decided the night before that it would be a great idea to get up to watch the sunrise, so we all set our alarms and met down on the beach.


We were a little disappointed to see quite an abundance of clouds, but we stuck it out in hopes that we’d still get to see our sunrise.


None of us were very talkative, but it was still nice to enjoy the morning in good company. :)




After about 20 minutes, we could see the sun beginning to rise behind the clouds, and even though the clouds were there to block the full view, it was still such an incredibly beautiful sight.




Isn’t that beautiful?




After the sunrise, I went and had my last resort workout, enjoyed my last resort breakfast, enjoyed my last couple of hours with this view,


and said goodbye to Mexico. It was sad, but now after a long day of traveling (we didn’t get home until almost 2:30am this morning) we’re back to reality.

I feel like a have a thousand things to take care of today in order to get my life back in order, so I’ll be back shortly to try to fill you all in with a little Mexico talk (I will definitely share some info about our resort!), but for now…here are this week’s giveaway winners!

BodyMedia FIT CORE Armband Winner: #357

bodyfit winner1


bodyfit winner

Original Watercolor Portrait Winner: #30

portrait winner1


portrait winner

Fudgy Chocolate VitaCakes Winner: #129

vitacake winner1


vitacake winner

Congratulations to all the winners! Please email me at sweettoothcourtney[@]gmail[.]com ASAP with your shipping information (including phone number).

Alright folks, gotta run…catch ya later! :)

Only Seven Minutes

Alrighty, let’s start out with some fun stuff this afternoon.

Let’s announce the three winners of my “Working Out Sucks” giveaway. Congratulations to…

Winner #1 – Karla


Winner #2 – Alicia


Winner #3 – Lauren


**Winners: Email me at sweettoothcourtney[@]gmail[.]com so we can get you squared away!

Thanks again to everyone who entered! If you weren’t one of the lucky three to be chosen but are still interested in the book, I really would highly recommend it. You can find it on Amazon for right around $10.00, which isn’t too shabby, right?


So I was super pressed for time this morning, and didn’t have too much time to get creative with the snacks. You’re definitely going to see some repeats from this week but I was super impressed with the fact that I was able to put this all together in about 7 minutes…no joke.


Just goes to show ya…eating right doesn’t have to mean taking more time. It can be done! Winking smile

Mid-Morning Snack

A cup of vanilla Chobani with blueberries



A huge salad made with lots of veggies (cucumbers, grape tomatoes, baby carrots, broccoli, scallions, and corn) and topped with a Dr. Praeger’s veggie burger.


I also decided to go sans salad dressing and try out hummus instead. I’m pretty sure I’ve done this in the past but I can’t remember for sure. I used about 2 tbsp which was just enough to coat everything and make it super creamy. It was awesome.


Mid-Afternoon Snack

(for a little later) A golden delicious apple and roasted almonds


I’m still not quite sure what our plans for this evening include, but if they end up being low-key, then I am totally fine with that. I’m still feeling pretty tired and may, in fact, have to try to squeeze in a nap after work today. Naps are not a normal thing for me, since I usually end up waking up more groggy than I was before I fell asleep, but I am just craving some more zzz’s right now. We’ll see!

Question for the Afternoon:

How long does it usually take you to prep your breakfast/lunch/dinner?

Do you think you could give yourself more time than you already do?

Giveaway Week Winners!

When I first announced it was going to be Giveaway Week on Monday, I never would have imagined that I would get such an amazing turnout. Yes, obviously people like free stuff (who doesn’t?) but you guys have blown me away. Thank you so much for allowing me to “play Santa” this week!

It really has been a blast reading through all of your comments…especially today’s. If you haven’t gotten a chance, read through the comment section on this morning’s post. Hearing what everyone is thankful for during this holiday season has been bringing smiles to my face all morning.

So NOW…what I’m sure you’re all waiting for. Here are the winners of the 1st STSL Giveaway Week!…

Day 1 Giveaway – SunWarrior Protein Powder


day 1 winner

Day 2 Giveaway – Champion Sports Bra + Yoga DVD


day 2 winner 1


day 2 winner 2

Day 3 Giveaway – Chia Seeds

Emily Jo

day 3 winner1


day 3 winner2


day 3 winner3

Day 4 Giveaway – Breakfast Pack


day 4 winner

Day 5 Giveaway – Homemade Christmas Cookies


Congratulations to all of this week’s winners and, again, thank you all so much for entering and playing along with me! I’ve had so much fun this week and have really enjoyed being able to give such fun things away. I just wish I had something for everyone! Smile

***Winners, please email me ASAP at sweettoothcourtney[@]gmail[.]com so we can get you squared away with your winnings!


P.S. – For those of you who have been looking for my Snickerdoodle Cookie recipe, it’ll be up this evening!

Giveaway Week–Day 5 (my favorite!)

**This giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who entered!**

Oooo Oooo – Merry Christmas Eve Eve (yes, it’s a day I’ve been “celebrating” for years)! I sorta feel like as the day goes on today, I’m going to end up looking more and more like this guy…


Hopefully I can pull it together. Winking smile


I have a funny feeling that there are going to be some cookies in my future today (you’ll see why in a second), so I made sure to take some precautionary measures this morning in an attempt to balance things out.

First up – Workout

I was in the mood for cardio today so I decided to do my Pyramid Treadmill Workout. My latest adjustment to make to that workout is to substitute the 5 minutes @ 6.0mph with 1 minute @ 8.5mph. That way, it shaves about 4 minutes off my time and ups the intensity just a teeny bit more. Give it a try!

Next up – Prep a Healthy Lunch

This actually caused somewhat of a conundrum this morning with breakfast. As I was making breakfast, I also figured I’d prep lunch. I knew I wanted to fill up with lots of veggies and protein, so I whipped up a quick veggie & egg scramble, complete with a melted wedge of The Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese.


Well this thing ended up smelling so darn good that I almost switched things up last minute. Thank goodness I didn’t, because breakfast was incredible today. Which brings me to…

Next Step – A Hearty, Healthy Breakfast

Not that this isn’t always the case, but ya know.


Today’s bowl of oatmeal was extra special, thanks to one mini piece of prep work. After I finished my workout this morning, I filled my usual saucepot with 1/3 cup water and 2 teaspoons chia seeds. I let the seeds soak while I was getting ready, so by the time I came out, they were already starting to absorb the water and “puff” up.


I finished making my oats as usual (topped with some more Love Blondies) and was left was a fluffy, voluminous bowl of deliciousness.


Last Step – Lots of Water!

I loaded up my water bottles today and plan on making several trips to the bathroom chugging like it’s my job.




So last night, I ended up being pretty busy in the kitchen, putting together all of these…


Finally! Time to share all the goodies that came about after all those hours of cookie baking. Hubby has his tray to bring to work…


I have my tray to bring to work (hence the reason I am foreseeing cookies in my future today!)…


And then I wound up with this other tin…


Hmmm…what shall I do with this extra tin of Homemade Christmas Cookies?

IMG_6558 (640x480)

Ohhhhhh, I know! It’s Day 5 of Giveaway Week, isn’t it??

Well isn’t that just perfect! How ‘bout we put these babies up for grabs? Winking smile


As out final, Day 5, of Giveaway Week, one lucky winner will receive a tin of Homemade Christmas Cookies, courtesy of Yours Truly!

***Because I want these goodies to stay fresh, today’s giveaway is only going to last until this afternoon. That’s because I’m hoping to be able to get these out in the mail TODAY!***

To Enter:

  1. (Mandatory) Leave a comment on this post telling me one thing you’re thankful for this holiday season.
  2. (Optional) Tweet about the giveaway on Twitter and leave a comment telling me that you did. – “It’s Day 5 of @SweetToothCourt’s Giveaway Week. It’s only lasting a few hours though! –”
  3. (Optional) Share the giveaway on Facebook and leave a comment telling me that you did.

**ALL WINNERS have been announced and this giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who entered!**

Bendiful Watch Winners

Good morning, friends! Happy weekend to us all!

This morning I got up, tackled this insane incline workout, and now I’m getting ready to head out the door to meet up with this lovely lady at our favorite spot (rumor has it, she’s HUGE now!).

BUT, before I go…let’s announce the two lucky winners of yesterday’s Bendiful Watch Giveaway!

Using the True Random Number Generator, the two winning entries are…




Congratulations to Jessamy and Nicole G.! Please email your shipping info to sweettoothcourtney[@]gmail[.]com so I can send your beautiful watches to you ASAP!

As always, thank you to everyone who entered and for reading. If you weren’t chosen, don’t worry…I mayyyy or may not have a couple other giveaways up my sleeve.

Gotta run…don’t want to be late (like I always am!). Plus, I have to go get myself my celebratory Half Birthday Iced Coffee. Winking smile

Question for the Morning:

Do you consider yourself “lucky” in terms of winning things? Have you ever won anything big?

Are you usually…five minutes LATE or five minutes EARLY? (<—Me? Late…Embarrassed smile)

Some Nights Call For…Giveaway Winners!

Some nights call for a sandwich and salad kinda dinner.


Specifically, a delicious mixed veggie salad topped with lots of (but hopefully not too many) veggies, a few of hubby’s croutons, and a drizzle of this dressing.


Plus, a ham, provolone, and pickle sandwich made with honey mustard and two slices of Arnold Health-Full Nutty Grain bread.


I received a loaf of this bread through the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program and Jay and I have really been enjoying it. I’m totally loving the nutty-ness…must be because I’m a little nutty myself? Winking smile


But that’s besides the point.

Some nights, when you’re up to your eyeballs in cupcakes, also call for a little glass of wine…


From a plastic cup. Because, ya know, I like to keep it classy.


But enough of that. I know why you’re all really reading tonight’s post.

Because some nights call for an announcement of the two lucky winners of my SOYJOY Daycation Giveaway.

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who entered. This turned out to be the most popular giveaway on STSL by far!

So now, the TWO LUCKY WINNERS of a SOYJOY Daycation Kit ARE…

Entries 460 & 157:




Congratulations, Angela & Tina!! Please email me your shipping information ASAP to sweettoothcourtney[@]gmail[.]com.

And now, some nights also call for a little time in front of the boob tube watching last night’s DVR’d episode of Franklin and Bash with the hubby. (This show, by the way, is hilarious in case you haven’t checked it out yet).

Have a good night, folks!

Question for the Evening:

What did YOU have for dinner tonight?

Fun With Foodzie

Hey hey hey! We’ve got ourselves a couple winners, folks! Thanks to everyone who entered my Goji Gourmet Giveaway. I’m so glad to see that I’m not the only one obsessed with cookies.

Congratulations to our two lucky winners…







Congrats Alexa & Tara! Please email me your shipping info ASAP (sweettoothcourtney[@]gmail[.]com) so we can get those gift certificates out to you! Smile


So keep your fingers crossed, but tonight I’m supposed to have another softball game. We’ve got tornado watches all around our area, and if luck hits us just the way it usually does, then it will probably start to downpour juuuuust as we pull into the parking lot of the field.

So since that means tonight’s dinner is probably going to consist of a pb&j or something else boring, I thought I would share something a little more fun.

Yesterday, I practically hugged my mailman when he delivered this amazing package from Foodzie through the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program.


When I first got word of Foodzie, I was immediately intrigued. According to their website, they are an online marketplace where you can discover and buy food directly from small passionate food producers and growers. They’re devoted to supporting small companies from all over, which I think is great. I’m always for supporting the little man!

In addition to being able to shop online, Foodzie also offers a monthly Tasting Box subscription, where you can opt in to receive a box each month made up of six different items from various regions. Here’s what May’s box looked like…



I’m actually trying really hard to not dig into everything all at once, which is definitely not an easy task. Especially when I have things like these Alfajores staring back at me…


…just look at that dulce de leche center. YUM!!


I’m really looking forward to experiment with these gourmet salts in some cooking sometime very soon. Don’t they just sound amazing?


Some more goodies…



These…I’m not too sure about. I’ve seen ‘em around, but I don’t know…seaweed??


The one item I did break into today was this Authentic Almond biscotti by Biscotti Bari.


I’m not going to lie, I’ve really never been much of a biscotti person. However, I am now 100% converted…especially if they taste at all like this one did. WOW!

The whole biscotti was only 90 calories (not sure if that’s average?) but either way, it was just amazing. And you know how I love me some almond!

If I had an extra $19.99 to spend each month, I would be signing up for this Foodzie box in a heartbeat. But hey, ya know…they do offer gift subscriptions.

Just sayin’… (cough cough…mom…dad…cough cough…) Winking smile


Alright folks, I’m getting the countdown…gotta go get ready for some softball action!

Question for the Evening:

Have you ever had a subscription to any sort of food/drink/wine clubs?